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It goes both ways, Part 3

Title: It works both ways part 3
Pairing: Heechul/ Kyuhyun; side pairing Siwon/Hankyung
Summary: In this part,  Kyuhyun´s curiousity about the strange Siwon might just be bad for his health
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
A/N: Well this is Part 3 of the sequel to I Found You, You´re Mine This fic has a life of it´s own...hahaha.. and this is where trouble starts for our favourite people... there´s some action...maybe? lol
Previous parts: Part 1 / Part 2 /Part 2.5

Part 3:Breaking Storm

The next morning Heechul sat up and stretched on the bed as he heard soft muffled noises around him. Blearily he opened his eyes to see Kyuhyun gathering his school materials hurriedly while still trying to stay quiet and he smiled. Stealthily he slid off the bed and walked to stand behind Kyuhyun and grabbed him in a hug from the back.

Kyuhyun jumped at the unexpected touch and then laughed, "I was trying to avoid waking you up, but you´re such a light sleeper, you don´t sleep very deeply do you? You take cat naps instead... maybe I shouldn´t have exerted myself."

Heechul smiled and kissed him softly on the back of his neck, and turned around to go refresh himself and get changed. "Wait for me and we´ll leave the house together. Ok?"


In less than ten minutes Heechul was out of the restroom looking completely fresh and ready to face the day with energy, while Kyuhyun looking smart and polished in the school uniform looked about as eager to go to school as a felon is to go to his execution.

"Come on; smile more, or you´re going to scare away your classmates."

Kyuhyun gave him a look, "you´re one to talk, if it weren´t for Hankyung everybody would have feared you."

"Well it was either, they feared me or they wanted me, after all I am gorgeous. I decided early on after a particularly frightful stalker issue that I rather they feared me, on second thought, maybe you should do the same." said Heechul as he went around and opened the driver´s door of Kyuhyun´s car leaning on the car´s frame as he waited for Kyuhyun to place his things and settle in to the seat. After closing the door for Kyuhyun he leaned down and gave him a quick peck on the cheek through the open window.

Kyuhyun´s blush as he drove away made Heechul laugh as he headed towards his own car.

Kyuhyun looked back at Heechul through his rearview mirror and shook his head, he loved those sweet gestures that Heechul showed him, but he detested how much he found himself blushing after each of them. He hated looking like a ripe tomato during those sweet moments but he couldn´t seem to gain control of his nervous system to avoid it.

As he was driving he began to recall that strange conversation with that strange twinkling dimples Siwon who had warned him against talking to him at school. At first he had seemed quite easy going although a little too nice-guy type of person, but that 360 degree change at the end was intriguing. He really wanted to know what was going on in that school for him to warn him like that.

This time as he approached the school he noticed three glaringly obnoxious things about the school denizens, 1) Most of them were obscenely rich (if the parade of expensive foreign sports cars and limos were any indication, of course the irony of his own expensive car wasn´t lost on him, but still), 2) they were proud of it (Hence the parade of cars, and use of overly priced accessories) and 3) he would probably not get along with anyone of them, unless they were more down to earth than the fools currently blocking the entrance to the school with their cars shouting and laughing loudly at each other and ignoring the line that was backed up thanks to them.

If only because he knew that honking and shouting at these guys would probably get him involved in some useless fight over their pride with those idiots, Kyuhyun let them finish their idiotic conversation and decide to pull into the parking lot just to their right.

He scowled at them as he passed by, and then went on to erase their faces from his mind; there was no need to remember useless people like them.

As he walked to the auditorium building he notices that most of the students were approaching the auditorium in clusters and then he spotted another lone figure walking. Focusing on the person he realized it was Siwon, who at that moment looked over at him and though a small smile formed in his face, his head shook a quick no at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun lowered his hand at the shake of the head. He had been about to wave at Siwon when he saw the smile. Did he or didn´t he want to be friends? His behaviour was really confusing and strange.

Kyuhyun slowed down and just watched Siwon make his way towards the building when suddenly three guys ran past Kyuhyun and seemed to pile up on top of Siwon, one of them was whispering to him and put his arm around Siwon´s shoulder´s in a seemingly friendly manner but Siwon´s shoulder seemed to droop and not merely because of the weight.

Kyuhyun cocked his head to the side as he realized that the three guys were the ones who blocked the entrance to the school earlier. The brief encounter he´d had with Siwon made him think that the guy wouldn´t really associate with these types of obnoxious people willingly.

He decided to just ignore it for the moment and went into the auditorium to find a spot in the back where he could lean on the wall and pretend that he wasn´t sleeping but thinking deeply about the beginning of the year speeches that were bound to be boring as hell. And true to his prediction they were, and the person who stood next to him was of his same opinion because the next thing Kyuhyun knew was that a heavy head had lodged itself on his shoulder.

Kyuhyun started shaking his shoulder to wake up the guy who had fallen asleep on him all the while whispering, "Yah...wake up, yah! what are you doing?" when that didn´t work Kyuhyun brought his other hand up and pushed the head off his shoulder, and then looked towards the front again, completely ignoring the guy now that he was off his shoulder.

Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder, he ignore it, when it happened again he turned his head with a dreadful scowl on his face and was met with an apologetic face, "sorry about that, these things are so boring" said the still sleepy eyed guy.

Kyuhyun felt his scowl dwindle in the face of such an honest apology. He gave a nod in acceptance and then turned around again to continue pretending to listen.

Soon the speeches ended and the auditorium began to empty right after, until Kyuhyun and the guy who had fallen asleep were the last ones in the room. Just as he was about to exit the room, he felt another tap from the guy who´d fallen asleep on him. He turned to look at him and was presented with a hand to shake which after a pause, to scrutinize the guy, Kyuhyun shook it.

The guy smiled as Kyuhyun shook his proffered hand, "Hi, my name´s Shim Changmin, I´m a senior this year. You must be new, I haven´t seen you around before. Sorry about that back there, I was awake till really late last night and then these early morning boring as hell speeches k.o.’d me. What´s your name?"

"Kim Kyuhyun, also a senior. Don´t worry about it, just don´t make it a habit to drool on my shoulder and we´ll be fine." Kyuhyun turned to leave but he was stopped by Changmin again.

"What´s your first class? Maybe we could walk to class together."

"Advanced Calculus"

"I don´t have that class, thank god, you´re some kind of genius aren´t you?" and without letting Kyuhyun answer that he continued "I do have Statistics though, which is in the same building, so we can still go together. Come on let´s go." and so saying he walked out the door.

Kyuhyun shook his head at the chattiness of this strange and overly tall person that was apparently named Changmin, but he followed since it was better than trying to find his way around the many buildings of the school with no idea where to go. Perhaps he should have had Heechul take him around the school beforehand, or paid more attention when Siwon had shown him around a bit the day he completed his enrollment.

As they walked to their classroom, Changmin kept up a constant stream of random and sometimes informative chatter. Things like “look that teacher, see him? Yeah, never cross him. He´s mean as a snake and has no tolerance for lip from students, but if you meet his standards and he takes a liking to you, he´s pretty cool." or "This is horrible, why don´t they make this a co-ed school, it´s boring to just look at guys." And as they walked he also pointed out students that were prominent at school, "See that guy? He´s the president´s nephew, I thought he´d be really stuck up but he´s cool. Helped me out once." or " that guy over there, the one with the dyed orange hair, his father went bankrupt last year but since they´d paid for the school fees in advance he can still come, he´s a bastard though, he blackmails those richer than him and drains them for as much as he can, sometimes I just want to.." and his face surprised Kyuhyun with the anger that was written all over it, but it was gone as quickly as it had appeared as he continued with a slightly more neutral tone, "I´d recommend that you try and avoid him, he´s got a nasty temper."

Kyuhyun looked at the guy Changmin was talking about and felt that there was something familiar in that guy... like he´d seen him somewhere recently.

When they entered the Math department building Changmin turned around, "What room is your class in?"

"Room 220"

"That´s the second floor, I stay down here, the stairway is down that corner to your left, your classroom should be on the right hand side of the stairs... good luck..."

As Kyuhyun was about to leave Changmin called out to him again, " I have 4th period lunch what about you?"


Changmin smiled a 1000 watt smile and said "That´s great we can hang out together, let´s meet outside the auditorium building, see you then," and turned to walk into his classroom.

Kyuhyun shook his head, Changmin somehow reminded him of a puppy eager to please, definitely quite different from him.

The calculus class went on uneventfully, Kyuhyun interacted with no one and after doing the review questions which were boring and way too easy for Kyuhyun, he slept away the time until the next period. Then a minor problem presented itself when he tried to find his other classes, but after asking a nerdy looking junior he managed to find his way to his Physics class (luckily in same building), and then he had a free study period in the library. That´s when things got weird and interesting, mainly because Siwon was also in that study period.

When Kyuhyun spotted Siwon sitting in one of the middle aisle tables, he decided not to approach him and instead sat two tables down from where Siwon was currently reading what seemed to be a poetry book, from the formatting that Kyuhyun could see from where he sat. So he´s a romantic, it´s in keeping with his princely good looks thought Kyuhyun. After which he lost interest and took out his Physics and Calculus homework. He wanted to finish as much as possible so that it wouldn´t detract from his time with Heechul.

The relative calm that Kyuhyun had enjoyed while doing his physics problems didn´t last long. It was disrupted as the three obnoxious guys from the morning surrounded Siwon. That´s when Kyuhyun realized why the guy Changmin had pointed out to him as a person to avoid as much as possible had seemed familiar, he was the one who had thrown his arm around Siwon´s shoulders in the morning. As Kyuhyun looked on he realized that they were in fact bullying Siwon with sneers and derisive comments veiled thinly as "friendly jokes" Kyuhyun wondered why Siwon didn´t say anything to stop them.

He tried to ignore them as much as possible but he was slowly getting pissed off at their constant vicious homophobic comments. Kyuhyun knew that there were people like that, but since he hadn´t really encountered them himself he had not realized how hurtful it could be even if they weren´t being said directly at him. He had wanted to get up and go tell them off, but he didn´t do that right away since he´d already been told by Siwon himself not to talk to him in school...hmmm but maybe there was something in that...

After careful thought, Kyuhyun got up from his chair and approached the table Siwon was seated at and stopped right behind the main bully, and tapped his shoulder.

The guy jerked around with a sneer that was meant to scare off people but really made Kyuhyun want to laugh instead. "What do you want?"

"Me? Nothing really."

"Then get out!"

During this small exchange Siwon tried to get Kyuhyun to meet his eyes, but Kyuhyun with no outward effort managed to avoid meeting his eyes.

As ingratiating as he could Kyuhyun kept addressing the ringleader, "I would, as I don´t want to trouble you since you seem like a very busy person, but I thought you should know that someone was talking about you."

The guy´s eyes sharpened but he waved his hands in dismissal just the same, "They always do, they´re jealous... so you can go now...”

Kyuhyun immediately said, "Yeah, I guess I should" and with a melodramatic sigh just as he was about to leave, "but I just thought that you would like to know that they said that your father was a disgusting bastard who knew nothing of business and had gone back to groveling for the crumbs from more important people as he should have been from the start."

As he had expected the guy turned to face him fully and grabbed his shirt as if to lift Kyuhyun up (too bad Kyuhyun was taller), "who was saying this?"

Kyuhyun shifted his eyes to appear nervous and intimidated, "um...I´m sorry! it was um... a guy, that just passed by a little while ago, he was using a black backpack with AC/DC badges sewn all over it... very tacky... uh... probably not someone you should worry about.."

"Where did that bastard go?" his grip loosened once he was satisfied that he had successfully threatened and cowed Kyuhyun.

" heard... that um... he was going to the music classrooms..."

After a swift glance at Siwon and a "We´ll talk later." He gathered his two sidekicks and headed out to search for the supposed offender.

As they left Kyuhyun smirked to himself and then walked back and sat down at his table to now continue his assignment all the while pointedly ignoring Siwon´s glower.

Siwon got up and sat down at the table behind Kyuhyun and started to whisper angrily at him, "why are you getting involved, didn´t I tell you to ignore me at school. Fool! You don´t know what you´re getting into."

Kyuhyun continued solving his physics problems nonchalantly and then he paused and wrote on his sticky notes with deliberate strokes, and then turned around and placed it on Siwon´s forehead.

Siwon sat there shocked at what had just happened and after a few moments he lifted his hands to remove the note and turn around to read it: You said not to talk to you. Technically I haven´t talked to you. Have a good day.

After reading it Siwon hurriedly wrote a message back, and when he turned to give it to Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun had already gotten up and was near the exit to the building. He had left another sticky note on the table, I have 4th period lunch if you want to continue this nonconversation you can "not talk" to me there.

As he left the building Kyuhyun began to chuckle. Seeing Siwon´s face about to burst with things to say and probably scold him about and being unable to because of his own rule had put Kyuhyun in a good mood, enough to forget that he had actually acted quite out of character with his meddling.

With a lighter step he headed out to meet Changmin in front of the auditorium as they had agreed.

As he arrived at the auditorium he saw that Changmin was already there waiting for him, “I thought you might have decided to ditch me after all."

Kyuhyun smirked, “well I had to let you repay me for drooling on my shoulders before I even met you."

Changmin winced, “aah, did I really drool on you? Can I again say how sorry I am?"

"Yes and yes. However sorry isn´t going to make me forget the drool, but if you could draw me up a map of the school all may be forgiven."

Changmin smiled, "Sure! I´m pretty good at drawing maps, but it´s not that hard to maneuver around the school. It´s actually pretty easy once you get used to it. Let´s go eat lunch."

Kyuhyun began to talk about the things he loved best (after Heechul of course) which were games, and more specifically Starcraft and found out that Changmin was also interested in Starcraft and Kyuhyun began to think that Changmin could after all become a pretty good friend with which to hang out with. At least with him as a friend he could call his parents and say honestly that he wasn´t a loner or antisocial at school.

As they entered the dining hall, Kyuhyun took in the luxuriousness of it... the tables were mahogany, each one covered with a tablecloth that had the school emblem embroidered on them. Kyuhyun smiled when he realized that the plates seemed to be of the finest china and the silverware was probably the best quality, no wonder Heechul had been appalled by his paper plates, if even in school they had these types of amenities.

While Kyuhyun had stood there taking in his surroundings Changmin had been looking around for a table to sit at. Suddenly he broke out in a smile, "Come this way! I want to introduce you to someone, he´s really a great guy. He should have graduated last year but something happened, can´t really tell you what but he ended up staying behind a year. He´s really a nice friend." and he proceeded to pull/drag Kyuhyun to a table in the back of the room.

Kyuhyun started chuckling again as soon as he saw who it was that Changmin was pulling him to. There seated with his back to them was Siwon.

Changmin let go of Kyuhyun’s arm and went to poke Siwon in the back. Siwon turned around to see who it was and when he noticed them both, on his face were conflicting expressions; 1) he seemed genuinely glad to see Changmin, 2) He also had nervous hint to his smile, 3) he seemed to want to leave the room.

When Siwon got up, he grabbed his things as if ready to leave the room. Changmin lost his cheerful look then and grabbed his arms, whispering under his breath "Don´t leave hyung, they can´t do anything if I´m here." and in less time than it took for Kyuhyun to blink a smile was back on his face as he turned around to introduce Kyuhyun to Siwon. But Kyuhyun beat him to it by saying, "So we can keep up our nonconversation now, right?" Siwon scowled at him but then a smile began to chip away at his stern expression.

"So you´ve met before? That´s great!" And with no further ado, Changmin grabbed both their elbows and led them to the buffet.

They soon finished choosing their food and went back to table. Once there, Siwon ate in silence with an excellent show of table manners, Kyuhyun ate his food also in silence though not as elegantly as Siwon and well Changmin was just a disaster zone. He talked while he ate, not between bites but through them so some of the food ended up in all kinds of interesting places, like Kyuhyun´s nose, or Siwon´s ear. However neither really minded as they just listened to the happy chatter, it was Changmin´s charm, they couldn´t interrupt him to scold him when he smiled at them so warmly.

As Kyuhyun sat listening to the stories from Changmin´s summer in Japan, he decided that if these two were going to be his friends he might as well tell them about his sexual orientation. He didn´t want them to find out later and have it made into an issue. This would be a good way also to see if he would be able to get along with them, if they couldn´t accept him as he was then they wouldn´t be worthwhile friends.

"I´m sorry Changmin, I´m going to interrupt you for a bit. I want to tell both of you before we get further involved in this friendship. I´m homosexual. I like guys and if that´s going to be an issue later on, I rather it be said right now."

As soon as Kyuhyun said his piece, a silence reigned on the table for the second it took for Changmin to swallow his food.

Changmin smiled, “Well that´s ok, Siwon here is gay too"

"Yah Changmin-ah you should have asked me before saying that!" Siwon reprimanded while blushing bright red.

Changmin made a small pout, "But you are! and Kyuhyun is being honest with us...and I can´t say I´m gay, because I´m not, though there was that one time I saw you with your boyfriend and his friend, and his friend was really hot. Too bad he turned out to be a guy!"

Kyuhyun raised his left eyebrow skeptically, "So you´re completely cool with my being gay?"

Changmin nodded happily as he began to dig back into his food, "yeah! Well as long as like, you´re not interested in me, because I like my partners with boobs and a vagina."

Kyuhyun snorted," No need to worry, because I like mine human and not some sort of wild animal species." Siwon choked on his food in response to that comment.

Changmin put down his food, "Hey now I object to that! I´m not an animal species! I´m a Zerg!" and went back to eating like before.

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, now he knew there was someone who might actually beat him in terms of Starcraft addiction.

Towards the end of the lunch period Changmin excused himself to the restroom, fished his cell phone from “hold my cell for me?”
Kyuhyun shrugged “yeah sure” and pocketed the cell phone.
After Kyuhyun eyed Siwon, who was looking everywhere but at him...

"So what were you going to say about how I shouldn´t talk to you? What about Changmin, if you´re in some kind of trouble then won´t he also be a target as much as I would?"

Siwon sighed, "Not really, he´s a special case, nobody messes with him."

As Kyuhyun was about to further question Siwon about it, he felt a hand grab him by the neck, "I found you, you fucker! You thought it was funny to send me all over the place looking for someone that has never existed, didn´t you?"
Kyuhyun recognized the voice as the leader of the idiot trio that were harassing Siwon.

Siwon moved to stand up and the other two lackey´s pushed him down, "you know what will happen if you interfere don´t you?" they sneered at him.

Kyuhyun tried to get the hands off him and felt himself getting angrier with each passing moment, "Well it took you long enough to realize that, maybe you´re even more of an idiot than I thought." Damn, why does my mouth never think things through?

The people around them turned around to look at them, and just stared at him as if he had lost his mind. Well isn´t this peachy? They´re just letting me get dragged away to get beaten up and they´re not going to do anything about that.

"Bastard, you´ll really get it now..."

Turning to Siwon, "you... you´ll find out what we can do."

And they proceeded to lead Kyuhyun out the dining hall and towards the parking lot, giving him random slaps on the head and threats to his life for messing with them.

Kyuhyun began to worry at that moment. He wasn´t all that strong, sure he had taken Aikido lessons in Japan, and sure he had learned some of the basics quite well. Enough to fight one on one, but not enough to deal with three opponents. Story of my life, first day in school and already endangered my own life by interfering where I shouldn´t have... I need to get out of this... Cat-hyung won´t be happy with a beat up boyfriend or a dead one at that.

"Don´t you think you are being too excessive? It was a prank guys, a joke...haha... we can forget about this incident can´t we?"

They didn´t pay attention to him. When they reached the parking lot they got some rope and tied his hands together, dumped him in the backseat of one of their cars, and taped his feet together.

Kyuhyun took in a huge breath and prepared to scream with all his might when Lackey #1 popped out a switchblade and placed it quite dangerously near Kyuhyun´s jugular vein. "One sound out of you... and it might just be your last." with a gulp Kyuhyun swallowed his scream.

They then proceeded to drive out of the school.

As they were driving the ringleader began to laugh maniacally. "People will learn to respect me, I may not have the money I used to , but I will, and meanwhile you´ll be the example for all those that dare make fun of me..." still laughing to himself he looked over at Kyuhyun through the rear view mirror. Seeing Kyuhyun´s death glare, “you know, I like that look on you, keep it. You look like a nice piece of ass, perhaps after I mess you up, I´ll pound you again until your throat is sore."

Kyuhyun began to struggle against the ropes that bound his hands; he was enraged by the sheer idiocy that was at the root of the jerk´s actions. And when Kyuhyun´s enraged his mouth worked a mile a minute. "You bastard, you´re a piece of shit, wanting respect, this isn´t going to get you any. So you´re father lost his business, so fucking what. So you have to do with less than you´re used to, I´m going to cry... boo fucking hoo" the laughter stopped and the eyes in the rearview mirror glinted menacingly, " Shut up.." but Kyuhyun had already gained momentum and he wasn´t going to stop talking until he said it all.

"You´re a sad fucker who´s placed money above his humanity...” "Shut up!" "What will money get you? Things? Those things won´t make you worth more and money isn´t worth a damn in jail...” "I told you to shut up!" ," and I´ll make sure you go there for this, just try me." and with a signal from the boss, Lackey #2 hit Kyuhyun on the back of his neck and the last thing Kyuhyun saw were eyes that burned furiously as he blacked out.

---- earlier in Heechul´s office

Heechul was having Kyuhyun withdrawal symptoms. He wanted to see him, of course he also didn´t want to appear clingy or needy for attention so he had decided to wait for him to get out of school, but Hankyung had told him to just go see him.

“Seriously, just… just go. You´re driving me nuts as it is… you sign one paper and you look up and sigh, and then you repeat it. Just go see him, I´m sure he´ll be overjoyed to see you. Now go… As the near-future C.E.O of Starlight Entertainment, I´ll cover for my Chairman´s absence.” Hankyung sighed in feigned annoyance.

“Geng, you know that I only let you talk to me like that because I love you, right? Because somehow I feel that you´re making fun of me, and I normally don´t just let it go like this.” Heechul´s eyes narrowed as he thought what would be the right way to punish such impudence.

Hankyung looked at the look that was dawning in Heechul´s eyes, “No… whatever it is, no.”

Heechul nodded slowly, “Yes, you´re coming with me. That´s what.”

“No I’m not going anywhere, I´m staying right here,” but even as he talked he was already being dragged by his wrist quite forcefully. He was always surprised by the strength that was hidden by those apparently delicate arms.

“Stop being a baby, and come with me, you don´t even have to talk to anybody. But I can´t have you staying here being productive while I´m slacking off, it´s not right.”

Hankyung knew he could have protested stronger and if push came to shove he could have managed to escape Heechul´s grasp, but he also wanted to go, perhaps he would be able to catch a glimpse, a glance, a moment. He knew he shouldn´t even be tempted, but he was, and so he let himself be dragged with minor complaints to the car.

“Here, let´s take my car and you can drive it. Come on… what are you stalling for Geng? Let´s go, lunch break isn´t forever.”

A little while later they were pulling into to the school gates when a car sped out.

Heechul looked out the window as the car passed by and he thought he saw Kyuhyun in the backseat, but that couldn´t be possible. He shook his head at his brain´s tricks. He was seeing Kyuhyun everywhere, definitely a withdrawal symptom.

As they walked out of the parking lot, Heechul saw two guys running like the dogs of Hades were on their heels.

Heechul tried to make out who they were, as they approached he noticed that one of them was Siwon, he turned to look at Hankyung. His look on his face told Heechul that he had also noticed and was now debating running in the opposite direction.
“Hankyung, I think something happened…”

A/N So I was really surprised where this story is taking me... haha I guess it has become a full fledged chapter fic... yeahand then here´s a I´m sorry for such a late update gift... I´m such a fail though... this isn´t great or anything but I´ll keep on trying to master the  use of photoshop as a gif maker.

Tags: character: changmin, character: hankyung, character: heechul, character: kyuhyun, character: siwon, pairing: heekyu, pairing: sihan
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