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It works both ways, part 1

Title: It works both way PART ONE
Pairing: Heechul/ Kyuhyun; side pairing Siwon/Hankyung
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Heechul and Kyuhyun are finally living in the same country, now they need to make each other realize that they love each other
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
A/N: Well this is Part One of the sequel to I Found You, You´re Mine Also I have to say that this fic has run away from me, it has a mind of it´s own <_< and it no longer pays attention to me...

It Works Both Ways

Kyuhyun stood outside the school building and wondered if these were the same halls his hyung had walked through during high school, where he´d laughed and misbehaved...

From behind him a usually cold faced man broke out into a grin, "Hey kid, are you lost?"

Kyuhyun broke out into a huge smile as he swiftly turned around... "No, I´m not... cat-hyung." and he threw himself into the open arms that were waiting for him.

Heechul smiled his true smile "I never was able to get you to stop calling me that."

Now on with the story:

Heechul held Kyuhyun tightly for a moment longer and then held him out at arms length

"So what are you doing wandering around the school? And you´re here a day before you told me you´d get here! Kyuhyun-ah you cheated!"

Kyuhyun grinned, "well I WAS going to surprise you today and go visit you at Aunty´s but you have a tracking device on me or something because you found me before I could and now the surprise is spoilt!"

They stood there smiling widely at each other like two crazy´s for a while, just soaking in each others presence. When suddenly Kyuhyun´s visage darkened and he muttered somehting that Heechul couldn´t make out.

" What did you say?"

Kyu shook his head and just said "It seems lke your friend´s here, well I have to go hyung, I´ll see you later ok?" and just as he was about to turn around Heechul grabbed his arm.

"Yah! why are you leaving like that? Geng just wants to say hello to you too. Are you mad at him or something? Why are you leaving like this? You´re not leaving me looking like a moron by myself!" whispered Heechul indignantly as he held on to Kyuhyun´s arm

Kyuhyun looked abashed at that, "sorry..."

"well as long as you know.."

Hankyung walked up with an oblivious smile on his face, " Hello Kyuhyun-ah!" and seemed about go in for a hug but was stopped by Kyu sticking out his hand for handshake.

"Hello Hankyung-ssi"

Hankyung was a little taken aback by Kyuhyun´s frigidity but he good naturedly shook his hand.

"You know, you surprised your hyung by being here... Heechul-ah just parked the car in the middle of the street and ran straight here, leaving me to handle the apologizing to the person who almost crashed into us!" He said laughing at his friends indignant face as he uncovered what had happened a little while before.

Heechul slapped Hankyung´s arm as he protested "I did not! I calmly parked my car and let you take over the wheel while I walked sedately to talk to Kyuhyun."

Hankyung just laughed at him and continued teasing him about his driving skills and bad road decisions.

Kyuhyun looked on with jealousy at their easy banter and how they were so comfortable with each other. He felt the air around him start getting to thin, he couldn´t breathe comfortably, he needed to get out of there.

"Well I have to go. I´ll be seeing you soon, Heechul hyung. Goodbye Hankyung-ssi" He managed to say as he bowed calmly albeit a little stiffly.

"Kyuhyunie are you still coming over tonight? Mom will be ecstatic to see you and hear about Hwangbo noona and Hyun Joong hyung..." Heechul´s face looked eager as he asked, but it was lost on Kyuhyun who had already turned away. 

"Ah, I can´t go after all hyung, I have a few things that I have to look into today... see you some other day." and so saying Kyuhyun walked away quickly.

Heechul looked puzzled, after all when they´d just seen each other Kyu had mentioned that he was going to see them today, how had it changed so drastically?

"Geng, did I say something to make him mad?" Heechul asked as he looked dazedly at the spot where Kyuhyun had just stood..

"Maybe? I don´t know, you know how moody teenagers are, one minute they´re happy and the next the world against them or something. It´ll resolve itself. anyways I think your mood changes were worse at that age, if I remember it correctly you were the moodiest, angstiest person I had ever known in my whole entire life, you made my life miserable while saying that it was all in my best interest. Wait, scratch the maybe, you most surely did say something to piss him off, it´s your second nature."

Heechul glowered at Hankyung, "Yah! What do you mean I most surely did? Why can´t you be a normal friend and say what I want to hear and assure me that I didn´t do anything? Besides I´m always nice! Nice is my second name! Besides Kyu has built up immunity by now he´s not a spineless wimp!"

Hankyung laughed loudly saying, " If you say so" and put his arm around Heechul´s shoulders and began steering him towards the parking lot, "Well now that you´ve had your Kyu-fix can we go to the meeting that we are now running late to?"

"I´m older than you! be more respectful!" was Heechul´s annoyed reply but he allowed himself to be steered to the car.

Meanwhile Kyuhyun had  sat down on a bench and was banging his head against the wall behind it. Really when was he going to stop being such a spineless cowardly wimp? He wanted to hit himself hard enough to pass out and perhaps completely wipe his memory of the whole event...

In the middle of his self-induced pain and punishment a hand grabbed his head.

Without opening his eyes kyuhyun spoke with a calm voice, "Let go of me, I´m in the middle of something important, and necessary. I don´t appreciate the interruption."

Instead of obeying what he´d been ordered to do the owner of the meddling hand chuckled, "I don´t want to because if I do it seems likely that this´ll end with me carrying you to the infirmary and and having to answer really  troublesome questions. It would really be a hassle to explain to them how your injuries could have come about."

Kyuhyun opened his eyes and looked with baleful eyes straight into a face whose eyes and dimples were twinkling at him. He couldn´t help it- he  found himself start to smile too.

"So who´s my saviour from a potentially embarassing event?" he asked in a mocking voice.

Twinkling eyes and dimples answered, "The name´s Choi Siwon at your service." and gave a very awkward bow while chuckling.

"Well then since you´ve offered your services could you please lead me to the administration office." asked Kyuhyun with sudden renewed energy.

"Oh, so you really are new here. what year, and what´s you name?" asked Siwon with interest.

"What? so we could be friends?" asked Kyu raising one of his eyebrows. 

Siwon only replied with a smile, waiting patiently for his anwer.

Kyuhyun chuckled, "Fine since you´ve asked so nicely, Cho, I mean Kim Kyuhyun third year, not at your service."
He couldn´t believe he had slipped and called himself by that other name, he thought he´d gotten rid of that habit a long time ago..

"Thank you Kim Kyuhyun-ssi, I´m a third year also. Now lets take you to the office. Come right this way." and so saying Siwon turned on his heel and started walking accross the courtyard.

Kyuhyun stood up to follow him. Well at least he would start off the school year knowing somebody in this huge school.

Siwon led him past several buildings pointing them out as they went. As they approached a red brick building, Siwon stopped in front of it and turned to face Kyuhyun.

"Right well, here you go, the office is right through the main doors to your left, you can´t miss it."

"Thanks. I´d probably have been lost by myself so you´ve saved me a world of trouble." Kyuhyun said sincerely.

" You´re welcome. and a word to the wise, when we´re at school don´t talk to me..." Siwon´s face clouded as he said that.

"What? why?" Kyuhyun was taken aback with the sudden change in mood.

"You´ll see why when you start next week." and he turned on his heels and walked away.

Kyuhyun shook his head, that had been one strange encounter he thought as he walked into the Administration office and proceeded to complete his transfer paperwork..

"So what do you think? Do you think he´ll invest in Kim Korp´s new venture?" asked a weary Heechul as he stretched out in his leather chair.

Hankyung stifled a yawn, " I think so, I introduced him to you because I knew he´s been interested in joining with someone to gain a foodhold in the entertainment industry, and what better partner than Kim Korp?"

"Yeah but he asked so many questions, I felt like he was trying to put me on the spot." Heechul´s face started to crinkle into a small frown as he thought of how many questions he´d been forced to answer in what was only supposed to be a basic outline of their future plans. "I wonder if I made a good impression on him, enough for him to sign on to the project with us."

Hankyung stood up and patted Heechul´s shoulder, "Yes you did, especially because you even had a showcase of the potential talents you were scouting. I still can´t believe I agreed to appear in it, at least my face was hidden behind a mask."

Heechul snickered, " You might have hidden your face, but your voice is quite recognizable Geng, what with your aweful accent."

"Hey I do not have an aweful accent!" and he started looking for Heechul´s ticklish spot for revenge.

"Alright, alright! truce! you have a wonderfully lyrical accent, ok?"

"Aish I don´t know why I bother being your friend you aweful person. How did you manage to get the rest of them to record their videos for the showcase?"

" Well Yesung was easy, you know that kid loves being filmed just as much as he loves singing and well Ryeowook couldn´t possibly hope to go against Yesung´s pleading. That bad guy had refused quite profusely my direct request but upon receiving the pupppy eye treatment from Yesung he completely folded and acquiesced... kekekeke" Heechul started laughing a scary puppetmaster laugh.

"So basically you manipulated them. And how about Kyuhyun-ah, how did you manage that? He´s always been so shy about his singing. I don´t think I´ve heard it before today."

" Well that one was harder, I had to set up hidden cameras all over a Noraebang room and then convince him to sing a song by himself. Kyu has an awesome voice but he only sings when he thinks no one can hear him." Sighing Heechul shook his head. Then with a sly look he asked. "arent´you going to ask me about how I managed to get Siwon-ssi to film a monologue?"

Hankyung gripped Heechul´s arm tightly without noticing.

"OUCH!! Damn it! You´re hurting me you idiot!" Heechul cried out in surprise.

Hankyung looked down and realized what he´d done but he didn´t apologize instead he turned away, "Let´s not go there Heechul-ah, I don´t want or need to know anything more about him, so let´s stop the conversation here."

Heechul not being one who backed down from a discussion he had instigated continued bullheadedly on. "Geng, that guy still loves you! You both went through a lot of trouble and suffering to stay together last year, why have you changed your mind? He still cares for you, how can you be so cold? He was willing to give up everything for you then, in fact he still is!"  Hankyung put up a hand to try to make Heechul to stop, his face becoming contorted in some inner duel. Heechul continued to ignore his request.

" Geng, I bet that with a single word from you he´d leave everything behind even now. So why are you like this?"
Heechul was completely and utterly exasperated with his closest friend, "Geng..."

Hankyung´s face was a study in raw emotions warring with each other, at one moment he seemed angry enough to kill and the next he seemed ready to crumble in a puddle of tears and then came the bland mask when he finally managed to get control over himself.

"God damn, Heechul stop. Just stop. Do you think I don´t know it?, God how I know it! I´ve already gone through this over and over again, but I won´t be enough, won´t ever be enough to compensate what he will suffer and lose if he chooses me over everything."

"Geng don´t you think that that´s something only Siwon can decide on? You´ve single handedly left him bereft of a choice with your behaviour."

Hankyung calmly walked towards the door, for all intents and purposes ignoring Heechul´s words, "Why don´t you stop meddling with my life and finally confess to Kyuhyun." and walked out.

"My situations different." muttered Heechul as he too walked out. "I´m not afraid of what others may say or think, I´m just afraid of what He will say and think" he scowled... "Idiot Geng"

Later that evening at the Kim household.

After his confusing abandonment by Kyuhyun in the morning and then his fight in the afternoon with Hankyung, Heechul was not in a good mood, in fact he was thinking of ways to get back at them for ruining his day...(never mind that his fight with Hankyung had been entirely his fault.) 

For Kyuhyun, he wanted to scare him... maybe scare him enough to need to call him to request company..hehe which he would then refuse to comply to, while still continuing his scare tactics... Good thing he knew his fears... but maybe that was too cruel? naahh, he totally deserved it for ditching him like that.

For Hankyung, trying to scare him would not work, he´d probably end up in the hospital from being karate chopped his ass on a platter by Hankyung. But maybe he could annoy him with little things through a third party... for example that rich hag that lived next to Hankyung, she´d always shown an interest in Hankyung... maybe he could call her pretending to be Hankyung who wanted some "company" for the night...heh, that might work....

Chimes interrupted his thoughts and his mother´s voice came out of the intercom, "Chulie dear, dinner´s ready, why don´t you join us today?"

Heechul went down quickly and sat down at the table where his parents were already seated waiting for him. He didn´t notice his father´s mischievious glint as he approached or he would have hightailed it back to his room.

"Heechul-ah haven´t you forgotten something." asked his father with a slight eyebrow wiggle.

Heechul´s mother started giggling and Heechul shot her a look that conveyed a feeling of betrayal as if  to say ´et tu Brutus?´

Heechul stiffly shook out a napkin and placed it in his lap and looked up at his father and said with as much bravery as he could muster, "No, no I haven´t." 

His father gave him the patented Kim smirk, "Oh you don´t remember? Well then I don´t remember who owns the burnt orange Lambourguini Gallardo. I might just give it away."

Heechul glowered at his father, " then I won´t remember whose boat it is that´s dry docked at Incheon, and I might just take it out to sea and let it drift away."

This time it was his father´s turn to glower. Heechul breathed a sigh of relief, he´d apparently won this time around. But then a cheshire-like grin appeared on his father´s face as he turned his face to the left look at his wife. "Honey, do you remember where we have those home videos of a ridiculously cute naked baby Heechul-ah? I think Kyuhyunie would enjoy watching it." 

"Yah!! you wouldn´t dare!" screeched a panicked Heechul.

His father continued to grin at him, " I wouldn´t count on it... remember how I showed him those pictures of you with baby girl dresses on? As I remember it you couldn´t face him for days after that, care to go in for a reprise?"

Heechul growled at being outsmarted so sneakily, " You perverted old man, why do you want a kiss from your grown up son for?"

His father jsut grinned and pointed at his cheek, Heechul stood up and gave him a peck on the cheek as quickly as he could. He could hear the maids tittering behind the doors at what had just happened.

As he sat down again his mother stretched out her hand accross the table to pat his in commiseration.

"Chulie, I really called you down for a favour honey, why don´t you go take some food to Kyu? Your Hwangbo noona called and told me he´s back, and I called him but he says he´s busy unpacking his things and won´t be able to come eat with us today. Take the food and maybe help him finish unpacking?"

She turned around and called "Hae-rim-ssi."

A maid quickly pushed the door and entered the room still trying to stifle her smile of amusement.


"Please bring the food that I asked cook to prepare for Kyuhyunie"

"Yes" and walked out quickly to fulfill her request

" You will go take it to him Chulie? Poor boy´s alone and he´ll probably be eating ramen all by himself"

Heechul was about to agree right away but he remembered yet again how Kyuhyun had blown him off in the morning.

"I don´t know, I think he might want to be alone."

Heechul´s mother frowned, " What are you talking about Chulie? You know that child hates being alone."

Heechul still balked, " He may not really want me to come see him, I think he doesn´t want to see me."

Heechul´s mom frowned even more and put her hand to Heechul´s forehead, " You seem alright. What´s gotten into you Chulie? Are we even talking about the same person? You probably couldn´t do anything that could make him not want to see you, everybody knows how he practically worships the ground his ´cat hyung´ walks on."

Heechul´s father snorted at that and heechul´s face reddened in embarassment. "Fine, I´ll go."

His mom patted his hand again, "that´s a good boy"

And so it happened that in less than 20 minutes he was knocking on Kyuhyun´s door laden down with many containers of food. 

I´ll post Part Two later in the week..
Tags: character: hankyung, character: heechul, character: kyuhyun, character: siwon, fanfic, friendship, pairing: heekyu, pairing: sihan
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