sujuhappiness (sujuhappiness) wrote,

I wasn't able to watch Inki this week and I'm really sad that I missed out on it, but unfortunately I had hospital duties so I was up all night but unable to watch Heenim's goodbye stage... I really don't want him to go, really, but today I watched the videos and I can't help but cry.
Seriously two years without Heenim, without my bias numero uno? kuripika kim heechul, sarangheyo Kim Heechul... aah so sad. my baby is leaving for his service for two years... I'm sad, I think I'm beyond sad. I've cried so much, I can't cry anymore.

I've watched and rewatched the videos: Kyuhyun was crying while dancing. Eetuek and the rest were crying as they huddled around Heechul after his thankful speech. They are so precious.

Tags: fan, fandom: super junior, fangirling, inkigayo, sj: donghae, sj: eunhyuk, sj: heechul, sj: kyuhyun, sj: leeteuk, sj: ryeowook, sj: shindong, sj: siwon, sj: sungmin, sj: yesung, super junior
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