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Forever Super Junior

Title :    Forever Super Junior
Theme: #032 Roses, (100 suju fic challenge)
Pairing Shindong
Rating G
Summary. Tomorrow is our 70th anniversary, I must go see our members and congratulate them
 AU (isn't it always though, since none of what we right will ever be real life?) ONESHOT
Disclaimer If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction

Forever Super Junior

November 10, 2075,

It's cold and windy today, and I am feeling old to my bones. weary. tired, I can only look forward to my naps. I see myself in the mirror, in my mind I'm still chubby and can dance for hours on end, but in the mirror the man that looks back at me shows how much time has passed since I was last able to even lift my knees, my friends would be shocked if they saw how dried up and thin I look. Evidence that my life has been long and full.

My grand-daughter has brought me her firstborn son, says she'll name him after me. She's such a filial child. I hold his chubby hands in mine and see the contrast, mine old and withered, losing strength day by day and his young and gaining strength each day. Two ends of a spectrum, we were lucky to meet. I hug him close and wish that all the good luck I had in life be transferred to him.

It's a day before the 70th anniversary since a group of 12 and later 13 boys made their debut as a music/dance group. it'll be 67 years since becoming a  15 member group, can't forget our precious chinese members.

Two weeks ago I was invited to film a show where they showcased our twenty-five years as a group, give or take a few members. Zhoumi and Henry went with me, as the only remaining members alive. Henry is in the hospital now, said he got pneumonia from staying out to late in the chilly weather, doctors say he may pull through yet, I hope he does, too many dongsaengs have left before I have.

Though we only worked twenty-five years as a unit named Super Junior, in our hearts we never stopped being Super Junior, forever Super Junior.  Tomorrow will be our 70th anniversary I must go see our members and congratulate them.

November 11, 2075,

Last night I dreamed of them, they were calling me. I know that I will join them soon but first I must go pray and give my respects for this year that I have lived with them in my heart.

I went to a florist today, and bought each of my members flowers, at our age, we don't have to worry about it being to girly and just enjoy the ephemeral beauty of them, that we once also shared. I never could bring myself to buy roses, they are overused, and hardly seem personal, I have since long ago bought flowers based on what I thought represented each of you in my eyes. 

I've written a note for each of you who have left me behind, to keep our memory alive for as long as possible.

For our Leader Teukie Teukie Leeteuk, Angel without wings Park Jungsoo, So much grattitude I have for you, so much to say thank you and I'm sorry, your support I have always appreciated, camellias have I bought you. 

Heenim, Cinderella, our princess,  milky-skinned Kim Heechul,only something as beautiful, prideful and determined as you could I bring to you, only the deep red of the amaryllis could even begin to compare.  

Bukkyungbap, 1 in a million miracle, filial son, Han Geng, the day you left the group, I remember our grief at your departure from us, so sudden, so neccesary for your well-being, yet most of all I remember your humility towards all, a campanula, bell flower I bring before you.

Art of voice, cloud prince, Yesung, Kim Jongwoon, when asked what we were to you, you said water, your love for us was steadfast, unwavering like the wisteria that can grow even in dry soils, but flourishes the best in lush land, we were your lush land you were our flower.

Korea's #1 handsome guy, raccoon (you never lived that down), Strong Kangin, Gentle Kim Youngwoon, you always thought of us and supported us, worked so hard for us that we forgot that though strong you needed support, I see the borage and it's sapphire blue color, truly belongs to you.

Pink Prince, Danhobak, Minnie, Lee Sungmin, my best friend, your cheerfulness and friendship saved me at a time when I felt left out, a chrysanthemum I present before you to thank you for your friendship.  

Monkey, Cassanova, Jewel guy Eunhyuk, Lee Hyuk Jae, my partner in crime, pranks and dance, we were so troublesome to Teukie, weren't we? Outgoing hyukie, the lisanthius, it shares your boldness and joy-bringing ability.

Fishy, alien-believing gentle prince, Lee Donghae, we made you cry too many times to count, teased you another innumerable times, and your gentleness never wavered, your happiness brought us more, your airiness and bighearted self I remember when I see a delphinium flower.

Simba, Perfect Prince, God's Chosen One, Ma Siwon, Choi Siwon, our prince in shining armour whose strength and moral integrity I admired and am reminded of as I see the noble gladiolus.

Eternal Maknae, Ryeongu, wookie, Kim Ryeowook, our kitchen god, you kept us fed and thought about us one hundred percent, many thought you were weak but we knew you were stronger than most our hidden snapdragon.

Snow White, Killer Smile Kim Kibum, most people forgot you were our maknae before Kyuhyun, you acted so much older, so  much wiser than your age. Whenever you were present our group lost it's nervous frenzy and felt soothed and centered, the calm petunia reminds me of you.

Our Miracle, Gamekyu,  alienkyu, evilkyu, maknae-on-top, Cho Kyuhyun, you fought courageously for your life with the mettle of a thousands of year old flower the protea King, that though delicate and beautiful will not fall under adversity.  

I had my grandchild help me take all these to the piece of land we bought under the name Super Junior, and had named Everlasting Friends Garden, where our memorial stone holds each of your names and will soon hold mine. I leave the torch to Gentleman Mimi and our dear Mocchi who will recuperate soon I hope. 

my fingers are tired, I think this will be my last entry for this diary. 

I love you Super Junior, and I love my Ever lasting friends.

-Shindong, Shin Dong Hee. 


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Tags: 100 suju fic challenge, character: shindong, fandom: super junior, fanfic
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