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[HeeSung] Because Yesung Fails At Cooking

Title:Because Yesung fails at Cooking
Theme:#006. Burn
Pairing: Heechul/ Yesung
Rating: PG-13
Summary:Henry goes on an investigation on why Yesung doesn´t cook and only Heechul can give him the full story, maybe...
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....

Because Yesung Fails at Cooking

Henry was curious about why when dividing the daily chores Yesung never got assigned to cook. Not even once. Henry went about asking several of the members and their responses were interesting because they were all variations of the same scared shudder, as if they were thinking of an unseen horror, and they would refuse to talk about it beyond "not good." Asking Kyuhyun left him back in square one as he was as much in the dark as Henry was about the situation... so of course Kyuhyun egged him on the investigation.

Thinking on who would be most likely to tell him the story, Henry decided to go t the closest person to the source of the mystery, Heechul,  and ask for an answer to the increasingly intriguing question. At first Heechul seemed uninclined to share the story but with some well-placed puppy eyes from Henry, he capitulated.

"Yah!! Stop making those eyes. No more sad puppy eyes...gah! you´re burning my beautiful eyes!" Heechul covered his eyes and waved his free hand at Henry... and began to tell the story...

"It happened back in 2005 right before we debuted....."

Heechul was lying on his bed face up, tired but not sleepy. In fact he was feeling quite restless but nobody was home.

As he was staring at the ceiling and creating stories about all the cracks, he heard clattering in the kitchen. So Yesung must have arrived and started to prepare dinner. Heechul got up, this was a good way to distract himself and find out why whenever it was Yesung´s turn to cook the house would smell of smoke and his hands would be sporting multiple band-aids, and all he had prepared were packets of ramyon.

Heechul walked slowly so that the other wouldn´t realize his presence and become flustered as he usually did when Heechul approached him. Heechul peered into the kitchen and felt his jaw drop. He couldn´t believe his eyes, the kitchen looked like it had been struck with an earthquake, a hurricane and a war in quick succession.

There were pots and pans everywhere, the floor looked like the sea had decided to call it it´s own tributary, there were plates on the floor, and in the middle of it all Yesung was having a stand-off with the vegetables while holding the knife like a sword. Heechul couldn´t bear it anymore, he stepped in to offer his help.

"Yah! what do you think you´re doing?"

Yesung jumped at the sudden noise, "cooking?" he said nervously.

"This is a disaster not a kitchen! Pick it up and I´ll tell you how to cook."

"Really? you can cook?" Yesung´s face was filled with gratitude for this unusual offer by Heechul.

Heechul smirked, "Anybody can cook, only real dimwits can´t."

"Hyung! that was unnecessary!"

Heechul raised an eyebrow, "Can you dispute the fact that you can´t cook?"


"Then I stand with what I said. Now go ahead, start picking up the pans and mop the floor and I´ll wait for you to finish" Quite enjoying this upperhand he had Heechul seated himself regally on the kitchen bar´s stool.

Yesung quickly finished cleaning the mess and turned to look at Heechul who was looking at him with an inscrutable look on his face.

"Hyung, I´m finished. What are we making?"

Heechul seemed to snap out of his reverie, "We have Kimchi from Kang In´s house, it´s really good, we´ll use it. then we´ll put rice in the rice cooker, but that´s easy.. we´ll skip meat, we don´t have enough money for that...Let´s start with Shigumchil Namul* (Spinach Salad) and then let´s make Tofu Jo Rim* (Soy-Sesame Tofu)...Take out a large saucepan, and put water in it to boil... no! not tap water! we have purified water over there!"

Yesung hurriedly poured out the tap water he had filled the saucepan with and went to grab the purified gallon of water.

"Ok, then fill it up two thirds of the way. That´s right.... put it on high heat until it starts to boil...ok now grab the bag of spinach that I bought for tomorrow, but I´ll let you use it today... Wash them, ok... now dry it... take off the stems and all the bad leaves. I´ll take out soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, the toasted sesame seeds my mother sent the other day, and the rest of the ingredients out." Heechul stepped down from the stool, and began to search in the cupboards and the refrigerater...

"Hyung, what do I do now?" 

"Has the water started to boil?"


Heechul pulled out firm Tofu that he had also planned to use tomorrow and started to slice them and sprinkle salt on it.
"Put the spinach in the saucepan, reduce the heat"

He turned around just in time to see Yesung get sprayed by the boiling water as he poured the spinach in...

"Dammit! Yesung! You should put them in slowly... now you´re all burned!" He grabbed the burned arm and dragged him to the sink to pour cold water on it. He noticed that Yesung´s face had grown pale with pain, on a sudden whim Heechul kissed him on the cheek... The color returned to Yesung´s face... and as he began to pull away his arm, Heechul held on strongly and smirked as Yesung was about to start blustering, "You should be thanking me, you´re no longer on the verge of fainting from the pain."

Heechul found it interesting how many different shades of color Yesung´s face was showing and so he kissed him again.

"What was that for!"

"Just because... Ok, there you go... now go put in the spinach slowly" Heechul pushed him back to the stove as if nothing had just happened...  Heechul was definitely going to enjoy cooking today... Meanwhile, Yesung was completely stunned, and taken aback by Heechul´s nonchalance, but he did as he was told.

Heechul turned his attention back to the tofu and began to pat it dry, then he started to mix, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, sesame seeds, pepper, green onions, garlic, and water, making sure that the sugar dissolved. While he held the container he was mixing  he turned around and caught Yesung trying to look at him surriptitiously, a small sly smile formed on Heechul´s face, this whole being helpful thing might actually work in his favour.

"Turn off the heat. Take the colander and drain it."

Yesung nodded stiffly, obviously self-conscious of Heechul´s gaze on him and grabbed the colander with a shaky hand. A hand appeared from behind Heechul´s husky voice warned him, "you have to grab it firmly" and the hand proceeded to demonstrate the grip. "Now hold the saucepan steadily and pour it slowly and carefully." Yesung felt himself start to tremble and the again the voice told him to "stay steady... you musn´t burn yourself again." After what seemed like eternity he finished draining the spinach and Heechul stood back again and continued stirring the mixture for the tofu.

"Ok, then leave it to cool in a plate, and go grab our large skillet and..." here Heechul stopped and raised an eyebrow... Yesung was just staring at him... "what are you doing? why are you looking so flummoxed? I just asked you to go get the skillet, it´s not that hard." 

"How can why did you kiss me and then stand so close to me?"

"What are you talking about? It was a peck on the cheek not a full-on kiss, and I was just reminding you to be steady when pouring hot water. Now if you want me to continue helping you so that you can feed the other members something besides ramyon I suggest you look for the skillet." Heechul flashed Yesung his most angelic smile as he said those words.

Yesung just stared for a few more seconds and threw up his hands in despair and began to search the cupboard shelves for the skillet.

As Yesung placed the skillet on the stove and lit the fire Heechul handed him the vegetable oil. "Pour three tablespoons on it and and swirl it around." 

Yesung did as he was told and so they continued on in relative calmness, frying the tofu until it turned a golden brown, then taking them out and dipping them in the sauce Heechul had prepared, and then placing them back in layers and pouring the rest of sauce on top of it.

At the last instance of pouring the sauce, yesung accidently placed his index finger on the skillet and yelped when it burned him.

Heechul almost instantly was at his side and whispered, "you make it too easy," and placed Yesungs finger in his mouth and licked with rhythmic swirling motions made by the tip of his tongue. Yesung´s knees began to feel weak, and Heechul took advantage of that and took his mouth away from the finger and began to trail kisses up the burned arm until he  finally reached his mouth. 

"you could say no..."  But Yesung was already putty in Heechul´s hand...

Heechul began to guide him to the kitchen bar all the while kissing and caressing Yesung´s body, not noticing that the other members had arrived and were standing in horror as they saw Heechul´s hands begin to travel south....

"and then they all shouted for us to stop and have since then forbidden us to cook together and since Yesung can´t cook without --------"

Before Heechul could wrap up the finishing sentence to his story, Yesung burst in to  try and stop him "Yah!! Hyung what are you telling Henry!"

Yesung looked over at Henry and knew from the open mouth, surprised face, it couldn´t have been something good.

Henry turned his wide eyes on Yesung, "Hyung, were you and Heechul-hyung about to have sex in the kitchen while cooking and everybody ended up catching you, that´s why you don´t enter the cooking duty raffle?"

Yesung´s face went all the different shades of red that Heechul had mentioned and yelled out "OF COURSE NOT!" and then more calmly said "I actually almost burned down the dorm one time and everybody just prefers to live without that risk." and then he turned to Heechul, "Yah! why are you telling these untrue stories hyung! Stop reading all those fanfictions out there! This is real life!"

Heechul smirked "Well, then let´s make it real life"

Yesung´s face lost it´s color when he heard that proposition and he fainted dead away.

Henry looked on in fascination at what was happening and he turned to look at Heechul who was currently laughing hysterically.

"do you need help to take him to his own room?"

Heechul stopped laughing to smile evilly, " I want to play with him some more, you can leave now."

Henry shook his head in amusement, his hyungs were all seriously deranged.


 I started writing it and the first draft was dark, and I discarded it then my brain came up with this mostly crack fic that I hope you all enjoy...

Link to my 100 Suju fic challenge archive
Tags: 100 suju fic challenge, character: heechul, character: henry, character: yesung, fanfic, pairing: heesung
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