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To be or not to be... a parent? 2/2

Title: To be or not to be... a parent? 2/2
Pairing: ChulKyu; SiHan; JoongBo a.k.a. Ssangchu couple, Lettuce couple 
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Relationships are hard, and when both in the relationship are the same gender, issues like children, may or may not tear them apart.
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
A/N: Well this is a sort of sequel to It works both ways : Part 1 / Part 2 /Part 2.5 / Part 3 Part 4  Which is a sequel to I Found You, You´re Mine,  Because Chullie was bugging me about it, he wanted to be next to his Kyu baby...

To be or not to be a parent Part 1

To be or not to be... a parent?

"Don't worry Kyuhyun-ah, even if I was paid to kiss him, I wouldn't, he's just not my type."

The voice coming from the doorway startled both Heechul and Kyuhyun, but Heechul was quick to recover and retorted, "As if I'd want to be your type. Did you finally decide to do something useful and come take your boyfriend and have a nice long chat with him so that you can go back to being more useful to me than a puddle of tears?"

Kyuhyun looked back on Siwon's sleeping figure as he thought about what would be the best thing to do. 

Quickly Kyuhyun grabbed Heechul's hand and ignored him as he squawked at the sudden pull, as he passed Han Geng he whispered, "I'm giving you my room for a while, my parents, Heechul and I will be downstairs in the dining room and then we'll leave for a walk, please try talk it over and fix this situation." and off he went down the hall with Heechul hurrying behind him.

"Yah! what are you trying to do? rip my hand off?"

"No, but sometimes Chullie you talk too much and waste time and they need to fix their problems without you scolding them."

Heechul made a face as soon as he heard Kyuhyun say that he talked too much, which cracked Kyuhyun up and made him hug Heechul tightly and lift him up and twirl around with him.

Laughing at the sudden childishness, Heechul asked,"Why are you so happy? If I recall you were calling me a harridan."

Without letting Heechul out of his arms, Kyuhyun smiled widely, "Noooo, I didn't call you a harridan, you're just too caring and way too opinionated for your own good, but I realized that that's exactly why I love you, and you also make really cute faces without noticing it, and I know that no matter what I want to grow old together and see all your different faces."

Heechul smirked, "Well I suppose that I may be able to comply with your wish, if you promise that you won't pull a stunt like Siwon has... maybe you could tell me what happened so that it won't happen with us."

Kyuhyun leaned his forehead on Heechul's and looked into his eyes, "You're fishing for information Cat-hyung... I'm not saying anything, just be warned that I'm much too selfish to try to imitate Siwon. I'm never letting you go, even if you ask me to."  

"Well then it's a good thing that I'm never going to."

Grabbing Kyuhyun's hand, Heechul pulled him down the stairs and in the plateau where two staircases met Heechul let go and cupped his mouth, "I Kim HeeChul, LOVE KIM KYUHYUN!" the maids who were walking around in the floor below looked up and smiled at Hee Chul's antics.

"ya know, this would have a greater impact if it was somewhere where everybody doesn't already know it, and it's very cheesy hyung."

"So you didn't like it?"

"You've done better" said Kyuhyun and patted his shoulder encouragingly


Kyuhyun laughed, "Come on let's go, Mom and Dad are waiting for us to eat!"

After Kyuhyun and Heechul had left the room to him, Han Geng went in and closed the door quietly.
He sat down beside the sleeping Siwon and started running his fingers through the thick mane of hair. He reveled in touching the dark silky hair, the feathery eyebrows, and velvet lips, while observing, contemplating, wondering, why things were so complicated with them.

As Han Geng traced over Siwon's straight, princely nose, his eyes began to mist over and just as a tear drop fell, Siwon opened his eyes slowly. Hurriedly Han Geng tried to wipe away the tears from his eyes  but Siwon's hand beat him to it. 

 As Siwon sat up he cupped Hangeng's cheek in his hands and rubbed away the remaining tears.

And then as if suddenly remembering that they weren't supposed to be together"Why are you here? You should not have come" Siwon said as he dropped his hand.

Han Geng drew in a deep breath and simply said, "we need to talk."

Siwon stood up quickly, "No we don't, we need to forget, and move on, that's what we really need." 

Just as quickly Han Geng stood up and strode to the open door and closed it.
"No, we are not going to let this go, not this time. I usually let you take the lead and make a lot of the decisions for the both of us, part of it was because I felt that as the older one I shouldn't force you into anything, and part of it was because I underneath it all didn't really want to take responsability over what happened in our relationship. Not any more Siwon, now I want to really talk about what's going on and we'll both decide on our next move. I don't want this one-sided kind of decision making any more."

Siwon sat down hard on Kyuhyun's bed and dropped his head between his hands.

"We don't have anything to discuss anymore Han Geng -ssi. We've broken up."

"No, WE haven't done anything. YOU broke up, I never said that I was fine with that." Han Geng walked over deliberately to stand near Siwon.

He looked around and pulled over a chair to seat himself directly in front of Siwon, so that if he looked up there noses would practically be touching.

"You also didn't say anything else, Han Geng, so it was as good as accepting it. Why are you doing this, we should move on with our lives now." 

"No I don't want to. At least not like this. I don't even know the reason for this break-up. It's not about our parents... we've always had to deal with that, and it's not about society... they don't matter and those that love us, love us just the same. Maybe, maybe you've found someone who you like better? Someone who is your age?"

Siwon raised his head bit at this, "No I haven't found anyone, it's not that at all. Hyung you've forgotten what makes man and woman so different haven't you?"

Hangeng thought about it a moment, then a pained look crossed his face as he mustered the strength to talk, " you want children? That's what it is, isn't it? I can never give you children no matter how much I try. I understand now. I'll back off now, I don't want to, but you've really chosen a reason I can't refute, nothing I say will be able to change the fact that I can't have your children. I'm sorry, I will back off from now. " Hangeng pressed his lips on Siwon's head as he got up.

As he stood up and looked around Han Geng started to laugh bitterly, " Never once have I thought I'm really sorry I wasn't born a woman before, I was always ok with us being two guys, but now, I feel gypped, I'm really sorry I can't be a woman and bear your children Siwon." he turned around to go off, feeling dazed and really disappointed, in himself more than anything.

Siwon gripped his hand as Han Geng stood up, "I don't just want children, I want YOU to have children, I want you to have little versions of you to hug, adore and spoil. I've seen the look you get everytime that children walk by you, smile at you, hug you. I can't stand it, I feel like I'm committing such a crime depriving you from having a family of your own."

Han Geng gripped Siwon's hands tightly, "Listen well Siwon, I'm telling you to remember this even if you forget everything else. I don't need anything besides you. If I had children but didn't have you, I wouldn't be complete. I would be missing my heart." as he said this Han Geng pulled Siwon up to a standing position.

Softly he touched Siwon's cheek and his lips before closing in and placing his lips on Siwon's, urging with his tongue to open his mouth and participate in a small battle, which he lost purposefully as his hands traveled underneath Siwon's shirt and to his zipper. 

Siwon stopped for a second, " We can't do this in Kyuhyun's room Geng."

"Shut up and keep kissing me, Kyuhyun will just have to send his stuff to the cleaners" Said Han Geng as he pushed Siwon onto the bed.

 Eagerly Siwon began to help showing off his skill in undressing Han Geng with a single hand, as the other massaged Han Geng's skull as he deepened the kiss.


Kyuhyun suddenly stopped walking causing Heechul and his parent's to trip over each other and almost land with their faces on the floor. "You don't think that they would do THAT, in my room do you, hyung?"

Heechul smirked as he cleaned himself off, "Why not, you basically gave them permission by leaving them alone in the house."

"Do what?" asked Hyun Joong as an unearthly shriek penetrated their eardrums. "NO!!! We haven't even done that... no!... Not my... why... my room?"  cried out Kyuhyun, his voice becoming a choked moan.

"There there, don't waste that voice before I make you moan."

Kyuhyun's moans were cut short and he looked over at Heechul and mouthed I-can't-believe-you-said-that,-run! 

But it was too late, Heechul was already caught by an iron grip and was turned around to face a fiercely smiling Hyun Joong... "If  I ever... catch you doing anything with my son, you might find yourself relieved of your family jewels." 

"Dad!" Kyuhyun groaned "Why are you doing this?"

"I have to protect my most precious son, of course!" replied Hyun Joong in quite a different tone of voice than what he'd been using on Hee Chul.

"Dad! He's my boyfriend, and your cousin, please don't do this." 

"Fine, fine, I'll let him go now." said Hyun Joong while pouting at the interruption  

Hee Chul managed to breathe again as he was released by Hyun Joong. 
"Yah! Hyun Joong! Why are you so violent? Remember I'm your favourite cousin!" 

"Yeah well, my only son trumps my favourite cousin any day in my books. Besides nothing's wrong with you, for now... but if you ever hurt- OUCH!" Hyun Joong's tirade was stopped before it gathered steam with a kick to the shins by Hwangbo.

"What did you do that for honey?!" whined Hyun Joong at his wife.

"We love both of them remember? We support them so let's just be  happy with them." said Hwangbo calmly.

"Yes I do... but still... I've always wanted to give this speech. You and Kyu are so mean to me."

With that everyone threw themselves at Hyun Joong piled up to squash him as punishment. People who walked by skirted the four strange people who were currently giggling and climbing all over each other.


I hope you like it^^ I'm not good with love/sex scenes so I'm sorry if you were hoping to see more of that in this fic, I'm just not good at it, however that doesn't mean I'll never write it, it just means that I need to practice writing it before I post it.

Tags: character: hankyung, character: heechul, character: hwangbo, character: hyunjoong, character: kyuhyun, character: siwon, fandom: super junior, fanfic, ifyym universe, pairing: heekyu, pairing: sihan, pairing: ssangchu couple
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