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[#004] Come and Taste It

Title : Come and Taste It.
Theme: #004. Chocolate
Pairing: Yesung/ Shindong
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shindong liked chocolate but he never thought he´d be force fed it....
Disclaimer: I don´t own or personally know Suju members and this is just pure fiction created by a sick mind.


Come and Taste It

Shindong arrived tired from a hard day´s work and felt that he deserved a reward for his diligence. He paused for a moment to decide what it was going to be and an image of something sweet and aromatic that melted in his mouth made it´s way into mindscape... Chocolate! He was definitely channeling the chocolate vibe.

As he entered the dorm he kicked off his shoes and without bothering to put on his house slippers he hurriedly made his way to the kitchen. He opened the second cupboard to the left of the refrigerater and looked into the third shelf behind the coffee mugs to where he had hidden his private stash of dark chocolate. But..... Nothing was there!

He began to pull out all the mugs and search every nook and cranny of that shelf and he found zilch, nada whatsoever. He decided to look in all the cupboards to see if anybody was playing an aweful prank on him and he still found nothing... ok so somebody had grabbed his stash without telling him....

He needed to find out who it was... Perhaps Hyuk Jae had taken some and shared with the others... Shindong knew that he was like that so it was possible. And then another thought came to his mind maybe Heechul hyung had grabbed and eaten it all in one of his low moments... that too was possible...
Shindong decided that he didn´t want to go around asking who ate his chocolates, he didn´t want to be petty about it, but he was upset that whoever ate it didn´t replace the chocolates.

He opted to go to his room to lie down and get rid of the urge to eat chocolate that wasn´t there. As he reached his room Shindong heard a crakling of wrappers which instantly Shindong recognized as his chocolates. The choco-thief must be just behind his door, in his room. He pushed open his door and saw Yesung-hyung on HIS bed eating HIS chocolates. "Yah! Hyung! you´re eating my chocolates!"

Yesung smiled and answered airily, "Yes I am."

"Hyung, You ate all of them?!" Shindong couldn´t believe that the whole bag´s contents were empty. "No, almost." Yesung held out his hand with a last chocolate and proceeded to pop it into his mouth.

"hyung! why didn´t you share!" Shindong was exasperated and frustrates at being denied his chocolate fix.

Yesung´s eyes went wide in an innocent expression, "Oh! you wanted one?"

Shindong didn´t for one second buy the innocent look, this hyung was a sneaky one. And true enough a smirk had formed as Yesung stood up from the bed. "so you wanted one?" he asked again.

Shindong felt himself start retreating due to the force of Yesung´s gaze. Yesung reached him and asked a third time, "Did you want some?"

Shindong started to nod and then he shook his head quickly, " mean, it´s okay..."

Yesung closed the gap between them and before Shindong knew what was happening Yesung had pulled him in and proceded to kiss him so thoroughly that Shindong felt himself respond quite eagerly.

As their makeout session came to a finish Shindong felt Yesung´s lips curve into a smile before drawing away.

"So did you get your chocolate fill?"

Shindong  pretended to debate his answer before grabbing Yesung and pulling him in, "Not quite yet, share more with me hyung."


the end....

A bit of a nonsense fic that came to mind... >.>

Hope you like!

 Link to my 100 Suju fic challenge archive
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