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Why can´t I keep him?

Title: Why can´t I keep him?
Pairing: Heechul/ Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Heechul would like to understand why they won´t let him keep Kyuhyun
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
A/N: This is a  corollary "scene" to my fic I found you, you´re mine.... 
billa_katto I changed my mind :) Even though it might not be a full sequel, I´ll write little scenes like these to supplement the main story :) hope you won´t get bored :)

Main Story


Why can´t I keep him?

A month after finding Kyuhyun....the Kim Household:

There were many things in life that were unfair, Heechul knew that... for example other kids wouldn´t get scolded for getting 90 on an exam, yet that would be a disgrace if he ever got that; or that his clothess must be impeccable and he must never look filthy or rumpled because he would be judged by outsiders as a slovenly person, something that must be avoided by all costs... but he´d thought that having found Kyuhyun would give him the right to have him stay next to him, but he´d misjudged the situation.

"Father, tell me again why Kyu can´t stay here with me? I´d really take good care of him..."

"He´s not a pet Chulie..." His mother answered him.

"Do you want him to be put under the same pressure you are? He´s already suffered enough as it is... imagine if you´d lost us and were taken in by the main family like ours? Wouldn´t you feel overwhelmed?"

Heechul stayed stubborn..."I would protect him."

His father looked at him, "Perhaps, but it´s not something that we´re going to be debating about... He seems to have taken a liking to Hyun Joong and Hwangbo, he´ll be happier like this."

Heechul still wasn´t convinced, "But he likes me best!"

His father gave him a look that said that he was ready to close the subject now.

"Chulie, you can still be like his big brother... He´ll be living with  your cousins and they live nearby."

"Like is not the same as actually being..."

"It´s not going to happen, so you´d better just accept it and help him get used to his new environment." and so saying Heechul´s father stood up and started walking to the door but stopped to ruffle Heechul´s pouting head before walking out the door, "you´ll see, it´ll be fine."

Heechul decided not to acknowledge what his father said and after he´d walked out he turned to his mother who was still seated facing him and pouted...His mother knew what was coming..."No Chulie, I won´t help you convince daddy... I agree with him."

"Fine" was his sullen answer.

His mother got up and kissed him on the cheek, "It´s for the best... well I´m going to Grandmother Kim´s tea ceremony... I´m hosting it with her... meanwhile you  can go visit Hyun Joong´s house.... your Hwangbo noona will be happy to see you, and Kyu Hyunnie will welcome the company..."

His cousin Hyun Joong lived in a much smaller house near Heechul... which was something he didn´t quite get... Hyung Joong´s parents had a lot of money themselves, His father being Heechul´s father´s brother was the company vicepresident and thus had a pretty large share in the company yet... Hyun Joong had not entered the company, he´d gotten into another company and had started from the bottom and was slowly climbing up... Heechul didn´t know why Hyun Joong chosen to do this... but since he was never invited to other family events besides those hosted by Heechul´s parents ever since his wedding with Hwangbo noona Heechul figured that it was related to that and not something necessarily by choice... but he didn´t understand... Hwangbo noona was the greatest; she was fun, cheerful, caring, and a great cook, he´d thought that if he were 15 years older he´d want to marry her himself.

But now he was not very happy that they were taking his Kyuhyunie away, and so he went with a more than slightly belligerant feeling and a very apparent scowl on his face to their home....

A scowl that disappeared once the door was opened by a smiling Kyu and a cookie laden Hwangbo...

"Cat-hyung!! You´re here... we made cookies!!! let´s eat it together."

Hwangbo smiled and held out the cookies in offering, " we can drink some milk with it"

Heechul found his determination to ignore Hwangbo go down the drain as he smiled and agreed."

"Cat hyung... Hwangbo noona said I could stay with her and Hyun Joong hyung..."

"Are you happy living here?"

Hwangbo laughed a little and asked him, "Chulie are we mean people in your eyes?"

Heechul looked a little abashed but asked Kyu again "Do you like it here"

Kyuhyun not really understanding why Heechul was asking him just nodded, "Yes"

Heechul nodded  " okay then.."

Hwangbo couldn´t help but smile, really it was too adorable to see the usually self-centered Heechul caring about what other people wanted enough to ask.

Heechul turned around to look at Hwango, "I´ll let you keep him... for now..."

Hwangbo gave a small laugh, " Thank you your lordship..."

Heechul smiled as he realized that he was a tad bit out of line.

"Well why don´t you boys go to the backyard to play and have fun, ... Kyu darling why don´t you show your hyung what Hyun Joong is making for you..

Kyu-hyun grabbed Heechul´s hand excitedly "Come on... I´ll be able to be next to cat hyung next time you climb a tree."

Heechul was puzzled at what he meant with that but allowed himself to be dragged by the younger child towards the backyard. 

As they neared he saw his cousin was painting something up on a tree...

"Wow! they built you a tree house!"
Kyu Hyun grinned..."yeah"

"Hey Heechul-ah,Kyuhyun-ah... Want to come up? I´m about done with the paint job." Hyun Joong lowered the wooden ladder and went down to help Kyuhyun up...

"Well what do you think?"

"Hyun Joong hyung... I think you hired someone to build the house and only did the paint job... which is not too hot."

Hyun Joong started laughing...." Kyuhyun-ah he´s caught us"

Laughing cheerfully Kyuhyun "Told you Cat-hyung was smart... he´d catch on right away"

Hyun Joong laughed..."You certainly did... Heechul-ah, this boy here is your greatest follower, I hope you don´t make him a second you..." 

Heechul slapped his cousin playfully on the arm, "I´m not! Nobody can be like me anyways! Plus he´s cute like he is isn´t he?"

Kyuhyun felt the need to complain about that last comment with a cute pout "Cat-hyung!! I´m a boy, I´m not cute!"

"Yes you are Kyuhyunie, but I won´t hold it against you" smiled Heechul.

"Right well, I´ll leave you boys to hang out, but don´t close the doors or windows, I don´t want you getting sick because of the paint fumes, ok?"

"Yes!" Both children answered dutifully as Hyun Joong started to climb down.

Heechul looked around and saw that they had placed two big beanbag chairs, and he dragged them closer together and plopped himself on one of them and patted the seat of the other to indicate that Kyuhyun should sit next to him.

Heechul reached into his pockets in his vest and pulled out two identical red nintendo DS light game consoles... "Here I bought one for you Kyu, that way we can both play..."

Kyu grabbed the DS from him and reached over and gave Heechul a peck on the cheek as thank you, not noticing that Heechul´s face had turned quite red when he did, which Heechul tried to hide by opening his own DS light game console and placing it in front of his face...

And so an hour passed with them playing and Heechul helping Kyuhyun when needed, but which was surprisingly few times as Kyuhyun seemed to get the hang of it quite fast..
Kyuhyun put down his game console and stretched, "I´m tired, can I sleep and put my head on your shoulder, cat-hyung?"

Heechul nodded "sure, but why do you still call  me cat hyung, Kyuhyunie?"

Kyu yawned and said, "Because your eyes look like a cat´s, you fell and you´re still alive, you must have nine lives like them...and because I really like cats."

Heechul couldn´t help but smile at the comment and somehow he felt that he could get quite used to being called that by Kyuhyun after all.

As Kyuhyun snuggled in closer to him, Heechul started stroking Kyuhyuns hair which seemed to make Kyuhyun smile in his semi-sleep.

Before falling fully asleep Kyuhyun whispered, "don´t leave me like my mommy and daddy hyung.."

Heechul was moved when he heard it and he knew in that instant with sharp clarity that he would forever look after this sweet innocent who needed him.

Heechul turned his head a little and kissed the small forehead, "I won´t, I found you and you´re mine after all."

-scene end-

hope everyone enjoys this little corollary to the first story... thanks for you patience and love!

Tags: character: heechul, character: kyuhyun, fanfic, pairing: heekyu
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