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[HK] Before and After

Title : Before and After
Theme: #049. What´s the difference
Pairing: HanKyung/HanKyung
Rating: PG
Summary: Hankyung is reflecting on his life with Suju and the life he´ll lead after
Disclaimer: it´s fan FICTION for a reason...
A/N: It´s rather short but it´s what came to mind as I was watching Hannie in the MV for the China Games


Before and After
Hankyung hadn´t been able to sleep well in the past few months thinking about the issues with his lawsuit against SME but most of all thinking of all that he had worked on in Super Junior.

Working in Korea was hard, and he had suspected as much when he first signed on, but he had been a hopeful person that believed that everything would get better in the long run. He had made friends, he had made a BEST FRIEND and yet it wasn´t enough. Especially when he felt his usually strong and healthy self deteriorating slowly, gradually but surely. All he had asked for was a small break to recuperate, he´d been overworked for five years, surely they could afford to let him take a small vacation, but they had refused. 

When he first turned in the lawsuit he hadn´t expected it to be dragged on this long making it more and more unlikely for him to rejoin Super Junior. He had merely asked for ammendments on the contract, reducing the thirteen years of contract to a more reasonable amount, getting health-related vacations when needed, being allowed to participate in acting and dramas as the other member were, so that he could grow and better himself as an artist.He had not started out asking for a termination of the contract. But, now, it seemed almost endless, perhaps it would be better to go solo and launch his own career in China.

However there were important differences that he wished weren´t so glaring... Before he had 14 other members to rely on, 14 other members to enjoy a success with and enhancing the celebration, he had a best friend who accepted calls from him at any hour of the day or night and was always willing to hear him out. A friend who had protected him a lot when they first began to work as a team, who never allowed anybody but himself to make fun of his language fails. He had dongsaengs who looked up to him and relied on him and made him feel needed. Yes the most glaring and important differences were all related to the people he had called teammates and family. 

Now he only had himself to rely on, success was also now his responsability to bear and if he failed he wouldn´t have the helpful words and hugs from his SuperJjunior family. If he failed, he would have to shoulder it alone. Of course there were exciting projects that he could now take part in, for example movies and dramas, things that before had been denied him by the management. But still, he hoped that the issues would be resolved so that he could do all these interesting things and still be able to enjoy the company of his beloved 14 family members.


eh... I´m not sure about this fic, I might delete it if I come up with something better, but somehow I felt I needed to post it up...

Link to my 100 Suju fic challenge archive
Tags: character: hankyung
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