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How to win a game against Kyuhyun

Title :    How to win a game against Kyuhyun
Theme: #051
Pairing Ryeowook/Kyuhyun; Kyuhyun/Heechul friendship, Heechul/Ryeowook friendship
Rating PG- 13 (some language) 
Summary Kyuhyun was sure that Ryeowook was kidnapped by aliens, it was the only answer for his abilities. AU (isn't it always though, since none of what we right will ever be real life?) ONESHOT
Disclaimer If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction

How to win a game against Kyuhyun

"I'm beginning to think Donghae Hyung is right." Said Kyuhyun as he slammed his head without warning on the Kitchen table, thus startling a half-asleep Heechul holding a mug of steaming coffee. NOT. GOOD. but somehow it paled to how Kyuhyun felt at the moment.

"FUCK! What the hell is your problem?! Can't you moan and mope without giving someone a heart attack?  You've just made me spill coffee all over my family jewels, you ass! If I'm unable to have kid's I'm going to blame you entirely for that." Fumed Heechul.

Kyuhyun looked over unimpressed at the show of temper. "If you don't have kids in the future it's because you like taking it in the ass..." Heechul glowered and Kyuhyun added "..hyung."

"says the one who bottoms." Heechul retorted.

Kyuhyun blushed crimson, "shut up! how do you know that?!"

"Oh? so you do bottom... how interesting, I was just taking a guess, and you've confirmed it" Heechul started cackling and then he calmed down abruptly. He had a mission and it involved acting like a nice and concerned hyung.

"Anyways, be that as it may, what is it that has you agreeing with Hae? As much as I love that little spazz, you our relatively sane member agreeing with him is completely intriguing. Do share."

As if remembering a great tragedy Kyuhyun hung his head and slouched on the chair even more.

"I think the aliens he keeps talking about DO exist, and they kidnapped Ryeongu hyung and returned him a completely different person."

Heechul opened and close his mouth before getting up and placing the back of his hand on Kyuhyun's forehead. " You don't seem ill, maybe you stayed up too late playing Starcraft yesterday, go back to sleep and then come back when you start making sense."

Kyuhyun shook Heechul's hands off. "I wish that were it, then this would be just an awful nightmare."

Heechul cocked his head to the side, "okay then, tell me what has your knickers in a twist."

"Promise not to laugh?"

"I promise not to laugh... too much," said Heechul with a smirk twisting his lips.

Kyuhyun sighed in defeat, that was probably as much as he could hope for from Heechul.

" Yesterday, I got PWND by Ryeongu hyung... in STARCRAFT" just remembering seem to bring tears to Kyuhyun's eyes, " It all started normal enough, with the exception that he asked me to play when he usually avoids the game like the plague. The first ten minutes he played as horrible as usual and then when it was too late I noticed that he had actually very sneakily started doing away with my forces. I had been fooled. This is not the usual Ryeo hyung. h\he's usually so awful that I can't even bring myself to enjoy my wins. The aliens must have taken him away and installed a chip that helped him win games. "

Heechul clucked in compassion before a grin spread on his face, "You were beaten by  Wookie! a complete and utter N00B. Gamekyu has been turned into LameKyu! How will you be able to show yourself in the forums."

"Hyung you promised not to laugh so much! This is a disaster!" said Kyuhyun and once again slammed his face down on the table.

"I said I wouldn't laugh much, I did not promise not to rub it in your face cheerfully."

Sulkily Kyuhyun pushed back his chair and headed back to his room. As luck would have it Ryeowook was coming out of the room they now shared.

"good morning Kyu."

Seeing him made Kyuhyun make a weird noise at the back of his throat, half growl, half whine, before heading inside and slamming the door behind him.

Ryeowook looked back at the slam of the door and an uncharacteristically evil genius smile spread across his face.

He walked into the kitchen and looked at Heechul. Both nodding in acknowledgment. Ryeowook spoke first, "So did he tell you?"

Heechul nodded, " I'm really admiring you now, that was inspired."

Ryeowook smiled innocently, " Why, whatever do you mean hyung?"

They looked at each other and simultaneously started cackling. A loud bang was heard from Kyuhyun's room, he'd probably thrown a book at the door in frustration.

They began talking in lower voices.

"Wookie, we owe this to the greatness that is bluetooth, skype and its screen sharing mode. It was genius to make use of it"

Ryeowook gave a a small bow, " It wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't participated, who else could possibly hope to defeat GameKyu. Now I don't have to share him with the computer since he won't be able to log on without getting ribbed about losing by his gamer friends."

Heechul smirked, "Well he may not want to share more time with the cause of his embarrassment and loss of face though."

Ryeowook smiled, " I have my ways." he said with a laugh.

"However, as a thank you I will make you breakfast. What would you like to eat hyung?"

"Pancakes, with blueberries" said Heechul immediately.  "You can count on me for any of your plans as long as you repay me with food Wookie."

Ryeowook smiled. Who said that the two most complicated people to manage were Heechul and Kyuhyun, he'd have to most politely disagree, they were incredibly simple and he loved them both for their simpleness.


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