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A sea of forgiveness

Title :    A Sea of Forgiveness
Theme: #29 Sea(100 suju fic challenge)
Pairing Siwon/Sungmin (one-sided) Siwon/Donghae; Donghae/Sungmin (one-sided) 
Rating PG
  Fifty-six years and they come together to remember, and ask forgiveness.
AU (isn't it always though, since none of what we right will ever be real life?) ONESHOT
Disclaimer If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction
A sea of forgiveness

If anyone were to look down from the bluff to the beach, they would be able to see, standing on the beach, looking out to the sea, a distinguished elderly gentleman. The pose in which he stood, spoke of melancholic pain. As he stood there with tears pooled in his eyes, ready to fall, he seemed to have been transported to another place, another time.

Suddenly the silence was broken by a cheerful call, "Grandpa, grandpa! He's here, Grandpa Sungmin is coming!" a young boy child clambers down the staricase leading from the cliff to the beach.

The man waits for the child to approach him nad once he's next to him he lifts him up. "Donghae-ah what have we told you about running all willy-nilly down the stairs?"

" I know grandpaa but I wanted to reach you fast!"" the child Donghae pats his grandpa's cheeks and places a kiss on it. "Grandpa Sungmin is coming, he's greeting mommy and daddy, as well as grandpa Donghae"

The man hugs his granchild tightly. "Thank you for telling me Donghae-ah, I'll wait for grandpa Sungmin here, why odn't you go back in and cover yourself, the shirt is too thin and your mother will fuss at me for letting you stay out in the breeze like this."

Child Donghae shakes his curly head. " no grandpa, I'll wait out here until grandpa sungmin gets here, you look lonely by yourself grandpa."

Together they turn to look at the cliff and they spot sungmin approach the stairs slowly, his joints were probably giving him trouble now more than before. Indeed this might be the last time they all meet again in this place.

As they watched Sungmin walk down, child Donghae asks, " Grandpa, why do we always come here each year?' Why do we only get a visit from grandpa Sungmin on this day each year?"

" Today is a special day for grandpa Donghae, we have to come visit him."

"really? I'm going to always come visit him especially on this day too! "  and he kissed his grandpa on the cheek again.

They watched Sungmin reach the bottom and start walking towards them.

" Ok, now run along, go back inside to get a sweater."

Donghae hugged his grandpa and ran towards the staircase. Before reaching it he stopped in front of Sungmin and gave him a hug and a kiss and left towards the house.

He watched his grandchild go up the stairs and turned to look out to sea before Sungmin reached his side.

" Hello, It's been a long time hasn't it, Siwon." Sungmin's voice sounded less firm and more and more like that of an elder.

"Yes it has been, Sungmin-hyung." Siwon turned to look at Sungmin, "Have you talked to Hae?"

"I have. I always do."

Siwon nodded his head, " He's always loved the sea."

"I know."

Sungmin sighed as he looked around and fixed his gaze on the horizon out on the sea.

"How many years has it been now? fifty-six years, right?"

"Yes, your memory is still as good as always hyung."

"Siwon, can you forgive me now?"

"I don't know what's there to forgive, hyung."

"I wasn't there for you when you both needed me." Sungmin sighed... "I was bitter, and I didn't want to look at you being happy. You had each other, and didn't need me. I was mean and petty to Hae, because you loved him. If I had known that day I didn't answer..."  Sungmin's voice failed him and tears streamed down his pale, see-through cheeks.

Siwon looked at him and grabbed his hand to pat it.

"Siwon, you don't know how much I regret not answering that phone call."

"I know."

They both stared out to sea, time ticking away. Siwon broke the silence next.

"He had just taken Sunghae to her nursery school... I had just finished talking to him, I've thought perhaps he'd gotten distracted because he was on the phone, perhaps if he'd been paying attention he wouldn't have walked out on the street like that, he would have noticed that the car wasn't going to stop... but what I felt the most bitter about was that with his last strength he called you... and still you've never noticed anything."

Sungmin looks hard at Siwon, "What are you talking about?"

Siwon nodded, "yes, even now... Did you not wonder about Sunghae's name? Why did our baby child have your name in it? When we adopted her, he named her after you and himself, the next child he promised to name after both us, our little Dongwon.We were never able to, he wanted Sunghae to adjust before giving her a little brother." 

Sungmin felt tears spring up to his eyes, "do you mean that he, "

Siwon looked at his hyung, "Yes my Donghae, loved you... Don't misunderstand... he loved me too, and we were happy, but he always loved you more." 

Sungmin swallowed the ball that had formed in his throat, "did he know that I loved you?"

Siwon looked at Sungmin... "No. he wouldn't have married me if he had. He wanted you to be happy. I knew, though, and I pretended I didn't. " 

"I'm sorry Siwon, I'm very sorry."

"Me too"'

Suddenly as they stood there looking out to sea, the breeze stopped, the waves froze, and in a fraction of a second they both saw the image of a happy Donghae at 27 dancing on the sea and laughing. and then everything returned to normal. 

Sungmin looked at Siwon, and smiled, " I think we were forgiven." 

 From the distance they heard an excited happy cry "Grandpas! Grandpas! Suju grandpas are here!"

They both turned towards the cliff and waved. They trudged back towards the stairs. Sungmin stopped a minute to look back to the sea as Siwon continued. "Hae, thank you, I'll be with you soon." and he turned around and walked slowly up the stairs.


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Tags: 100 suju fic challenge, character: donghae, character: siwon, character: sungmin, fandom: super junior, fanfic
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