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The Light from the Room

Title :    The Light from the Room
Theme: #20   Glow, (100 suju fic challenge)
Pairing Kibum/Donghae
Rating R - There is smut... very faily smut, but oh well, it's my first attempt at it.

 He hated being left behind watching a window where the glow of light  no longer appeared.
 AU (isn't it always though, since none of what we right will ever be real life?) ONESHOT
Disclaimer If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction

The Light from the Room

Donghae looked up at the window in the second floor of a light blue house with white shutters. Once it had been a room that he'd visited for hours on end, sometimes not leaving till the day after. However much he willed it to glow with a lamp light, it never did. He'd been doing this every night for the past two years, ever since the light had first stopped glowing.

Three Years Ago...

Donghae ran full-tilt down the sidewalk without noticing anything not directly in front of him, he was late to work and even though it was just a side job helping one of his closest friend he disliked getting there late. As he rounded the corner he didn't notice the guy leaving his porch and strolling onto the sidewalk. Next thing he knew he crashed into the guy and while the other didn't fall, Donghae fell harshly on his butt. The guy he'd crashed into had been able to regain his balance and stay standing. 

" You're going to break your neck one of these days"

Chuckling the guy stretched out his hand to help Donghae up from his fall.

"Thanks" Donghae accepted the proffered hand gratefully.

As he looked at the man he'd crashed into Donghae noticed that he was extremely handsome, maybe even beautiful in some angles, especially with those soft glossy locks of ebony hair. And he had very honest and kind eyes, donghae started to blush, he was such a sucker for kind looking eyes.

Donghae tried to apologize to hide his blush " I'm sorry about that ?"

The guy smiled and without batting an eye said " Kim Kibum, 23 years old, single"
If possible Donghae's blush darkened, "aah, ye.. Kibum-ssi, I'm sorry about this, really."

Kibum just smiled and said "Don't worry, Donghae-ssi."

Donghae did a double-take, "how... how did you know my name?"

"Well I worked with you once, about two years ago...but I musn't have made that much of an impression on you back them, on one of your jobs as a backup dancer, I was a lighting tech... so I heard your name and saw your face often enough."

"Oh, really? I'm sorry." donghae smiled sheepishly.

" Don't worry, back then I was always in the background."

Donghae couldn't believe he hadn't noticed this gorgeous guy, and he wanted to ask more but he really had to go.

"Ah I'm sorry, but I really have to go, it was nice meeting you Kibum-ssi." and he turned away.

As he turned away Kibum called out to him,  "Why don't we have lunch tomorrow at the Chung Dam Garden? We can talk there calmly."
Donghae's eyes lit up at the invitation to get to know each other, "Sure, I'll meet you there at noon! Gotta go now, bye!" Smiling he turned around and ran all the way to his job at his close friend's bookstore.

"Wookie!!" was the first thing out of Donghae's mouth as he entered the bookstore through the backdoor.


A thump and a curse uncovered his friends whereabouts.

"wookie! are  you all right!" asked donghae as he reached his boss and friend who was currently sitting in the middle of the floor between two shelfs with books all around him and a box over his head.

Sighing, Ryeowook lifted the box from his head, " I'm fine, Hae, just please refrain from shouting out like that, you nearly gave me a heart attack" calmly he got up and started placing the box that had once been sitting on his head.

"Sorry Wookie!" said Donghae as he looked at Ryeowook with puppy dog eyes. "I just wanted to tell you some news!"

"Fine, I give, what's the news hyung?"

"I have a date. Tomorrow, at lunch. And he's so handsome!"

Ryeowook lifted an eyebrow in interest, " Really? so how much do you know about him?"

Donghae grinned, "that's the beauty of it, Just his name and that he once was a lighting tech on a dancing job I had two years ago."

"Hae be careful, don't trust too easily."
"I know but isn't it interesting and exciting? Besides he didn't seem like a bad sort of person."

Ryeowook couldn't help but smile when faced with Donghae's strong optimism.

A bell tinkled announcing a customer's arrival.

"I'll be going now boss! Let's do well today!"

Donghae turned around and and headed off to the front desk.

It turned out to be a rather profitable day for Hidden Treasures that day and Donghae didn't have time to think too much about his upcoming date with mystery man Kim Kibum.

The next morning at 7 Donghae was already at the dance studio he worked out in together with is best friend Hyuk Jae. They had trained together for a long time and they usually auditioned as back-up dancers together. They were fast becoming known as the Golden Combo and they had already appeared with several idol stars as their main back up dancers, currently they were working with solo singer Cho Kyuhyun who was a talented singer albeit extremely snarky and a dancing blackhole, but he'd taken a liking to them, and had requested them as permanent dancers. All in all things were going quite well for them.

In the middle of his practice routine he saw Hyuk Jae enter the room, he continued until the song finished and he practically attacked him with a hug.

Hyukie, IhaveadateandyouHAVEtohelpmechoosemyclothesyouknowyouhavemorefashionsensethanme,and-"

"Ok, Hae-ah calm down, you're giving me a headache and it's way too early in the day for one."

Once Donghae had breathed and calmed doiwn, Hyuk Jae asked him, "Ok now calmly tell me who it is you're going with, how you met him and what you need."

And so Donghae more calmly but still excitedly told him about how he had met Kibum and what they were going to go out to eat, etc. He told it in a rather coherent manner except for slight deviations due to his observations about how "sleek Kibum's hair was" or how "brilliant and killer his smile" and how "kind his eyes were."

"Okay, as your best friend I'll help you, you'd probably make yourself a walking rainbow if it made you think it was a cute and cheerful look. like right now. What are you wearing? you're wearing a orange shirt with a green vest and red pants...."

"I thought it looked cute and cheerful" was Donghae's sheepish reply.

"right, see I told you. Hae I thought we had gone through your whole closet and organized it according to how well they looked together."

"Sorry, I used them how you said and then they got all disorganized and I can't remember how you'd told me to wear them."

Hyuk Jae rolled his eyes at his friends airhead tendencies, "Fine, I give up, we'll go see what you'll wear after we finish practice. so let's get to it.

Donghae hugged Hyuk Jae enthusiastically without noticing the pained expression that flushed through his friend face before the hug was returned.

After practice they both headed off to Donghae's apartment in Hyuk Jae's car.

Almost instantly upon entering Hyuk Jae went about organizing the room "Dear lord, why is it everytime I come into your room, it's so disorganized."  Donghae merely laughed and went to shower.

As he sorted out the clothes Hyuk Jae set aside the clothes he thought Donghae should wear.  After leaving everything relatevily organized, Hyuk Jae looked at the bedroom and smiled.

This apartment had seen many of their most important moments. The time when Donghae's father died, and Hyuk Jae had found him sobbing on the bed, or the time where they had been moping about being jobless and penniless and suddenly a call had rung out and brought good news about their first dance job. Or the many times that Donghae had fallen in and out of love and had cried on his shoulders. Or the first time that he'd thought that perhaps he'd fallen in love with his best friend, of course Donghae had always been oblivious. Sometimes he thought he'd gotten over it, but the shot of jealousy whenever Donghae started seeing someone warned him that perhaps it wasn't as over as he wished it was.  He fell asleep on the bed as he waited for Donghae to get out of the shower.

When Donghae got out of the bathroom, he found his friend sleeping soundly on the bed. Smiling, he walked around carefully so as not to wake him and dressed in the clothes that had been set out for him complete with watch and chain. 

Donghae put on the dark skinny jeans and the black v-neck design tee and the soft leather jacket. Grinning he saw himself in the mirror, Hyuk Jae really knew what made him look his best.

He wrote a note on a post-it "Hyukie! you're the best! Hope you sleep well, I've put the alarm for 3 o'clock. Say hi to Heechul hyung!"  and then stuck it on Hyuk Jae's chest.

When Donghae arrived at Chung Dam Garden, he spotted Kibum already seated and sipping on a glass of water as he read a book.

As he approached the table he teasingly said, " So you expected me to be late so you brought a book?"

Kibum smiled as he heard Donghae's voice, "No, I just knew that I was going to be early." he stood up and walked to the chair facing him and pulled it out for Donghae.

" I hope you'r hungry because this restaurant has the most delicious and generous dishes in the city."  said Kibum as he returned to his own chair.

Donghae later couldn't say what they ate or what they talked about, but he could remember how many times he saw Kibum's smile, how warm his laughter was, how charming his voice, and how gentle his eyes were.

They had a good time that day because Donghae couldn't remember having laughed that hard for a long time.

That one date, became many more, Donghae felt warm and happy whenever he thought about Kibum, but even after weeks had passed together he barely knew anything about Kibum. Kibum would always smile and ask what Donghae's favourite places were, what food he enjoyed, always always center everything around Donghae, and sometimes Donghae would find Kibum staring at him almost like were memorizing his every feature, he hardly ate and instead would just look at him, and smile. 

One time, during a lunch date, Donghae asked him directly, "Why do you look at me like that?" 

Kibum only smiled and said, "because I want to see all the changes you go through everyday, because everyday we are all different from the day before aince life moves forward and never stays still."

Donghae blushed and continued eating.

Donghae noticed that Kibum would sometimes grab his stomach and sweatbeads would appear in his forehead, and Donghae would see him take some pills and feel relieved shortly after. When he asked him about it, Kibum smiled and said that he had bad digestion and would feel stomach pain every so often and not to worry about it because the medicine really took away the pain.

Kibum wasn't Donghae's first boyfriend, but he was the first to last more than a few weeks. In the past the guys that Donghae dated hadn't been the most understanding of people. Donghae was very sensitive and sometimes he'd have ideas run through his head and he liked to share them, so he would call sometimes without taking notice of the hour.  Kibum never complained, nor was angered by Donghae's midnight calls just to say hello and I love you, he would calmly listen to Donghae and then wish him a good night at the end. Others had gotten frustrated at his seemingly pointless calls and had left him, saying that he was too clingy or too inconsiderate, leaving him to cry on Hyuk Jae's shoulder. 

The first time the made love, Donghae initiated it. Kibum had been hesitant because he didn't want Donghae to feel pressured into it and he was comfortable with the pace they had, where they would meet up to go to the sea, to the store, the gardens and just basically anywhere that couples went to enjoy their time together. 

Donghae went over to Kibum's house and cooked, or tried to cook for Kibum, when in the end Kibum was the one who did most of the work. They had fun, Kibum teasing him about his non-existant cooking skills and Donghae pouting and eating the food that Kibum made instead.
After eating and cuddling, Donghae started kissing Kibum more and more passionately, arousing Kibum's passion, and leading him towards the stairs and then breaking away laughing and running up the stairs with Kibum hot on his heels.

When Kibum reached his bedroom, Donghae was already on the bed waiting for him. Kibum strode to the bed and leaned in to kiss Donghae senseless as Donghae pulled him down to land on top of him. Soon their hands were ripping each others clothes off, while their mouths were battling for dominance. With Donghae's shirt off, Kibum started trailing kisses all along his graceful neck. Suddenly Donghae gasped, as Kibum teased his nipple with a light bite and swirling his tongue around the rim.

While Kibum's mouth was busy, Donghae  grabbed Kibum's hands and began to suck on his fingers, eliciting a deepthroated groan from Kibum. Donghae finished sucking on Kibum's fingers and placed them between his ass, "Prepare me, because I want you now"

Kibum didn't need much more encouragement than that, both their erections were painful, every part of their bodies a thousand times more sensitive and excruciatingly pleasurable. Slowly Kibum placed one slick finger and then two, and slowly, rythmically in scissorlike movements that made Donghae moan in pleasure he prepared the entrance for his already weeping cock. 

Donghae couldn't bear it any longer, "Kibum, stop teasing me.....ah, ah, put it in... I want you inside me NOW! KIbum!!!" 

Kibum pulled Donghae's head closer and kissed him hard and long as his cock replaced his fingers in Donghae's entrance. They moaned into each others mouths as they became one. Rhythmically Kibum pulled in and out, and made DOnghae moan and shout and then finally come as he came inside Donghae. 
They laid there short of breath and panting with the aftermath of their climax... Slowly Kibum pulled out and laid beside Donghae. They hugged each other close until the next morning.

After that, they spent almost as much time in the bedroom as out of it, but for Donghae the best part of it was that in the morning, Kibum would be there hugging him close and just smiling at him the moment he woke up.

After four months of this happiness, Donghae began to notice that Kibum became more and more distant, he also seemed to become thinner and his cheeks looked hollower than before, and he caught him throwing up one day.

"Are you alright bummie? Are you sick?" 
"I'm fine Hae, but I guess lunch didn't agree with me, I think I'll rest today."

Then came a time when he asked Donghae to stop coming for a while since he was busy with work and wouldn't be at his house, for a while. 
"Bummie what's wrong? you said I couldn't see you today, why?"  Donghae was worried and had called after finishing work at the dance school.
"I can't go? What are you doing? Are going to work? oh.. ok, How about tomorrow? no?" a frown appeared in Donghae's face " why don't you have time for me anymore?" I'm sorry... I love you too"  sighing he hung up.

Hyuk Jae could see  that his friend was about to burst with worry, he sighed, hoping that everything would turn out alright, he'd met Kibum, and he'd decided that he was definitely the perfect match for Donghae. With Kibum, Hyuk Jae was sure that Donghae would be loved and protected, so this exchange seemed strange him.

"What's gong on Hae?"

Donghae wiped a tear from his eye, and laughed, "Nothing, Hyukie,  he's got work that's all, said that they'll be pulling all nighters for the drama. so he can't see me, but he says he loves me" He put away his cell phone and dragged Hyuk Jae down the street to café.

It went on for a month like that where, Donghae barely saw Kibum, and then it was back to normal, sharing all their freetime and spending nights together.

"Kibum, you've been getting thinner lately? What's up? are you on some kind of diet?" Hae asked as he laid accross Kibum's stomach.

Kibum waggled his eyebrows suggestively "I'm the same, just that all the exercise we do in bed has made me fitter." Donghae snorted and soon they were both laughing together.

Little did Donghae know that six months later, after shooting a music video, and not being able to contact Kibum except via text messages,  he would go down to Kibum's house to meet him, and see that it was locked up and empty.
He tried to call Kibum, there was no answer. He and Hyuk Jae looked into where he could have gone by talking to neighbours, and the going to his hometown of Yeosu, no one there even remembered a Kim Kibum. Donghae spent many months sitting on the stoop to the house and just waiting to see if he would show up, he never did. He didn't cry the first year,  completely in denial that he'd been left behind without a word. On the day that would have been their second anniversary he recieved a rose, with no note. That day, he broke down and cried, and no matter how much Hyuk Jae tried nothing could stop the flow of tears.

Then he started that habit of passing by and just looking and wishing for the light to glow in the second floor window.
Ryeowook and Hyuk Jae both tried to get him to move on and date other guys, they invited him out to join them when they went clubbing or out to parties with their dates, but Hae never took an interest on anybody. 

Today he stood there in front of the house, swearing that this was going to be the last time he passed by, today was the day that marked the third year since he'd met Kibum. As he continued to look up his phone began to vibrate.

The voice on the phone called out to him "Hae where are you? Heechul and I are going out to drink, come drink with us. yes?"  Donghae listened halfheartedly to Hyuk Jae's earnest request throught the phone. "No that's alright Hyukie, Heechul's going to hate me, I'm always getting in the way of you two sharing your time together." Donghae shook his head at the denials coming from Hyuk Jae, " It's alright Hyukie, go ahead, I'm  going to head home and rest." 

Hyuk Jae gave up trying to convince him, "Don't just stand in front of you know whose house, just rest Hae."

"Araso, Hyukie, Araso... now go to your date with Heechul hyung. ok?" Donghae hung up without giving Hyuk Jae time to answer him.

He stood there standing for a bit and as he turned to go, he suddenly felt two hands cover his eyes. "Wookie, did Hyukie send you after me."

"I'm not Ryeowook" a familiar voice said.

Donghae's heart skipped a beat and then he turned around and slapped the person accross the cheek. "How dare you come back after leaving me like that Kibum!" and he continued to beat the other while tears streaked down his cheeks

Kibum stood there and accepted the hits. Saying all over and over, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry Hae." While tears fell from his eyes copiously.


"Hae I'm sorry... three years ago I was diagnosed with  GIST cancer, at first they thought it was benign, you know nothing to worry about. Then I met you and we were happy and I was happy but as it turned out they made a wrong diagnosis, I began to lose weight, vomit, my stomach began to hurt so badly that I had to buy painkillers, but I didn't want to worry you. I had finally found someone that I loved and I didn't want to make you suffer and look at me with pity, so I didn't tell you. I'm sorry"

"you were gone for so long, I thought you had forgotten about me. Instead you were sick all this time. " Donghae dropped down and sat on the sidewalk. "you're so mean Bummie, we could have fought it together... instead you left without a word, no one knew you, I couldn't find any trace of you."

Kibum pulled Donghae up and hugged him tightly, "I'm sorry, really sorry, please forgive me?"

Donghae stepped back, away from Kibum, and wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand. "I'll forgive you, but you've got to promise me that you'll always be there and that I can come by and see the glow of the lamp in your room from the distance."

Kibum smiled and tears fell from his own eyes, "Hae thank you, I don't deserve you, I really don't"

Smiling through his tears Donghae reached out to Kibum and softly pressed a kiss on his lips, and whispered, "you really don't but I love you anyways."


100 Suju Fic Challenge Archive
So Dr. Champ was really cute^^ Shindong did well as Woo Ram, though I wish he had appeared more >_<

Looking forward to next monday's first episode of  It's OK, Daddy's Girl with Donghae! our little prince will finally debut in a drama^^

Also looking forward to Wonnie's Athena and Sungmin's President... I'm looking forward to a spy wonnie and a bad boy Sungmin...
Tags: 100 suju fic challenge, character: donghae, character: kibum, fandom: super junior, fanfic, sex
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