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Life´s Twists and Turns

Title: Life´s twists and turns
Pairing: Heechul/ Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kyuhyun thinks back on what´s happened in his early childhood and all that he has to look forward to now.
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
A/N: This is a  corollary "scene" to my fic ....  I found you, you´re mine

Life´s Twists and Turns

Kyuhyun stood waiting in an airport with a carry-on suitcase beside him. He was 17 and very handsome, with his curly hair, boyish face and his striking height people often turned their heads to look at him better, but he was lost in his own thoughts about the past and took no notice of others behaviour.

There was just one thing that Kyuhyun regretted when he left for Japan,  and that was not being able to stay with Heechul. Kyuhyun often wished that Hyun Joong appa would get transferred back to Korea soon, but it didn´t happen and several years passed since then. 

He had been asked by them if he wanted to stay behind and live with Heechul´s parents but they were crying when they offered that option and he really didn´t want to be left behind either, so he had agreed to go with them and did his utmost not to appear sad about it.

His parents were kind, sometimes strange and quirky people but he´d come to love them. And at 17 Kyuhyun had spent 12 years with them and their faces and personalities were familiar and comforting, sometimes when he tried to imagine his life without them and instead still being with his birth parents his mind came up with a huge blank, even their faces had gotten erased slowly with time and he didn´t know if he should be sad or relieved to have finally moved on.

As he stood there thinking he slowly pulled out a key he had hanging around his neck and looked at it. When he´d turned 15 his parents had handed it to him telling him that after adopting him, they and Heechul´s parents had handled his birth parent´s estate and had gathered whatever hadn´t been repossessed by the bank and moneylenders and put it in storage for whenever he wished to look at it.

He still hadn´t decided what he wanted to do with the things, or even if he wanted to look at them. On some level he still resented his first parents for leaving him behind because of money. They´d lost their busieness and their money so they had decided to end their life? was that even rational? He couldn´t understand why it was so horrible to them the prospect of being poor.. at least they´d had each other... 

Of course good things come of even the most tragic events. Because they had left him behind in the park that day, he´d met Heechul.  He smiled remembering what a surprise he´d had hearing a voice from nowhere and then looking up into the biggest eyes he´d seen and somehow he´d been reminded of a cat. "Cat-hyung" he´d called Heechul back then and even now he still called him that once in a while because even though Heechul complained about it he seemed to like being called that by Kyuhyun.

People who had been looking at him while he stood there lost in thought were surprised to see a frown emerge on his face and they wondered if he´d noticed that he was being stared at and they hurriedly moved away.
Kyuhyun had frowned because thinking about Heechul had made him remember about Heechul´s bad habit of dating around. Heechul was often going out on dates and was always telling Kyuhyun about so-and-so´s cute face, long legs, or perky bottoms... which often left Kyuhyun asking about their personality and receiving a smirk as a response...

This had been going on for three years now and though Kyuhyun told Heechul how much he didn´t like the girls he dated and would much rather not be told about his exploits with them. Heechul still kept him updated and the latest crush that Heechul had was on a young intern in his father´s company whom he worked with in the Advertising dept. However none of these crushes really made Kyuhyun feel his position in Heechul´s affection threatened... only one person made Kyuhyun wake up in a cold sweat thinking that he´d take away Heechul from him.

This person was Heechul´s high school friend Hankyung who had transferred to Korea four years ago from China. Kyuhyun had met him several times during his summer visits and he´d been annoyed because Hankyung was ALWAYS  around, wherever Heechul went Hankyung was sure to follow.

Heechul had told Kyu that Hankyung was a Chinese diplomat´s son and that when he´d arrived to Korea he´d known zilch of Korean so Heechul had helped him. That in and of itself alarmed Kyuhyun since Heechul wasn´t one to help others unless he found them interesting or entertaining in some way. And seeing how much Hankyung had hugged Heechul for the randomnest reasons Kyuhyun suspected that there were more than friendly feelings at lest on Hankyungs end. And that more than any of the temporary fleeting crushes Heechul had, made Kyuhyun jealous.

At first Kyuhun had not known or realized why imagining Heechul living and sharing his life with someone other than him made him upset. He´d tried to rationalize it as just him being upset at slowly losing his older brother. But that wasn´t it. Little brothers didn´t have dreams of kissing their older brothers. They didn´t have urges to do much more than just hug them either.

At first he´d been disturbed by these thoughts but he´d now come to terms with them. It also helped that his mother had guessed this long before and had been nothing but understanding when he came to her with his questions and doubts.

His father had just shrugged and said "Well I don´t blame you there´s few girls out there more beautiful than Heechul. " A comment for which he was swatted at by Hwangbo, until he modified it with "Of course your omma is one of those exceptions." After which the three of them broke out in raucous laughter.

Kyuhyun smiled as he remembered how nervous he´d been and how relieved that his parents still loved him even though their only son was not everyone´s definition of normal. Yes, after all things hadn´t turned out bad at all.

As he stood there waiting an arm snaked itself around his waist and hugged him tightly from behind.

"I´ve caught you, young man, what are you daydreaming about in the middle of an airport?"

He turned around to face his lovely attacker and kissed her on the forehead,

"Of course I´m daydreaming of my beautiful omma who hasn´t aged a day after 22."

"That´s unfair, you suck up!"  cried out Hyun Joong as he caught the last comment when he ran up to greet his son.

"I´m just stating the truth, unless you disagree abeuji?" Smirked Kyuhyun as his father´s eyes mock glared at him for putting him on the spot.

Hwangbo laughed at her husband and son´s usual verbal competition, and took on the role of a commentator on a gameshow "Now, I think it´s Kyu-10 and Appa-0, too bad! Appa will have to think of smarter comebacks to his son´s witty repartee."

"yah! I´m not losing that badly! I´m pretty sure I won yesterday!" was Hyun Joong´s mock indignant reply. and then he muttered, "damn that Heechul I told him not to make you into a second him.."

After some more laughing on everybody´s part they stood there ready for their see you later´s; they had promised each other never to say goodbye.

Hwangbo was the first to approach her son and she tucked a way a stray curl and smiled, "Remember to lock all the doors, eat something besides ramen, don´t climb the old treehouse till we have it checked, don´t leave moldy food in the fridge, ask your aunty for information on a good cleaning lady and don´t forget to call us often, ok?" She kissed his cheek and was about to turn around when Kyuhyun grabbed her in a huge hug and gave her another kiss.

"Ok, but now it´s my turn, Don´t climb on washer machines, chairs or counters to reach high shelves, get Yameneshi-san to get it for you, don´t lift heavy things by yourself and please don´t experiment on abeuji with strange new foods, his stomach might not take it..also call me even for no reason at all, ok?"

Hwangbo smiled and acquiesced to his requests,
"Of course dear" tears began to fall from her eyes even through her smiles.

Hyun Joong shook his head as he reached over to give Kyuhyun a hug, " Son you´ve done it now... your father will die young and beautiful drowned in tears before we reach home."

As he hugged Kyuhyun, Hyun Joong said in a low voice, almost a whisper, "Kyuhyun-ah remember nothing is easy and all the good things in life are things worth fighting for." he turned his face to look at Hwangbo who was looking for a handkerchief to wipe her tears. "I know I´m glad I did"  and patting Kyuhyun´s arm he turned away to go tease his wife some more for her tears. 

And so they parted crying and laughing looking forward to being together again in a year when Hyun Joong´s transfer to a Korean branch of the firm was scheduled to take place.

As the plane lifted itself onto the air Kyuhyun looked out eagerly from the airplane´s window. A bright and exciting future was waiting for him just accross the sea.

THis was short, I know, but the next one will be a more direct sequel of the story...  anyways hope you all enjoy it...
Tags: character: heechul, character: hwangbo, character: hyunjoong, character: kyuhyun, fandom: super junior, fanfic, pairing: heekyu, pairing: ssangchu couple
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