A list of Korean Dramas I´ve watched... or started to watch... not very complete, I´m sure I´ve watched a lot more that I´ve just forgotten about, but If I remember I´ll add it... I´m trying to keep track of my K-drama addiction

i will slowly fill in what i think of the drama- just short blips about it,,,

K-Dramas I´ve watched


A good day for the wind to blow- still unfinished

A love to kill- (not completely, Bi Rain) I sincerely got bored

Athena : Goddess of War:  I watched this because Siwon would be in it... I couldn't pass up on watching it. However if it weren't for Siwon I would have given up after the first 3 episodes... I found myself skipping over most of the scenes that didn't have Siwon- the unnecessary blindness to the leading girl's faults by the leading man made me want to scream... so frustrating! 

 A thousand years of love - it was extremely confusing

Bad Couple - Ryu soo young - this was very funny all the way to the 12th episode and then it changed into a melo Bad family - Heenim was awesome - I hated frog uncle the most! i watch this drama on a rainy day for the happy and the heartwarming
Bad Guy - Kim Nam Gil not such a bad guy more like a sad guyBad housewife- not something I loved but at least the man found out how hard it is to be a perfect housewifeBad Love- it is a melo, you´ll cry, bang your head and wonder why?? Why did it have to happen to you!.. oops..i mean her...
Beethoven virus- Jang Geun Suk - honestly the music was good, the acting wasn´t that great, only JGS stood outBirth of a rich man- I hated everyone in it except for Lee shi young- I loved Bu Tae Hee- everyone else is forgettableBoys Before Flowers- can I have Jun Pyo? anyways it was a hot mess of a drama, the acting sucked but for some reason i kept watching. I actually didn´t think that KHJ ´s acting was as bad as some said, i found  GHS to be unbearable
Capital Scandal-Kang Ji hwan

 Chuno- jang hyuk- hot sexy men and an intricate story in which noone gets the girl, because they all die! It was painful to watch and not get the happy ending

Cinderella unni- the only thing worth watching is Taecyeon and hearing Yesung´s song “It has to be you” I made no connection whatsoever with any of the characters they all frustrated me
Coffee House- Kang ji Hwan was friggin´ awesome as an eccentric author, lol and I loved how he tortured his secretary for shits and giggles^^Count of Myeongdon- Not that impressive and the writing was so-soCrazy in love
Creating Destiny- Eugene-this was cute, your regular rom-com with a bit of angst... I liked the ending though it was cute... honestly though it wasn't something that I just HAD to watch each week, if I did, ok if I didn't I was ok too.Dandelion Family- Yunji was adorable, she was so awesome, and I was glad to see her in the drama, her character was strong and driven though sometimes vulnerable so you really could empathize with her. Delightful girl Choon hyang-
Don´t ask me about the past -This was an ok drama, sometimes awesome but other times made me cringe from 3rd person embarassment.Dr. Champ- Jung GyeoWoon, Shindong, really cute drama about Judo, JGW was very handsome and his Bromance was better than the romance imo.  SD was too cute as innocent WooRam.Exhibition of fireworks
Father´s houseFlower´s for my lifeFugitive plan B - very slick, and James Bond-y not my style... honestly so far I've only really liked Bi in Full House. I am not able to continue watching, it bored me to tears with all the country-hopping it's done so far
Full House- Bi+Song  Hye Gyo really had me falling in love with the story... in and of itself it's a pretty basic girl meets guy and enters a contract marriage... but I think that it was fresh when it came out, a pioneer of that cliché so to speak.Golden Bride- Kim Heechul, Song Chang Ui, This is one of the best 50-something episode dramas, I watched them all and felt that I could have watched some more, I died of the cute between the main couple and Heechul couple..Goong- Eun Hye was cute, and the princes were cute, but the acting was a bit stilted and overacted in other parts... still as a fan of the manhwa I liked it... and Yunji as the prince's noona was pretty cool and awesome
 H.I.T- Shooting, cops, mystery, this was a pretty awesomely executed story and the main couple had adorable chemistry. Also the theme was sung by Suju! I fell in love with the song...He who can´t marry - this show was awkward... but sometimes it was cute, but sometimes it was so cringeworthy that I'd almost curse my life for wasting time on it. My favourite was Yoo Ah In though his stylist must have been crazy with all the weird clothes he was made to wear.
hello my teacherhello miss!hometown legends(2009)
Hong Gil Dong- Kang Ji Hwan, Jang Geun Suk- why so sexy?? I loved it. It was another Hong Sisters hit! I must admit I am now biased for the HS but at the time I watched it I hadn't really payed attention to who wrote the dramas, I just watched. The fusion sageuk was good and at the time it was almost a new concept... or it was a new concept because I can't think of a Fusion sageuk before it.I am legendI ´m sorry I love You
If in love like themIljimae- Lee Joon Ki- OMG the hair! it was just so pretty^^ I liked the drama, though I didn't like his scary looking fighting mask, but LJK made me cry with him as he remembered how traitors killed his birth family, and I loved how much he cared for the two people who raised him as their child even though he wasn't. Family love is so incredible I loved it..In Soon is pretty
It's Alright Daddy's Girl-   omo Hae was so adorable and when he cried for his brother I couldn't help but want to hug him, he did a really good job  for his debut drama I only wish that the writing had been more up to par for it's cast.Last Scandal of my life - This is definitely one of my favourites I've already rewatched it three times and I enjoyed it as much every time. It's depressing to think that the leading actress who was so adorable in this ended up committing suicide because netizens are really evilly blind to the hurt they cause with their careless words.Legend of Hyang Dan- Choi Siwon, his first starring role, it was a 2 episode drama special and was incredibly well done. He did really well in this comic Fusion Sageuk and I think that the story really relied a lot on his charisma and chemistry with the lead actress.
let´s  go to School Sang doo- Bi/Rain- again it was cute because of Rain, but it wasn't overly memorable.let´s go to the beach- Lee Han is completely adorable, and JunJin does a pretty good job acting, the chemistry between the leads was good, the story started out really silly and fun and then went makjang on me for 2 episodes but we got our happy endingLife is beautiful
Loving you a thousand times - JGW was so awesome as the chaebol rebellious son who became better because of his love for a girl. This drama is recommended for those who like to cry if you don't stay as far away as possible~!Love holicMary Stayed Out all night- Really a waste of talent, JGS is really wasted, all he was directed to do was: pout, sulk, whine and then pout some more.
Mischevious Kiss- Kim Hyun Joong (I love his smile)- I keep hearing about how bad KHJ is in acting but really I don't get it, I liked his performance it was the overall bad editing that left me yawning... also the use of the bears that were a signature for Goong really detracted from it, because it makes you want to make comparisons while this story is nothing like that at all, they are two completely different plotlines that deserve their own little icon.Ms. Kim´s Million Dollar questMy Fair Lady- Yoo Sang Hyun, Eun hye, their talents were wasted, I was so bored I skipped through a lot of parts and since it was so predictable I wasn't lost because of it... if you like Eun hye watch Goong, or Coffee Prince and skip this one, if you like Sang Hyun definitely watch Secret Garden!
My GirlMy Girlfriend is a Gumiho- Lee Seung Gi and Shin Mina, were the cutest couple ever in 2010 because who can refuse their twin dimples? There were clichés but they worked out well because they were given a new spin by way of involving the mythology already existant about Gumihos... and the fact that only a Gumiho could know the truth so therefore Woong-ah would know if what she said were true or not^^My Name is Kim Sam Soon - A very young Hyun Bin, he's completely adorable. The story is so-so though, I mean I liked it but I was able to skip through most of it. I really disliked all the fat comments though, it really gave a hit to my self esteem since the actress was anything but fat, only her face was chubby she had a very nice shape that they hid behind awful baggy clothes.
My Sweet SeoulOb/gyn- Song Joonki, why are you so adorable? Definitely want to work with a doctor like him^^ It was pretty good as a whole though I really disliked the love square, it really felt forced.Oh! my lady- Can you pick me up from the floor? I just melted at the sight of SW's choco-abs... too hot... the story wasn't innovative nor did it go as deep as I wished it was, but the cute between Wonnie and Chae-rim really kept me watching.
One Fine dayPasta- A show that went nowhere there were no changes in the characters they pretty much stayed the same in essence but we did get such very awesome food porn and Lee Seon kyun was so hot, his deep voice was relaxing when he wasn't screaming at adorable Gong Hyo Jin... Personal taste- ah Minho,,, a much better actor here than in BOF. His not-really-gay straight guy is so funny and endearing because he's so stunted in the emotions department and often makes the most god-aweful mistakes when trying to console Kae-in good thing that she's very nice and doesn't mind his blunderings.
PresidentRainbow Romance- Kibum, Heechul with occasional appearances by SJ members it is fun to watch though I haven't been able to watch all of it... because where are they? I just have been able to watch random episodes, so I can't say for sure but I love it, Heenim is such a princess^^ Lol and the episode where he deplores how Minki was raised, because he wasn't raised well because his father(kibum) wasn't there to support him(heechul) in disciplining their child(Minki) LOLRomance Zero- Kang In- This was funny and I found that I really liked all the little relationships but I kept wanting more of Kangin screen time, he does burly but sweet so well^^  The main characters made me want to pull my hair out at times because their attraction went over unresolved so it was like it was ready for a second season or something...
Sad love songsave the last dance- Ryu soo  youngSecret Garden- Hyun Binnie, Ha Ji Won, in depth review at sujuhappiness.livejournal.com/27643.html
Secret Investigative Records-snow flowerspring waltz
Stairway to Heaven- I loved this melo, it hit the right notes and made me sit feeling empty in front of my TV when the end came... I definitely cried buckets of tears with this.star´s echoStar´s falling from the sky
Style- can't you make it more 'edge-y" lol that word got on my nerves, it single-handedly made me stop watching dramas for six months... it was so horrible I began to fear that I would hear that word somewhere and die.succesful story of a bright girlSunkyunkwan Scandal- Bromance to the max! Song Joonki and Yoo Ah  In stole the spotlight from the main couple, I guess it's because I love the forbiddeness of love between guys... Definitely cracktastic
Swallow the sun- Ji Sung and Song Yuri did pretty well and though it definitely lost some of it's punch in the last 4 episodes the first 12 were pretty awesome. And gotta love the Trax-Air colab song.Sweet 18The 1st shop of coffee prince- This was really a good project for Eun Hye, she was her character, I stopped seeing the girl and saw a pretty Boy instead, if I were in the world of the drama I would have fallen for him/her. I loved waffle Sunki haha, really wouldn't have thought that Jae Wook would have done such incredible jobs on his later drama (let's forget MSOAN)
the DevilThe Snow Queen - A Hyun Bin drama that reminds me each time why I love him. This story is really very bittersweet because at it's core is a very sick girl wanting to live life at it's fullest even though she is very scared  to do so.tokyo shower
Tree of heaven- Lee Han, Park Shin Hye- need I say more? They are like my favourite melo couple ever... they are just so awesome... so I can overlook the fact that Shin Hye was so young and was playing much older towards the end... I'd like to see them act together again.what star did you come fromWhen it's at night
 Who are you Winter sonata Witch yoo hee- Han Ga In-, Jae Hee,-  I found this drama to be a full shot of crack, or more like I snorted cocaine and didn't come down from that high for sixteen hours. It was addicting maybe because it was so flawed, and maybe because it had Jae Hee.
  Woman who still wants to marry- This was really a good story, the friend Book ki or Boogie woogie was awesome she stole all the scenes she was in. Kim Bum is really cute and though he still is pretty raw as an actor I think this role fit him better than the one in Boys over Flowers. You are my Destiny- SNSD's Yoona, I watched it and didn't realize it was her...It was ok, but way way too long, really could have done more with half the amount of episodes... Yoona still needs a lot of work, her face almost always showed the same expression. though she did spunky pretty well, it's when it got weepy that she failed me. You are Beautiful- Jang Geun Seuk, my beautiful guy... can you sing a concert just for me? Shin hye and Geun Seuk made the drama really cute plus it was a Hong Sister's drama so watch out for the pop idol references, including a Sorry Sorry sequence... haha, very fun drama
 49 Days-  This drama was really a surprise to me I didn't expect it to be as goo as it is so far... the only character that I don't like is Minho (Bae Soo Bin) I don't know,it's not that I hate him for being a villian it's that the acting actually leaves me cold, I might get disagreements on this but really the ones that carry this drama are: Lee Yo Won, Jung Ill Woo and Jo Hyun Jae... the rest are pretty ornaments...

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"I found you You're Mine" Universe Fic Link Archive

"I Found You, You're Mine" Universe
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100 Super Junior Fic Challenge

I suddenly got an urge to join this fic challenge... I want to see how far I can make it :)

Started:  June 10, 2010
Finished: 14 out of 100.

001. Freefall, Eeteuk/Kangin
002. Christmas, Heechul/Ryeowook
003. Blindfolds, Hankyung/Yesung
004. Chocolate, Yesung/Shindong
005. Overworked, Ryeowook/Kibum
006. Burn, Heechul/Yesung
007. Dark, Eeteuk/Sungmin
008. Locket, Heechul/Sungmin
009. Coffee, Eunhyuk/Donghae
010. Shiver, Heechul/Heechul
011. Rooftops, Hankyung/Sungmin
012. Chains, Heechul/Kangin
013. Watermelon, Shiwon/Kyuhyun
014. Home, Heechul/Donghae
015. Lick, Heechul/Hankyung
016. Quiet Places, Yesung/Ryeowook
017. Accidents, Ryeowook/Ryeowook
018. Keys, Eeteuk/Shiwon
019. Clocks, Shindong/Eunhyuk
020. Glow, Donghae/Kibum
021. Park Benches, Yesung/Kyuhyun
022. Diamonds, Sungmin/Kibum
023. Tears, Yesung/Shiwon
024. Spotlight, Sungmin/Kyuhyun
025. Smoke, Eeteuk/Shindong
026. Pressure, Eunhyuk/Ryeowook
027. Replacement, Heechul/Kibum
028. Choking, Eeteuk/Ryeowook
029. Sea, Sungmin/Shiwon
030. Warmth, Kangin/Donghae
031. Midnight Walks, Shiwon/Ryeowook
032. Roses, Shindong/Shindong
033.Flirt, Yesung/Kibum
034. Acceptance, Hankyung/Kibum
035. Blind, Heechul/Shiwon
036. Bathroom Tiles, Hankyung/Shiwon
037. Rotation, Hankyung/Kyuhyun
038. "I want you to stay forever.", Eeteuk/Kibum
039. All the People, Hankyung/Donghae
040. Skin, Shindong/Kyuhyun
041. Dance Practice, Shindong/Kibum
042. Suits, Kibum/Kyuhyun
043. Washing Machines, Donghae/Shiwon
044. Rejection, Eunhyuk/Eunhyuk
045. Smooth, Shindong/Sungmin
046. Stuffed Animals, Kangin/Eunhyuk
047. Stutter, Sungmin/Sunmgin
048. That Girl, Eeteuk/Hankyung
049. "What's the difference?", Hankyung/Hankyung
050. Lost, Heechul/Kyuhyun
051. Aliens, Ryeowook/Kyuhyun
052. Cake, Sungmin/Donghae
053. Puppies, Eeteuk/Heechul
054. Self-Image, Hankyung/Shindong
055. Shatter, Kangin/Kangin
056. Filth, Donghae/Ryeowook
057. Scales, Donghae/Kyuhyun
058. Lies, Shiwon/Shiwon
059. Calendar, Eeteuk/Eeteuk
060. Humid, Heechul/Eunhyuk
061. Disguises, Yesung/Yesung
062. God, Hankyung/Kangin
063. Video Games, Yesung/Eunhyuk
064. Balance, Kyuhyun/Kyuhyun
065. Grip, Donghae/Donghae
066. Mice, Eeteuk/Donghae
067. Sunrise, Yesung/Sungmin
068. Degradation, Kibum/Kibum
069. Sailing, Kangin/Shiwon
070. Thunderstorm, Kangin/Sungmin
071. Plays (Theatre), Hankyung/Ryeowook
072. Muscles, Kangin/Kibum
073. Milkshakes, Eeteuk/Eunhyuk
074. Flu Season, Shindong/Ryeowook
075. Wrap, Yesung/Donghae
076. Youth, Shindong/Shiwon
077. Pass, Sungmin/Ryeowook
078. Sickness, Kangin/Kyuhyun
079. The Same Old Thing, Eeteuk/Yesung
080. Crackle, Eunhyuk/Shiwon
081. Noise/Noiseless, Kangin/Shindong
082. Evening, Shiwon/Kibum
083. Fever, Hankyung/Eunhyuk
084. Snowflakes, Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun
085. Ache, Shindong/Donghae
086. Violins, Eunhyuk/Kibum
087. Belief, Sungmin/Eunhyuk
088. Numbers, Eeteuk/Kyuhyun
089. "I like your face.", Kangin/Ryeowook
090. Clean, Heechul/Shindong
091. Stars, Yesung/Kangin
092. Gorgeous, WC *
093. Bubble Baths, WC *
094. Makeup, WC *
095. Drowning, WC *
096. "I like you. I like you. I like you.", WC *
097. Glasses, WC *
098. Soothing, WC *
099. Apples, WC *
100. Regrets, WC *

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I wasn't able to watch Inki this week and I'm really sad that I missed out on it, but unfortunately I had hospital duties so I was up all night but unable to watch Heenim's goodbye stage... I really don't want him to go, really, but today I watched the videos and I can't help but cry.
Seriously two years without Heenim, without my bias numero uno? kuripika kim heechul, sarangheyo Kim Heechul... aah so sad. my baby is leaving for his service for two years... I'm sad, I think I'm beyond sad. I've cried so much, I can't cry anymore.

I've watched and rewatched the videos: Kyuhyun was crying while dancing. Eetuek and the rest were crying as they huddled around Heechul after his thankful speech. They are so precious.


Unfair Love

Theme: 086 Violins
Rating:PG-13 for mild language
Summary: Love wasn't fair, and Eunhyuk tries to tell that to Kibum, but Kibum already knows....definitely not the story that I started out with..

Kibum walked into the local bar he often patronized with his friends and noticed a certain brilliant red haired individual was currently downing tequila like water. 

"Hyung, what are you doing here?" 

Eunhyuk turned around, " I  can't be here? why? because you're here? well too bad. I want to be here, and I why did you come?" 

Collapse )

Bathroom Tiles

Theme: 036. Bathroom Tiles,
Pairing: Hankyung/Shiwon
Rating: G
A/N: this is a drabble...

Hangeng slid down the floor in the bathroom of the home he shaired with Siwon. His best friend. His secret crush. The one who hurt him the most every day without knowing.
He'd loved Siwon since high school, and had grasped at the opportunity when Siwon suggested sharing a home while they were in college. He thought that perhaps Siwon would fall in love with him while they were living so close together. No such thing.

Siwon had fallen in love but not with him, he'd fallen in love with Cho Kyuhyun, a slightly nerdy snarky underclassmen, who nevertheless was always polite and friendly to Hangeng.

And Hangeng couldn't find a reason to oppose the relationship, Kyuhyun was a good guy, and he wasn't a clingy demanding boyfriend, and he was never jealous about Hangeng's frienship with Siwon. Yes, definitely a good guy. 

But because of him Hangeng had already become acquainted with each crack in the bathroom tiles, with each imperfection. 

The bathroom was his solace when Kyuhyun was staying over. And Hangeng had noticed that there were fifty three cracks and there were another 49 places where the grout was falling off.  In total there were one hundred and two places that needed repair. It was the amount of pieces that Hangeng's heart broke into each time he saw Siwon smile for another that was not him.  

random thought

I want to die... I think everyone's had that one thought at one point in their lives. Some have it (the thought) more than others, some ignore it and are able to move on, others bow down to it and crumble unable to get past that awful crushing weight of those thoughts. sometimes I wonder what type I am? but for now... "live!" I tell myself, "it's still bearable."
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 yeah as I said,  I'm doing all kinds of procrastinating, I'm procrastinating and avoiding working on my three fics that are currently on hold, I'm also procrastinating from studying, I'm procrastinating from going to the doctor, I'm procrastinating from just about everything else that I should be doing right now but I'm not. in short this is the result of procrastination. 

K-Pop Pic Meme- I stealz it... ahahahaha... I don't remember from who... sorry whomever it is.... 

So basically what you do is post a pic featuring your bias from a band to fit a category. It can only be one pic per category and you can't squeal or write anything at all underneath the pic... 

I wonder who I'll pick, will anybody be surprised? kekeke not really, I think I haven't been that discrete with my bias  XDD

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