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I found you, you´re mine

Title: I found you you´re mine
Theme:#050. Lost
Pairing: Heechul/ Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Heechul escapes his birthday party, only to find his own personal birthday gift
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
                  I found you, you´re mine...

July 10, today was Heechul´s tenth birthday and he had run away from home to avoid all the annoying people who were sure to arrive to celebrate the Kim heir´s birthday. His parents were well meaning and had planned the party so that he´d have lots of guests to celebrate his birthday with but everyone else except for two exceptions were there just to kiss up to him and he´d been aware of this for ages. So he decided that this time he would celebrate it in his own way and have all kinds of adventures.

First thing he did with his new found freedom was climb the huge tree that grew in the middle of the city park. He climbed halfway up and decided to stretch out on the sturdiest branch. As he got comfortable the warmth of the sun and the slight breeze that blew through the leaved made his eyelids grow heavy and he fell asleep.

After what must have been a several hour nap Heechul woke up to what was the smalles of noises... a small sniffling sound, as if someone was trying not to cry. Heechul peered down and saw a very small child probably around 4or 5 years old standing in front of the tree his back to him.

"Hey kid, are you lost?"

The kid looked startled to hear a disembodied voice speaking to him,

"I´m up here, look up the tree!"

"oh!... I´m not lost, cat  ajusshi.."

"Yah! I´m not old, you should call me hyung! and I´m not a cat!... How long have you been standing there lost, kid?"

"I don´t know, a very long time... and I´m not lost cat hyung,"

"Yah! My name´s Kim Heechul, why do you keep calling me cat?!"

"Because you have eyes that look like a cat and you are up in a tree like my friend Yoobin´s cat.."

Heechul felt a vein start throbbing in his forhead. He decidad to climb down to better see who it was that was disregarding him in such a way. As he climbed down the last few branches, he slipped and felt himself fall backwards-- the tree sped away from him and then everything went black.

"Hey, cat hyung, wake up... wake up!... why did you fall asleep? Wake up!"
Heechul heard somebody calling him and start slapping him.. wait why how dare they slap my beautiful face!

He opened his eyes and met warm and teary brown eyes. As soon as the kid noticed that Heechul was awake he threw himself on top of him and started crying,

"Yah what are you doing that for?!" Heechul wasn´t used to such an open display of was a bit uncomfortable for him as he didn´t know how to comfort the young boy...

"I´m just happy cat-hyung is alive, you must really have nine lives."

"riiiight.... alrighty then... now let me get up."
Heechul brushed off the leaves and as much of the dirt as he could from his clothes.. his mom was going to murder him for two reasons now...

"So kid, what´s your name and how old are you?"

"Cho Kyuhyun, I turned five this year."

"Now, well. You shouldn´t have told me that, haven´t your parents taught you not to talk to strangers?"

"But... you asked me..." the kid´s face was completely surprised by Heechul´s comment

"Right... but next time don´t trust people too much.. got it?"

Kyuhyun nodded as he tried to understand what he´d just been told.

"Well now that we´ve got who you are, can you tell me why you were almost crying before I talked to you?"

" I wasn´t crying."

"Yes and I didn´t just fall from the tree."

"But you did..."


Heechul was beginning to like this kid, maybe he could convince his parents to keep him... that would be a good present!

"Okay so now that we´ve settled that you were crying but not crying about not being lost, can you tell me what you were doing?"

"Mommy and Daddy said to wait here until someone picked me up, but nobody has come so I can´t give them the letter mommy gave me.."

Heechul was intrigued by the story, Maybe I can keep him after all.

"So what does the letter say?"

" I don´t know, I can´t read cat hyung."

"Ok then, give it to me, let me read it."

"I don´t know hyung..."

"What! you don´t trust me?"

"You told me not to trust people."

"I didn´t mean me though!"


" I promise I won´t do anything bad with it"

"alright.." Kyuhuun took out an envelope from under his shirt and handed it to Heechul.

Heechul opened it sloemnly to show kuhyun that he would take whatever was written in it seriously.....

As he read there were things that he didn´t know or understand.. things like, fraud, bankrupt and suicide but he understood that because of those things Kyuhyun was going to need a home and a family to stay with because he would be alone from this day forward.

Heechul´s heart constricted as he looked up and was faced with a hopeful face... how could he tell this cute kid that he had no more family... he couldn´t imagine what he´d do if their positions were reversed...

"Um Kyuhunie.. can I call you that?"  he received a small nod...
"right... why don´t you come to my house for right now.. I think this letter was meant for me to pick you up."

"What about mommy and daddy?"

"I´m not sure, Kyuhyunie... maybe my parents can figure out what´s going on..."

"But what if mommy and daddy come back and they can´t find me..:"

"Your address is written here.. Kyu... my parents will look into where your parents are... ok? Now let´s go, there was a party at home but I didn´t go to it, maybe if we´re lucky there will be cake left over for us to eat.."

"Alright" Kyuhyun smiled and suddenly grabbed Heechul´s hand.. "please take care of me"

Heechul´s heart flipped... this was the first time that someone depended so thoroughly on him.. Heechul squeezed the small hand and smiled on of his rare true smiles, "I will. Let´s go."

About thirty minutes later, as they approached a huge gate a servant rushed out.

"Little Master! You´ve come back! Thank goodness! we´ve been so worried! Master and mistress have been besides themselves and your cousin Young Sir Hyun Joong and his wife Young Miss Hwangbo have been searching for you all over the city.."  The servant stopped her speech when she noticed a head of curly brown locks peek from behind her little master where he´d hidden himself at her sudden appearance.

She looked at him and exclaimed "My who is this handsome little prince?" at which Kyuhyun tried to hid himself even more by burying himself into Heechul´s back...
Heechul was about to open his mouth when a shriek broke throuh the air... oh no..

"Kim Heechul! Where have you been?! You left your party and we had to turn away all the guests!! We couldn´t find you and we were fearing the worst!! You´re not old enough to be wandering away like that!!" His mother reached him and her face was a mixture of anger, fear and relief as she pulled him into a fierce hug..."Don´t you do that again young man!"

Hyun Joong and his wife Hwangbo (Heechul had been jealous that his cousin had married his favourite neighborhood noona) looked on with relief etched on their faces... "You know cousin... we were very worried about you... buin and I searched for you but you weren´t anywhere to be found..."

"You had us worried there son... your mother and I didn´t know what to do... Don´t do it again..."

Heechul nodded slowly but he said, "then please no more big birthday parties... I just want close family, I hate having to face all the people who just want things from us and come to wish me a happy birthday but are really cursing me behind my back."
His father chuckled at his son´s perceptiveness..." You know we just thought that it´d be good for you to interact with others...but I get it... no more big parties..."

"Dad I´ve brought someone with me and there´s a letter that he was carrying that should explain everything but I can´t understand everything in it... could you please look at it? Maybe he can stay with us for a while? Please?"

At Heechul´s mention of his small guest everybody looked to see where he was only to see him standing in front of Hwangbo... and suddenly ask "you look like mommy... do you know her? Do you know daddy?"

"No I don´t know them, but maybe you could tell me about them? But first, what´s your name?"

"Cho Kyuhyun... I´m five this year. My daddy is Cho Kyu Jong and mommy is Lee Min Ji"

His father looked back with a troubled look at Heechul.." You couldn´t have picked up a little kitty instead?"

Heechul cocked his head not understanding what he was supposed to answer to that...

His father shook his head.." Rhetorical question... can you please give me the letter.."

Heechul´s mother had paled when she heard the names....

"Dear aren´t they the couple that  ----" her husband shook his head and indicated that they should go talk in another room... he looked back at Heechul... "Tell your cousins to look after the child... and you.. please go change your filthy clothes..."

"Dad what are we going to do abou--" His father interrupted him with a "we´ll see."

The next things that happened became a blur in Heechul´s mind because they happened so fast... One minute he was changing his clothes and hurrying downstairs and the next he was besides Kyuhyun who was crying because his parents were never going to return... Heechul´s parent´s never told him that his parent´s had killed themselves that same morning while he was in the park, they just told him that they were only able to look after him from afar...

And then a few days and many tantrums from Heechul later, Hyun Joong and Hwangbo adopted Kyuhyun as their child...

Heechul was very disappointed as he was the one who had found Kyuhyun he felt that he should be the one to keep him. But his parents felt that though economically they could adopt twelve more children the environment would be hard on the adopted children because they would be snubbed by the kids of the people who knew them. They didn´t want to cause any more traumas on the child....

On the other hand.. Hyun Joong and Hwangbo didn´t have any children and were unable to have any (something they hadn´t told anybody before) so it was perfect for them to adopt him, he wouldn´t lack for anything as they were quite well off themselves and he wouldn´t have the pressure of being part of the head family... It was a win-win situation for all of them.

And so five years passed and Heechul became fifteen and Kyuhyun ten, and they were still quite joined at the hip as they say... even though Heechul was a teenager he still looked after Kyuhyun a lot...

His friends often joked that Heechul had a serious little brother complex which he laughed off, after all what did they know? He knew he loved the kid in a whole different kind of way than anybody else in his life...after all that kid was the most precious gift he ever received on his birthday.. and then the unfortunate thing happened... Hyun Joong was going to be transferred to the Japan branch of the company where he worked and he was going to take his whole family with him...

Heechul for the first time faced the bitterness of not being able to stop the people whom he loved from leaving.

Kyuhyun walked slowly to the spot where he´d been found by Heechul...

"Cat-hyung... I´m leaving today... I came to say goodbye..."

no answer

"Cat-hyung I´m going to miss you a lot... can I call you often?"

No answer.

"Cat Hyung, I hope you´re not mad at me... did I do anything wrong?"

No answer still..

" Cat hyung...please take care of yourself.. I´ll miss you."

Kyuhyun turned back with his shoulders slumped and headed back towards his house where they were packing everything up and boarding up the openings.

Heechul hadn´t answered him because tears were falling from his face and he was sure that he´d start choking if he started to talk while he was crying...

About twenty minutes before his cousins and his kyuhyun..(because he was his... he found him after all) needed to board the plane, Heechul was seen bursting into the airport looking for his beloved people.. so that he could see them off, and to apologize for his coldness earlier....

He looked everywhere and he couldn´t find them... and then he noticed his parents were standing next to a glass barrier waving to someone... He ran up to them and started to wave frantically until the one he most wanted to see noticed and waved back just as enthusiastically...

And then seven years passed, with Heechul and Kyuhyun always talking on the phone and playing against each other in Starcraft... where Heechul always lost... they sent silly emails to each other and each summer they enjoyed each other´s company...

During that timeHeechul learned that he loved Kyuhyun less like a brother should and more like a lover... He tried to convince himself several times that he didn´t and so he dated several girls, all of whom Kyuhyun disapproved.  And the worst or the best thing was depending on how you view it: nothing changed, he still loved him like he shouldn´t...

On his 17th birthday Kyuhyun wished to transfer to a school back in Korea, and his parents granted that wish though they were sad to see him go.

Kyuhyun stood outside the school building and wondered if these were the same halls his hyung had walked through during high school, where he´d laughed and misbehaved...

From behind him a usually cold faced man broke out into a grin, "Hey kid, are you lost?"

Kyuhyun broke out into a huge smile as he swiftly turned around... "No, I´m not... cat-hyung." and he threw himself into the open arms that were waiting for him.

Heechul smiled his true smile "I never was able to get you to stop calling me that."

the end...


Well I hope it´s an acceptable fic... I don´t know... why these things come to me and they often change about halfway through the writing process...
Link to my 100 Suju fic challenge archive
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