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[#003] Pulling off the Blindfolds

Title : Pulling off the Blindfolds
#003. Blindfolds
Pairing Hankyung/ Yesung
Rating PG-13
Summary Life wasn´t always sunshine and puppies, and you only learn that when you take off the blindfold
Disclaimer If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
This is my first fic for the 100 Suju fic challenge.... why did I start this?? I don´t know... but I felt compelled....

                                                Pulling off the Blindfolds
      Life wasn´t always Sunshine and puppies, and people betrayed, lied and forgot you constantly, Yesung knew that. He had thought he had learned at least that much since his debut into the life of an idol star five years ago. But as it turned out he had still kept a blindfold over his eyes in regards to his dearest people.

      The blindfold began to slip when he saw Hankyung spending less and less time with him and more time alone. Yesung began to realize that there were things he had no idea about concerning Hankyung, things that the other felt uncompelled to share with his friends or even his lover.

      The blindfold was ripped completely off when Hankyung decided to stay in China without consulting, or at least informing him about his decision. Yesung had to be informed through a message from SME´s President´s secretary.

      On a professional level Yesung understood Hankyung´s need to file a lawsuit.  Both of them had been bothered by the discrepancy in treatment from the company between the rest of them and Hankyung. Being a foreigner in Korea was hard and being an idol star just made it that much harder. Hankyung had worked just as diligently as any of them to help Super Junior attain their current level of success, but in return, he had received less of the benefits. So Yesung knew that this was a necessary move, but on a personal level he felt betrayed.

     Yesung´s heart constricted when he considered the fact that eight years of knowing each other and six years of a relationship had not been considered enough to receive a warning. Now they couldn´t have any contact with each other until the issue was resolved.

     Yesung found himself wandering the dorm and stopped in front of the room that had been occupied until recently by Hankyung. He rested his hand on the doorknob and was about to turn it when he heard  books being knocked down and random things being thrown to the wall. Yesung turned around and slid down the door to sit with his knees held to his face.

      He knew who it was that was inside, only one person had such a temper and would dare destroy an absent person´s belongings, Heechul. Yesung had always had a niggling worm of jealousy where it concerned Hankyung´s friendship with Heechul. They always seemed so in tune with each other, and everybody joked about their being the "Hanchul" couple, that sometimes it made Yesung want to scream. However, Yesung knew that Hankyung cared for the lonely hyung as only a friend and would often try to set him up with others because he wanted him to have a lover to trust in.

     Wiping his eyes with the back of his handsm, Yesung picked himself up and went to face Heechul and try to stop his rampage. When he opened the door he noticed that Heechul was seated in the center of the room surrounded by soju bottles and the objects he had thrown around.

     Heechul looked up at Yesung and smiled sardonically, "I´m sorry, I´ve thrown my tantrum and you´re the one he hurt the most. Here drink with me, let´s drink to the traitor´s health."

    Yesung shook his head, "I don´t drink hyung."

    Heechul nodded, " Ah yes, he said that you were his angel, hmph, then what does that make me? his devil?" he smirked and continued his musings. " You know Yesung-ah, I was always jealous of you. You were all that was good and stable in his life and I was the bane of his existence. Don´t ge me wrong, I never wanted to be anything more than a friend, but I wished that it wasn´t always only me leaning on him, but that he´d think to confide in me as a friend. He knew more about me than I did, but I know little to nothing about him. He was my best friend but to him I was his drinking companion and nothing else." As he stopped talking, Heechul´s head hung as if he were falling asleep.
    Yesung went over and took away the bottle in Heechul´s hand and grabbed him by the arm and managed to lift him to a standing position. Heechul was conscious enough to put his arm around Yesung´s neck and in that way they proceede to make it back to Heechul´s room. Yesung laid him down on the bed and covered him with blankets and drew the curtains so that the next day´s sun wouldn´t aggravate the hangover Heechul was going to have when he woke up.
    As he was about to leave Heechul managed to rouse himself enough to call out  "You´re a good guy Yesung, I´m sorry" before he slid back down inside the blankets.

   Yesung went back to the trashed room. Slowly he started to pick up the things and as he placed them back to their previous positions, he began to talk aloud as if Hankyung could hear him.

   As he placed the books in the shelf, "Look at us, Han, we´re pitiful people... you could have shared your thoughts..." as he picked up various accessories, " were you always this cold? as cold as the platinum of this bracelet?" He picked up the bottles "did we drive you to this? Were we so troublesome that you decided to quit us cold turkey? Your best friend is falling to pieces and I´m.... I´m learning not to trust, I don´t know if I can forgive you easily for this... You said you loved me, you told him I was was your angel, but yet you left without a word or a whisper." He placed the fanmade portrait of Hankyung during Twins days. " I wouldn´t have stopped you, I would have supported you, but you have left me without a way to make a choice." He leaned over and wiped a stain on the portrait´s cheek. "I would have been next to you wiping your tears when you cried and rejoicing when you laughed. But now the blindfold has been lifted, and I´ve realized, you never loved me enough for that. You will be able to move on and forget what you left behind... perhaps I have always been as unnecessary as these items in your room."

Yesung moved to the door, holding the trash bags with soju bottles and broken shards and looked over the room, never noticing an envelope that had fallen between the desk and the wall. Had he noticed he would have seen that a familiar hand had painstakenly written his name on it.

- the end-

It came to me during an embriology class T_T
Why does inspiration come during the most inappropriate times...>_<

Hope you like it! :)
Tags: 100 suju fic challenge, character: hankyung, character: heechul, character: yesung, pairing: hanye
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