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It works both ways, part 2.5

Title: It works both ways part 2.5
Pairing: Heechul/ Kyuhyun; side pairing Siwon/Hankyung
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Heechul and Kyuhyun are finally living in the same country, now they need to make each other realize that they love each other
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
A/N: Well this is Part 2.5 of the sequel to I Found You, You´re Mine This fic has a life of it´s own...hahaha.. and in this part it´s just a bunch of Chulkyu sweetness because I couldn´t help myself.
Previous parts: Part 1 / Part 2


Part 2.5- an Interlude

Now that Heechul and Kyuhyun were finally on the same page about their feelings, they didn´t want the time spent exclusively together to end, but they always do and soon it would be the day that Kyuhyun´s last year of highschool started.

Kyuhyun wanted to spend their last complete day together being homebodies, playing video games, watching funny nonsensical comedy movies, and basically just reveling in the fact that now he didn´t have to be afraid that Heechul would reject him any of his affectionate touches. They had agreed to keep them at a quasi-innocent level, so that they weren´t torturing each other with the teasing that couldn´t be fulfilled just yet.

Heechul had been adamant on that. He wanted to keep their relationship at first level so that they could savour their romance that much more, so that when it was time they would both be ready for it.

Kyuhyun rather liked that sex wasn´t really an issue, because he was still afraid of that. He didn´t know what to expect concerning that and he really appreciated that Heechul wasn´t making this the most important part in their relationship.

Of course there were moments that he really felt that he wouldn´t mind that next step. like the moment when he opened the door to Heechul´s bedroom the day he went to visit his aunt and uncle, and Heechul was stretching without a shirt on preparing for a light session of yoga. He discovered that underneath the clothing, and apparent frailness, Heechul was quite strong and his body was lean without an ounce of fat. Heechul had turned around and seen Kyuhyun staring at him hungrily, and he had smirked that self confident smirk. Kyuhyun had practically run away after that with a red face, and gone back downstairs to the relative safetyof his aunt and uncle.

They had known each other so long and observed each other´s quirks that they knew what things to avoid bringing up (such as Kyuhyun´s gaming habit or Heechul´s fanboy love for Miyavi) and what was fair game for teasing.Their only real disagreement so far had been Heechul´s insistance that he should join his new project as one of the singer talents.

"I don´t want to be on a stage, you know I don´t like to sing in front of people. Why did you use me as part of your presentation?" Kyuhyun couldn´t believe that he´d been tricked into singing to be used in a showcase video.

"But Kyu, your voice is very, very good! I want people to know how talented you are."

"I don´t care about that. You know I´ve only ever sung in front of you. I hate crowds, and noise and I don´t want to have to learn how to cope with them."

"But singing is something you like, for all your complaining."

"I don´t want to be famous with it. It´s private."

"You know people would die for your voice and the chance to make it in the music industry."

"Doesn´t matter, they´re not me."

"You´d get to have people falling all over themselves to please you."

"But I only need one person."

Heechul couldn´t help but smile and shake his arms in the air, "gah!! you are so stubborn!"

"You´ve known that about me for a long time, why is it a surprise?"

"Fine ok, let´s just drop it"

After that they had ended the topic and Heechul hadn´t brought it up again, but of course Kyuhyun knew that that didn´t actually mean that he´d won the conversation, it meant that Heechul was biding his time and would propose  the project another way, maybe not soon, but eventually.

Kyuhyun couldn´t really be upset at Heechul´s sneakiness, it was in character, and he was always doing something like that since they were children. He smiled, it would actually be really strange if he didn´t have something up his sleave all the time, and Kyuhyun loved him for all his manipulativeness, it impressed him at how often it had worked for him. Not 100% but enough times that people tended to run away from him when a certain all knowing smirk appeared on his face.


On that last day of vacation for Kyuhyun, Heechul had come over early in the morning bearing big fluffy blankets and ice cream, snacks and other delicious yet really unhealthy junk food. They were going to indulge in a day of complete and utter vegetation in their old tree house. They would play games, kiss, talk, kiss, play some more, kiss yet again, watch dumb romantic comedies that they could laugh at for their cheesiness and then kiss some more. In Kyuhyun´s eyes that was a pretty awesome plan.

Kyuhyun stretched out in front of the television where they had been watching back to back Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers. It reminded him that he would have to confess to his aunt and uncle that he and their son were together. He winced, that probably wouldn´t go over well.

Heechul climbed back in at that moment, "The only thing this treehouse is missing is a restroom," he looked over at Kyuhyun lying on the floor with a rather pensive expression. "Oh boy,I leave you for a second and look what happens? Out with it, what are you over thinking now?" 

Kyuhyun smiled wanly, "nothing really."

Heechul laid down, his head on Kyuhyun´s stomach. "really? then why don´t I believe you. You had that look that usually comes when you´re stuck on some idea that is going to end up being trouble for the both of us."

Kyuhyun hesitated, but decided to spill out what he´d been thinking. "I was thinking about all the good things that have come to pass because you found me that day." 

Heechul laughed, " When I saw you on that day, I felt like I had finally gotten a precious and worthwhile gift. If I had at any point believed in a god, I would have prayed to thank him that day."

Kyuhyun smiled, "Yeah. I lost important things that day, yet I gained others just as important, and I´m afraid that I´m going to lose a part of them again."

Heechul´s smile turned into a frown, "What are you talking about Kyu?" He rolled off of Kyuhyun to look at him squarely in the face. He reached over to touch his hair softly, "you´re not losing anything."

Kyuhyun continued with the same serious tone, not letting himself be comforted or distracted by Heechul´s soft caring touch. "I´m afraid that aunt and uncle won´t see me like they do now, once they find out that I´ve corrupted you."

Heechul sat up and started to laugh as he realized where this was going, meanwhile Kyuhyun grew more agitated as he saw that Heechul wasn´t taking him seriously. "I´m serious, they like me and even love me because they think that I´m a good little brother to you, someone to keep you company, but if they find out that we´re together and not in a brotherly way, they´ll reject me."

Heechul stopped laughing but a huge smile was still on his face as he bent down to plant a kiss on kyuhyun´s lips. "Kyu, my parents love me right?"

"yes, that´s why I´m afraid."

"they would do anything for me, don´t you agree?"


"and yet there´s someone else that they love just as much and I suspect that my father may just love this other person that much more."


"You adorably clueless person... they love YOU! not because you´re good company for me, though that´s just a plus. They fell in love with you since you turned your big sad eyes at them, when I brought you home"

"What are you talking about?"

"That´s why at first I couldn´t accept the fact that they wouldn´t let you live with us, and yet it´s exactly the reason they didn´t."


"They thought about your well being, not just physical, but also your emotional well-being. When my parents decided to let Hyung Joong and Hwangbo noona keep you as they wanted, they did it because it would be good for you. If they had just wanted you as a playmate for me they would have kept you in the house not caring how the other people in the family would treat you, you would have had to live with taunts from jack-asses about what happened to your family. But with Hyun Joong who wasn´t really involved with that side of our family anymore, you would have a much more normal and happy kind of life."  

Kyuhyun looked at Heechul intently, " Seriously?"

"Seriously Kyu, haven´t you noticed?"

"Then I´m just going to disappoint them twice over, and I´ve still corrupted you."

Heechul smirked "Kyuhyun, they´ve never been worried about how you may corrupt me, it´s me they ´ve admonished about corrupting you. I think I may get to see fire and brimstone when we tell them and you´ll receive a very flowery and happy welcome into our family. It´s the other people we´ll need to worry about, but you can be sure that my father will not turn his back on us. We´ll all go through this together."

Heechul´s smile fell at a sudden thought, "Now that you bring this up, damn, Hyun Joong will castrate me won´t he?"

Kyuhyun hid his smile, "oh, definitely."

Heechul looked a tad green on listening to that, but he tried to not show it and instead said, "Well then I´ll use you as a shield, he loves you."

Kyuhyun tried to bite back a smile, but was unsuccesful and it became quite broad, making Heechul glower at him for his apparent insensitivity to his fears.

"Hey! I didn´t laugh at you when you were worried!"

"Sorry, Sorry, it was a joke, and you did to laugh! anyways, of course he won´t... He already knows..."

"What! when did you tell him?? Is he on his way to neuter me? You have to take responsability for this!" Heechul´s normally deep voice became shrilly as his nervousness mounted.

"He knew before I came back. Actually mother also knows. They have known how I´ve felt since quite a while ago now."

"So, you´re sure my manhood doesn´t run any danger?"

"Quite sure, but then again father is a little unpredictable..."

"Do you WANT your boyfriend...YAH!  why are you grinning like that?"

Kyuhyun grin widened into a face-splitting-teeth showing smile. "It´s just nice to hear that."

Heechul snorted and slapped him playfully, "You´re such a twit. A ridiculously sappy twit. But..."

"but what? "

"But I´m glad you´re my twit."

"Look who´s being sappy now." 

Heechul had no other smart retort to that so he did the one thing he knew would put him at an advantage... tickling... Kyuhyun was very ticklish and could soon be reduced to a giggling heap of limbs with no power to retaliate.

"stop!... nooo... noo.. stop..." Kyuhyun started giggling uncontrollably, but Heechul didn´t ease up on him a bit "stop, Chulie!... haaa... nononononono.... it´s not fair... nooooo....oh god...Chulie... please more... I beg you... please.. " Heechul was cackling devilishly at Kyuhyun´s helplessness.

And then a voice startled them out of their game.

"And here I thought I would be walking in on some rather hot and steamy role play." Hankyung said with laughter evident in his voice as he stepped into the tree house.

Heechul smirked, "Well wouldn´t that have made your day."

Hankyung merely smiled back, "Of course, if scarring myself for life was my goal."

Meanwhile Kyuhyun had managed to wriggle out of Heechul´s grasp and had caught his breath, and managed to ask warily, "what are you doing here?"

"I´m merely here as a messenger, don´t kill me Kyuhyun-ah." Hankyung answered light-heartedly.

"so what´s the message?"

"It´s ready." and as he said that he handed heechul a black satin scarf-like thing.

"What is?" Kyuhyun´s interest picquéd immensely.

"Heechul knows. and now I´ve done my part...I´m leaving..." Laughing at Kyuhyun´s bewildered face he backed out of the treehouse and back down the steps

Kyuhyun sat up with a bewildered look on his face, "What just happened?"

Heechul smiled, "well it´s a surprise I planned, and now we´ll put on this blindfold on your eyes to cover them and then I´ll lead you down the steps and to what I have prepared."

Kyuhyun grinned, "oh so now you´ve decided to show your cheeseball side? and who was it that said I was a sappy twit?"

Heechul mock frowned, " So I guess you don´t want the surprise I planned? Maybe I should do it for someone who´ll appreciate it more."

"Oh I appreciate it, I appreciate it a lot Chulie!" said Kyuhun teasingly but earnestly.

"So are you going to comply to the rules of the event?"

"Ok, go ahead blindfold me, but if I fall and break my neck, just remember that you´ll be blamed and no one will be able to save you from father´s wrath."

"I know, I´ll be extra careful of my little prince." As he blindfolded Kyuhyun´s eyes, Heechul used their proximity to melt their lips together in a searingly hot kiss. Then before Kyuhyun could respond properly to the kiss, he stepped aside and grabbed ahold of Kyuhyun´s hand and began leading him down the stairs. They walked towards the other end of the property until they reached a newly made walkway that had been lighted by candles placed in delicate looking paper ornaments. Once they reached it Heechul lead him towards the clearing that had a gazebo in it´s middle.

"Here we are, let me take off your blindfold."  

When the blindfold was taken off, Kyuhyun looked around taking it all in and started grinning, " You really went full out on this didn´t you? Are there going to be fireworks in the air?"

Heechul frowned, "So you don´t like it? "

Kyuhyun chuckled, " I do, this is beautiful, it´s just that it reminds me of all those dramas where the rich guys, try to impress their love interest." he looked sideways at Heechul and smiled at seeing his scowl, "sooo, consider me impressed."

"Kyu, if you continue like this, I won´t plan anything romantic for you anymore." Heechul said in a huff. "and just so you know there won´t be any fireworks, I´m not that over the top."

"You can´t help it, you´re just full of cheese in the center hyung... now before you get angry let me show you how much I like it."

Kyuhyun turned to directly face Heechul and took a determined step forward, and before Heechul knew what had happened Kyuhyun had grabbed his waist with one hand and the back of his head with another. For a split second they both looked into each others eyes as their foreheads touched, before Kyuhyun´s mouth was on his, his lips softer and yet stronger than they looked as they pressed firmly on his own .The world seemed to spin as they finally seperated to breathe, and Heechul looked wonderingly at Kyuhyun.

"So you like it that much, huh?"


"If it gets me a reward like this, I think I won´t mind being cheesy."

And they went to sit on the bench in the middle of the gazebo with their hands interlocked, and their heads leaning against each other gazing out onto the lights watching as their last full day together faded away. Later they got up still holding each other and went in to rest for the upcoming hectic morning.


A/N I couldn´t help writing more about Kyuhyun and Heechul before I dive into the school life and Siwon´s and Hankyung´s relationship... so yeah that´s why this part 2.5 was born... hahaha I hope none of you minded :)
Tags: character: hankyung, character: heechul, character: kyuhyun, fanfic
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