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A not so secret Admirer

Title : A not so secret Admirer
Pairing: YeHae
Rating: PG 13
Summary Someone's been sending Yesung anonymous loveletters ONESHOT
Disclaimer If I owned Suju, I would keep them in my pocket and never let them go

A not so secret Admirer

Donghae was smiling to himself as he sat on his bed with his finished loveletter and sealed it with a drop of his favourite cologne. it would be the fifty-second loveletter, marking one year since he first started writing them.  He threw himself backward and laid on his bed thinking about all the things that had happened in this one year. They had all changed quite a bit and yet not at all, they were still close as could be their friendship had withstood the test of time and distance wouldn't be able to change it. Sometimes he wished that their fans would realize that and not get so angry, because the though their was hurt there was also love. 

He didn't know how his love began, but somewhere along the way he had realized that it was a love that was completely different from the love he had for his best friend Eunhyuk. Once he had figured out that he was in love, Donghae had started to write letters that shared how much he loved him, things that made him sad, or happy and wishing all the luck in the world for future projects... things like that, but he kept them vague enough that it could be anyone from Suju, because he hadn't been strong enough yet to withstand the possibility of rejection. On the 52nd though, he had finally signed it with his name.

 He would place it on his beloved's pillow while everyone was in the kitchen eating and then go out for a walk to de-stress, and to empty his mind. He hated being this weak, but he felt that if he didn't go calm himself he may end up bursting in tears.

As he lay on his bed thinking someone knocked on his door and tried to open the door only to find it locked. A warm, deep voice called from behind the door,  "Hae-ah, are you in there?"  Donghae hurriedly placed the letter beneath his pillow and went to open the door.
Donghae smiled nervously as he opened the door and saw Yesung standing there with a small wooden box.  His smile drooped a bit seeing the serious demeanor with which Yesung was carrying himself.

"Can I come in Hae-ah?" Yesung asked quietly.

Donghae opened the door wider and made room for Yesung to get inside.  "Close the door so we can talk." instructed Yesung as he passed by.

Yesung set the box down on Donghae's bed and started talking out the letters one by one. He turned around once all of them were laid accross the bed.  Donghae fidgeted as he realized that those were his letters.

"It IS you that has been writing me these letters isn't it Hae." 

Donghae nodded and whispered, "yeah."

"Are you playing a prank on me Hae? Has it been fun seeing me perplexed about what these letters really mean?" Yesung asked in a quiet voice that seemed to express supreme disappointment and more than a little hurt.

Shaking his head quickly Donghae barely choked out a "NO, it wasn't like that at all hyung!"

"Then why couldn't you say this to me in person why did you never say who you were? I knew from the beginning but I couldn't say anything if you were not even going to admit to it yourself."

Donghae swallowed hard against the ball that had closed his throat off, and tears welled in his eyes. " I was afraid hyung, I'm not the person closest to you and I was afraid that you wouldn't accept me and then it'd be hard to even be friends with you."

Yesung smiled for the first time since entering Donghae's room, and it was more than a little mischievious. "I'm sorry for making you unsure Hae-ah, now I think it's my turn to share my feelings and answer your letters, but I'll do it in person."

Fore some reason Donghae found himself trembling as Yesung approached him. Yesung's presence was in and of itself making his senses go on overdriive and now here was Yesung walking towards him a hand stretched out to touch him. As soon as Yesung's hands touched his face, caressing him softly, wiping a tear that had fallen and then sliding to the back of his neck, Donghae found himself losing strength in his legs. And then he was pulled towards Yesung, a hand behind his neck and another around his waist supporting him, bringing their mouths teasingly close to each other, and for a brief moment Donghae felt their breaths mingle and then their lips were one. 

Yesung's lips were firm yet soft and velvety and together with his tongue they urged Donghae to allow them entrance. Donghae found himself responding to them and soon their tongues met and battled each other passionatel and the next moment both of them found themselves moaning into each other's mouths. When they parted Yesung placed his forehead on Donghae's and looked into them searchingly. Donghae looked at him steadily and tried to transmit how much Yesung meant to him through them.   

Yesung hugged Donghae tightly and smiled as he placed his face on the crook of Donghae's neck, "I think I'm missing a letter to close the year of one-sided love and mark the beginning of a mutual love that will last for a lifetime."

Donghae found himself crying again, but this time it was with happiness and a hopeful life together with his loved one.


I wrote this after reminiscing and looking through YeHae pics that I have gathered and  then  I found my parents old love letters in a box, and they were too cute^^
Here are some pictures of Yehae in which they are adorkably cute and hot together



Tags: character: donghae, character: yesung, fandom: super junior, fanfic, pic spam
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