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It works both ways part 4

Title: It works both way Part 4
Pairing: ChulKyu: side pairing SiHan; JoongBo
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kyuhyun´s curiousity about the strange Siwon might just be bad for his health...
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
A/N: Well this is Part Four of the sequel to I Found You, You´re Mine Also I have to say that this fic has run away from me, it has a mind of it´s own <_< and it no longer pays attention to me... This might also be the last formal installment of the little series though there will be random little fics from this 'verse.
Previous parts: Part 1 / Part 2 /Part 2.5 / Part 3

It goes both ways (Part 4)

As Siwon looked around for his car he saw the one person that he had put up with the idiotic blackmailer's crap for, Tan Han Geng and his friend Kim Heechul. Heechul seemed want to talk to him but the person that mattered just looked over at him and sharply turned his back on him... it made siwon's blood boil and yet he understood why Han Geng behaved in such a way and he couldn't hate him, the cirumstances under which they had parted hadn't been anywhere near the vicinity of good. 

Siwon shook his head he couldn't just stand there and daydream the time away like a girl, he had a friend in trouble all because he hadn't found a good way to end the problem effectively, short of murdering the guy, but that wasn't something he was keen on, though he came from a family that wasn't too clean from such things.

As he was about to turn away and make out as if he hadn't seen the two friends standing there, an idea popped into his head. He turned to Changmin and began to discuss his new idea on how to resolve the situation. Changmin nodded as he heard the idea and though he pointed out some flaws in it he was willing to go along with it as their working plan.


Heechul frowned at Han Geng's reaction, " Why are you like this Geng? can't you see that they seem to be in trouble? can't you just forget for a moment that you two were together and just act like a human being and worry for someone else?"

Han Geng levelled a glare at heechul, "You wouldn't want to be involved if it weren't because you like to meddle in my affairs."

Heechul snorted, " why would I want to meddle in your sordid affairs?" Han geng continued to glare at him, " ah that's right! because they are always so entertaining, so now let's go and keep me entertained." and he promptly turned to look at the approaching guys.

"You know if I didn't have Kyu, I would so have fought you for that handsome work of art... How are you able to turn away from such a sculpture."
Hangeng just continued to glare at him and Heechul continued his act of obliviousness as he waved Siwon and his friend over.

SIwon and Changmin ran up to them and after the preliminary greetings Siwon brought up the reason why he and changmin were running.

" Heechul hyung, we need your help quite desperately, one of our friends has been taken by some psychotic bullies."

Heechul's demeanor changed from relaxed to completely focused, "what is this you're saying? you mean to say that this school has allowed scum to enter it's buildings? What happened? I will help you if I can. I have family in the police, army and secret service, I can get them to help you if you want. They will help if I ask them to."

Changmin shook his head, " no, there are circumstances that prevent us from being able to contact any kind of authority, our friend will greatly suffer and other people will be damaged beyond repair, we can't go to the authorities. However you can help us if you're willing.

Heechul nodded, "sure, I want to help, what do i-"  Han Geng interrupted him at that moment and finally really looked at Siwon, " Kim Heechul cannot help with any of your schemes, he's an only child, heir to Kim Corp and cannot be involved in plans that may put him in danger, even if you are his friend." 

"Geng what do you think you're doing? I can decide what I can and cannot do for myself, I'm  not an employee and you are not my body guard you are my closest friend who can voice his opinions but cannot prohibit me from acting on my own decisions." Heechul's eyes were burning with anger at the fact that even his closest friend had tried to manage him, decide what was best for him without consulting Heechul.

Han Geng did not back down, there were two reasons that played in his mind for trying to thwart Heechul: 1) it was probably dangerous and 2) he really didn't want to continue this painful association with Siwon, it hurt just to look at him. " I know you hate being told what to do but you know you can't do this, it's probably dangerous and there's too much riding on your shoulder's you're not just anybody..." Hangeng took a deep breath and nodded to himself after all like Heechul had said as a human being he couldn't ignore the fact that there were two very distressed people in front of him, "I'll be the one to do this." 

Heechul snorted and turned his head away... but then he seemed to consider it, " Ok, we do it together." 
Hangeng's began to turn cloudy but a look from Heechul made it known that that was his final answer and no amount of arguing would be able to change it.

Siwon's impatience began to grow as he saw this interchange which made him realize how well these two people knew each other, perhaps even better than he knew Hangeng. He shook his head a little to reprimand himself, this wasn't about him it was about Kyuhyun and the danger he was in right now.

"ok now that we've got this sorted I can explain everything in the car, let Changmin drive, his place has all the equipment we need." 

As they hurried back into to car, Heechul decided to call kyuhyun so that he wouldn't expect him until very late at night, if not the next day. However just as he sent it he heard his voice saying, "you're mine" from the bookbag in Changmin's hands. That was definitely the little soundbyte he had placed as a joke on kyuhyun's cell... that was kyuhyun's cellphone.... why was it in Changmin's bookbag... wait... that bookbag wasn't Changmin's since he had another on his back and the one he was holding had a very stylized gold heart keychain with a diamond center, a keychain that Heechul had had made especially for Kyuhyun three years ago. Heechul felt the sound of the sea roar in his ears and he couldn't concentrate on where he was, things began to blur and he felt his body sway as the realization hit, that the person missing might just be his Kyuhyun.

Heechul stumbled forwards and grabbed Changmin's arm as he reached for the keys from Hangeng... "That bag... who does it belong to?" Changmin was surprised at the sudden question, " this is our missing friend's belongings!" the grip on his arm tightened as Heechul seemed to spasm at that response.

" Please don't tell me it's Kim Kyuhyun's belongings..." Heechul's eyes searched his face and registered the shock on Changmin's face at his accurate guess.

"You know Kyuhyun?" Changmin was surprised but continued hurriedly when he noticed the glare he received, "ah, Yes these are his."

Hangeng who had also frozen when he heard Heechul's question, hurried to uphold the sagging Heechul. He turned to Changmin and gave him the keys " Here take the keys, you can count on our help."

Heechul seemed to revive after his momentary weakness and his face rekindled with an inner fire. and he lifted his fallen head and looked up at Changmin, " I don't know what's happened, but I am definitely going to kill whoever is behind all this. Let's go somewhere to plan our next move, and I'm going to be the one that executes the final blow, and I'll do it my way, got it?"  and so saying he grabbed Kyuhyun's backpack and settled in the backseat of his car. 

As they drove to Changmin's house Siwon gave them the rundown of what happened that led to the kidnapping, Heechul began to chuckle darkly while muttering about how he'd " warned Kyuhyun about his mouth being his downfall, especially when he didn't think before using it."

Siwon looked quizzically at Han Geng to see if the other would enlighten him about why Heechul was so worked up about Kyuhyun but Han Geng still refused to have direct eye contact with him. But Siwon could guess as he observed Heechul that Kyuhyun was probably someone very close to him, perhaps even his lover.

They arrived at Changmin's house and was led to the basement. The basement was completely filled with state of the art gadgetry and the only one unsurprised was Siwon as he knew Changmin's background.

Heechul though surprised wasn't impressed as well  he knew, high-tech didn't equal efficiency. " Well now we know you have a lot of stuff but can you use any of it?"

Changmin grinned picking up on the challenge that the comment had implied, " of course but first of all, let's track my cell phone."

"why your cell phone?"

"I asked Kyuhyun to pocket my cellphone shortly before he was taken, it's one of the many ways my father has me tracked. I also have a little locator planted on his clothes, so should they take my cellphone away from him the cellphone keeps track of him. We find the cell, the cell finds Kyuhyun."

Everybody looked at him with an "are you a stalker?" look that made him laugh at them, "No I am not a wierd stalker, that bugs his friends. I'm just the son of the friend that was asked by Kyuhyun's parents to guard him."

Heechul shook his head, trust his cousin Hyun Joong to go overboard in his protectiveness, and in this case it was much appreciated.


After being knocked unconscious Kyuhyun was unable to find out where he was taken and only knew that he was tied to a chair in an ever so fuckingly cliched empty warehouse with his captor smirking at him so self confidently with his two sidekicks holding a videocamera and a photo camera in anticipation.

Kyuhyun couldn't help but smirk back, "so you ARE sick fucks who get their fun out of watching people get hurt. I'm soo sorry for you."

The leader of the idiot trio stood up and took out his knife and placed the flat side on Kyuhyun's face, "I've found out that all you faggots place a lot of worth on your looks, maybe that idiot won't like you anymore if you have a nice long scar running down you face. He did pick out a nice piece of ass as his boyfriend, since when has he kept you from me, I wonder?" as he was saying this he pressed down with the tip of the knife just enough to draw blood.

Kyuhyun jerked at the sting but tried to maintain a stony face, he wouldn't give in and give this jerk the satisfaction of showing pain or fear. He gave no answer to the question either, but to Kyuhyun's ears it sounded like he was jealous?

"Has your boyfriend told you about his past? eh? that he was the chinese ambassador's son's lover? that he did it with that chink? That I have erased it with my own imprint? that he's a gold-digging faggot?that money is at the back of this?" and the knife cut in a little deeper.

Kyuhyun was not really listening, but he reckoned that keeping the idiot talking would be better for him in the longrun, so he answered, "No, I have no idea, I also have no idea you are, what do you mean your imprint. what do you mean with money?"

The jerk's eyes glittered, " heh, so there are secrets between you two and you jump into his affairs so brazenly. I'm Jung Illwoo and I'm the one who holds your lover's whole life in his palms. and" at this he motioned for his sidekick to hand him the envelope to him. " here is what makes him mine"

He shoved the pictures in Kyuhyun's face so that Kyuhyun could see a stripped Siwon his hands and feet bound with welts all over his body, and purple bite marks in just as many places.

As Kyuhyun looked he finally realized that the one in the pictures next might just be him. His eyes began to tear, not in fear, but in the fact that he couldn't do anything to avoid it, helplessness was a bitch.

Meanwhile Jung Illwoo had continued his rant, "Oh money has everything to do with it, it's what makes the world go round and you've probably have enough to make his go around. He loves money, that's why he went out with that chink, that's why he left me, because that foreigner had more than I did, because he could offer him more than I could. He's a cold calculative bitch," as Ill woo saw the tears of helplessness glisten in kyuhyun's eyes he smirked, "yes that's better, you understand what's going to happen now right? everybody will leave you, because once I finish with you, they won't want to have anything to do with a dirty person, because this time you won't have the honor of me being the only one to pound you senseless, these two are very interested in getting to know you very very well." 

Seeing the ravenous eyes of his future rapists, Kyuhyun began to struggle against his bonds all the while forgetting the knife that the other had in his hand until he felt it cut his cheek even deeper.

"You can't do this, you might have done it to Siwon, but my family will not let you go that easily for this!" 

The three bastards started howling in laughter, "Don't worry about us! nothing will happen to us, your family won't want scandal and believe us scandal will occur if we were to release these pictures and videos, the headlines it will garner!, 'Rich heir is a faggot and into S&M, ' isn't that attention grabbing?"
There was a brief scuffle as Kyuhyun tried to break away when they untied him to be able to take him to a post and tie him there. They handcuffed his hands to to the post after forcing him to kneel down. They may have looked like bumbling idiots but they made quick work of stripping kyuhyun of his pants even as he tried to kick them.

Kyuhyun's eyes burned with tears of anger and hatred at his captor's and soon to be rapists. He couldn't believe that his first time would be taken by jerks who knew nothing about being a respectable human being and who lacked human sensibilities. But most of all it hurt that his first time would not be with Heechul, that when they were together he would have these memories haunting him. 

Just as he felt his aggressor grabbing his back and giving him an aggresive bite on his ass, a crash and wheels screeching from a black obviously bullet-proof van as it  blasted the warehouse doors open and careened towards them was heard. From inside the van came three people dressed in bullet proof vests each handling a gun. Kyuhyun strained to see who it was that had come just on time, and was surprised that one of the faces was definitely his Heechul's.

Heechul had jumped out of the van  after taking it all in, he nodded to the other two behind him and they levelled their guns and shot at the two sidekicks, who promptly crumpled from the effects tranquilizer. Heechul took quick steps to yank Illwoo away from Kyuhyun whose cut on the face was bleeding profusely and was looking glassy eyed and feverish, the shock of everything finally taking it's toll.

Furious, could not describe just how Heechul felt at that moment seeing the vulnerable position that Kyuhyun was in. His anger went beyond that, He threw the tranquilizer towards his companions, and proceeded to strangle ands punch the shocked Ill woo, who struggled against him futilely until he remembered that he had a knife and that bullet proof vests had vulnerable spots. He stopped struggling against the rabid Heechul and took advantage that the two outside were currently helping Kyuhyun up, he pulled it out and was ready to strike Heechul on the side when he was hit with a tranquilizer bullet shot by Changmin who was still in the van.

Heechul had felt a sharp edge at his side when the guy he was pummeling suddenly slumped unconscious. As he turned around to glare at Changmin for stopping him he saw the knife in the guys hand and understood that he had just escaped a visit to the hospital. Disgusted, he threw the guy down and went to hug Kyuhyun who was now wrapped in a white sheet and sitting on the chair in a catatonic state while Siwon was kneeling in front of him begging for forgiveness.  As he wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun lifted his face and kissed him on the cheek all the while starting to cry. All that Heechul wished at that moment was to be able to carry him and cradle him against his chest and place him in the safety of the van, but there were certain physical limitations and while he was quite stronger than he looked, carrying Kyuhyun who was almost his height was impossible, but luckily Siwon had guessed that Heechul wanted to move Kyuhyun and he did what Heechul could not and lifted Kyuhyun as if he were weightless and placed him in the back seat.

Heechul felt a pang of jealousy at how close Siwon had held his Kyuhyun, but he shook it off and thanked Siwon graciously for that favour. Han Geng and Changmin had meanwhile bound and gagged the three unconscious thugs and were in the process of dragging them to the small cage the van had in it's trunk.

Siwon turned away from the touching image of Heechul wiping Kyuhyun's face and applying disinfectant to the cut and basically being the loving boyfriend he obviously was. As he turned away he saw that Hangeng was looking at some pictures that were lying around the chair and Siwon felt his heart constrict as he Hangeng turned a horrified face to look at him.

Suddenly he wanted to be out of there, away from everything and without thinking things through he turned around and began to run the opposite direction. But he hadn't been fast enough, in a second Han Geng had his arms around him still gripping the fotos in his hands.
"Siwon, was this why? was this the reason you disappeared for two months? they did this same thing to you? I thought you said you were mugged, but they actually raped you and have been blackmailing you this last year, haven't they? Why didn't you tell me, instead of telling me you wanted to break up with me, that our families would never accept us. That we wouldn't be able to fight against them..."

Siwon felt his eyes burn, " I didn't want you to know about this, I felt dirty, used and unfit for you. I have scars where those welts were. I couldn't come to you as you were used to, I'm not the same Siwon that you knew, I have hangups that I didn't have before, nightmares that make me violent in the night."  Han Geng gripped his waist harder, " I could have stood by you anyways."

Siwon shook his head, " Jung has pictures and videos of this and he threatened to send them to the media, he threatened to do the same to you. I couldn't let him do that, it was my fault it even happened in the first place, I was the one that pushed him into becoming this dastardly."

Han Geng let go and walked around Siwon to be able to face him.  "How is it your responsability for some psychotic bastards actions? DId you ask him to rape you? to treat you like an object? You didn't right? You should have come to me."

Siwon started crying in earnest at Han Geng's kind, loving words. " I tried to talk to you, I thought maybe together we could fight them off, even if we didn't get back together, but it had been so long and you were so angry with me, I didn't know how to make you listen."

Han Geng pulled him close, and Siwon placed his head on Han Geng's shoulder and just let all his past fears and frustrations out.

Heechul finished wiping the blood off and he held Kyuhyun's hand until Kyu's eyes drooped in a restorative sleep. As he approached Changmin who was standing a little ways off from the other two, he looked questioningly at him and Changmin handed him a photo that showed Siwon unonscious with all kinds of marks on his body.

Heechul gripped it, it had actually happened to Siwon, what Kyuhyun almost went through had already occured to his bestfriend's boyfriend, he was angry enough to killl, but that wouldn't solve the problem. Since all this had happened without the public noticing, there were quite a few options as to the paths the resolution of the issue could take and Heechul had just the right solution for it at his command.

Heechul flipped open his phone and just as he was about to dial, Changmin gripped his hand, " who are you calling? if this becomes known Siwon will be ruined." Heechul slipped his hand out of the grip as he smirked, " Do you think that the Heir of the Kim Family of Kim Corp fame, cannot resolve this quietly?" proceeded to dial his father and ask him to meet him at the werehouse with Kim Jong Ill and Kim Won Joon ahjussi. 

Changmin looked surprised at the names, " Why are you asking your father to bring in the Head of the National Secret Service and the Head of the Criminally Insane Asylum?" 

Heechul smirked, " What group within the scope of law can effectively deal punishment without full media coverage and look after the loose ends? and where would you want to send the bastard who caused all this? and think carefully what did I say their last names were?" 

Changmin nodded and smiled, " heh, you're not just another pretty face are you?" 

Heechul grinned maliciously, " not if anybody I consider mine or close to me is in danger..." and so saying they both returned to the car letting Han Geng and Siwon sort through their issues as they waited for the people Heechul called to appear. 

Less than fifteen minutes later Heechul's father's limo was seen entering through the wrecked warehouse door and parking itself next to the van. The three men got out of the limo and Heechul stepped out of the van and gave them the rundown on what had gone down, as well as giving them the video and tapes that could be used as evidence and had Siwon talk to them about his own experience, they both jotted down notes. Kyuhyun was the last to give his testimony and after that they were told to leave by his uncle Jong Ill so that he could have his team look at the scene and basically return everything to it's orginal condition.  Won Joon also called his department and asked for a van to come pick up three criminals to be carted off to the asylum.

Heechul's father looked grim as he saw Kyuhyun's injured face but he was glad that it hadn't been worse. He looked at everyone around him and he noticed that Changmin seemed to have a question on his mind, " You're thinking about your dad's vehicle right?" Changmin looked surprised, "actually yeah, I realy don't think that he wants any of his vehicles involved in any crime report, it would seem bad for business."  Heechul's father grinned, " Don't worry it won't appear in the report, and you'll have it back in your parking lot before morning. But you'll probably be dealt a good scolding from Jae Joong for this stunt won't you?"

Changmin scratched the back of his head, " yeah probably, dad won't be too happy that I let it get this far, I shouldn't have left Kyuhyun alone. He'll rip me a good one for almost losing his best friend's son. I'm sorry I got your son involved too Kim Dong wan-ssi." he bowed to him as he apologized.

Dong-wan smiled as he accepted the apology, " Don't worry about it, Kyuhyun is part of our family and Heechul-ah wouldn't have been happy unless he was involved in his retrieval." he placed a hand on Changmin's shoulders as he walked past him and went to talk to Heechul who was calling him. 

Heechul grabbed Kyuhyun's waist and let him put his head on his arm as his dad approached. He saw his dad smile and knew that he knew what was going on, so as soon as he was in front of him Heechul blurted out, " Dad I just wanted you to know that Kyuhyun and I" here Dong Wan interrupted, " love each other" Heechul nodded and started to say" and-" again he was interrupted by his smirking father " more than just brothers. I know. actually everyone back home knows... you thought you were so clever Chulie." Dong Wan pinched his son's cheek, "but you've been smitten since you came back with Kyu-darling  on that long ago birthday of yours, and you can' t hide it from your parents." He turned his face towards Kyuhyun's direction noticing that he was trying to cover his blush by covering his face with Heechul's chest.  "Kyuhyun-ah don't hide your face, if there's any advice that I can give you, when facing the rest of the Kim Clan, you'll have to do it with a strong stance you can't be weak or they will eat you alive ok dear?" Dong Wan smiled as Kyuhyun lifted his face to look at him, " you're not angry at me uncle?"

Dong wan smiled, " How could I be mad at our Kyuhyunie? I think I might rip apart Chulie if he hurts you though, so don't worry if anything happens tell uncle and he'll punish Heechul."

Heechul pouted, " Dad you're supposed to take my side if anything happens."

Dongwan shook his head, " If there's a problem between you two it's bound to be your fault so how can I side with the bad guy?" Turning around he herded everyone into the limo, and got in the driver's seat, since he'd preferred not to involve anyone unrelated to the family in this affair.  

Before driving away from the warehouse Dong Wan turned around, "Boys why don't you stay at our house today? I'm sure you don't really want to face your father Changmin-ssi and Siwon-ssi, I doubt Vice President Choi would be happy to see his son upset and crying. Hannie you're almost a fixture at our house so you might as well stay with us. Also, you two you should probably come clean with your parent's about your relationship. I don't like to meddle but if Daniel doesn't act like a human being, I'll remind him of a few choice events of his youth. However I don't think he'll be that overworked about it. Embassador Tan I don't know much about but he seems like a rational guy who trusts you Han Geng. But this is just my opinion and I don't want you feeling obligated in anyway to follow it. You can rest and think about it at our house and decide what you'll do about it from there."

The three of them nodded in gratitude and accepted the invitation. Siwon and Han Geng also mulled over the advice they had been given with such naturalness.

As they neared their home Dong Wan started to chuckle to himself in a way that made Heechul nervous, it was that special chuckle that denoted future pain for Heechul.

"Chulie you might want to hit the ground running when we get home..."


" Kyuhyun had surprise visitors today."

Heechul groaned, "Hyun Joong Hyung and Hwangbo noona are here aren't they."

"You bet they are, and since they've heard that you called for me and the others they probably think that you've placed in Kyu in some kind of danger... Joong-ah will probably be out for blood."

And he was right, for as soon as the car drove up to their circular driveway three figures rushed to the car.

Kyuhyun decided that he would be nice and save Heechul the torture and be the first to come out of the car. As he stepped out Hwangbo rushed to him and hugged him tightly and then looked at his face. "oh my baby! Kyu! what happened to your handsome face!"

As Heechul got out of the car closely followed by Han Geng and Siwon Hyun Joong turned his attention away from his son and wife and onto Heechul, " You're going to explain what happened," Heechul gulped and started to open his mouth to answer but it was Siwon who beat him to it, " Actually the one doing the explaining should be me, it's my fault that all this happened." Kyu looked towards him and then spoke towards his father, "actually it's noone's fault dad, I'll tell you what happened later, some other day, but for now, can we just go inside and just celebrate that all of us are together" 

Heechul's mother who had hovered at the back clapped her hands, " that's a great idea" and so saying she called for Hae Rim, "let's get together some cookies and make some tea, open up the family parlour and please ask Cook to make us a celebratory feast." 

 Siwon and Han Geng smiled at how lucky Heechul was in his family and how caring and loving they were. Perhaps their families would be like this if given half a chance, after all love and relationships worked both ways, if they hid it their families would be hurt and feel rejection that much more and perhaps if they informed them about it and let them get to know each other, they would be able to accept them that much more.

Hwangbo smiled and grabbed Changmin's hand and pulled to get him out of the car where he was still sitting awkwardly looking on at everything. "you must be Jaejoongie's son!" As he stepped out of the car Hwangbo's eyes opened as wide as saucers, "wow! you certainly are tall! How handsome! Definitely your father's son!" seeing his face heat up Hwangbo laughed good naturedly, "I'm guessing that being stuck in that all boys academy you haven't heard this from girls, but you will, mark my words!"

Meanwhile Hyunjoong levelled a look at Heechul, " Have you behaved inappropriately in any way with Hyunie? Do I have to castrate you Heechul-ah?" 

Heechul began to sweat as Kyuhyun turned bright red at the implication of the question. " Hyun Joong-hyung I haven't behaved inappropriately towards Kyu. I swear I haven't." Hyunjoong continued to stare at him coolly until a grin broke out on his fac, "You're wrapped around his little finger aren't you, Heechul-ah" 
Heechul's face broke out with his own grin, "But hyung, wrapped around his little finger is my favourite place to be." 
That comment brought out a groan from all the onlookers who began to jostle Heechul for his sappiness.

 A little chime from the front door and Heechul's mom's voice broke through the noise and they all made their way towards the house to share in the family joy of being together and enjoying each other's company.


ok, this is for the most part the end, unless some little scenes of Chulkyu/Kyuchul  should intrude in my imagination, or some Changmin/kyu/wonnie friendship scene should create nightmares for me until I write them down, same goes for Sihan couple, actually it's most probable that I write about them and everybody else cameos.
sorry for the really late update and I'm not sure how this will be received, hopefully it won't be too big a disappointment for everybody. :(


Tags: character, character: changmin; character: kyuhyun, character: dong wan, character: hankyung, character: hwangbo, character: hyunjoong, character: jaejoong, character: siwon, fanfic, pairing: heekyu, pairing: sihan, pairing: ssangchu couple
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