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It works both ways, part 2

Title: It works both way PART TWO
Pairing: Heechul/ Kyuhyun; side pairing Siwon/Hankyung
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Heechul and Kyuhyun are finally living in the same country, now they need to make each other realize that they love each other
Disclaimer: If I owned Suju, I wouldn´t be writing fanfiction....
A/N: Well this is Part Two of the sequel to I Found You, You´re Mine Also I have to say that this fic has run away from me, it has a mind of it´s own <_< and it no longer pays attention to me...This part resolves one issue but there are still several things that need to be settled and that will be addressed later on... Part ONE

Part Two

Heechul knocked on the door, no answer... He knocked again and rang the bell, no answer. With each consecutive unanswered knock Heechul began to worry. He took out his cellphone and dialed the house phone, he heard the ringing of the phone but noone answered it.

That´s when Heechul began to imagine disasters...
perhaps Kyu had been unpacking and something had fallen on top of him and knocked him out, or a serial killer had decided that this house looked abandoned and had been using it as a safehouse and had been surprised by Kyuhyun´s move back in and he´d stabbed him on the spot... or maybe he had never made it home and was lying unconscious in some ditch after being runover by some crazy drunk driver... or... maybe you´re just being stupid and silly Kim Heechul!

He really couldn´t argue with the voice in his head when it was being sensible and he knew he was overreacting yet he couldn´t help it, Kyu wasn´t at home where he´d said he´d be... of course that could have been a lie to get Heechul´s mom off his back... but still... it was worrisome.

Heechul set the food down and ran his hand on the top doorframe looking for the little hollow spot where they kept the spare key...nothing! He knew he should have brought his own key...

He stared at the door intently willing it to open, hoping that Kyuhyun had only been showering and hadn´t been able to answer him, but nothing happened.  Then he remembered that the window in Kyuhyun´s bedroom on the second floor had never had a lock, in fact he´d used it himself to sneak in to see Kyuhyun that way as a child so that no one would know he´d escaped from his parent´s punishment which consisted of no computer and a grounding. He quickly jumped the little hedge they had and went to Kyu´s side of the house which had an ever so convenient tree that he could climb to make it in.

He was already up the tree and stepping out to the ledge when he heard a noise below him. and there at the base  of the tree partially hidden by the shadows was Kyuhyun, who was staring incredulously at him.

" You really are a cat arent´you hyung? What are you doing anyways?" Laughter was quite evident in kyuhyun´s voice and it really pissed Heechul off.

He couldn´t believe it the kid was poking fun at him! "Yah!! YOU!!  Where were you!?!" he shouted as he started making his way back down to the ground..

Kyuhyun didn´t really understand why Heechul was so enraged, "Me? I went for a walk and then I decided to get some supplies for home, but I saw that you left some food on the doorstep but I couldn´t find you, and you weren´t in your car, so I thought you might be here, but I didn´t think you´d actually be climbing the tree."

Heechul leaped the last few feet and landed gracefully on his feet, and once his feet touched the ground he began to walk away from Kyuhyun without another word. Kyuhyun finally noticed that he´d gotten pissed off and started calling after him....

Heechul continued walking and ignoring..

"cat-hyung" that almost made Heechul stop, but he hardened his heart and continued on,

Kyuhyun after noticing that not even the term of endearment would bring him to a stop ran after him and hugged him from behind and nuzzled Heechul´s neck.
"I´m sorry! really, I didn´t think you´d come... were you... did I worry you?"

Heechul tried to shake him off but to no avail, Kyuhyun had latched on to him with a death grip. he cleared the lump that had been building in his throat once he realized that no harm had come to Kyuhyun.

"Why would I be worried? You´re not a kid, you don´t have an obligation to keep a schedule. Besides you just told my mom that you´d be unpacking and then you didn´t answer the phone or my knocks. but yeah, Why would I worry? There´s nothing to worry about, you´re not a cute little child or a cute girl... nothing could happen to  you." again he tried to shake Kyuhyun off but he still wasn´t able to. "Let me go, you´re doing fine by yourself, I´m going home."

"Hyung... please stay... please?" Kyuhyun hated his voice at the moment it sounded so whiney and needy to his own ears, to Heechul it must be doubly annoying, but underneath his arms he felt Heechul relax and stop trying to throw him off.

"Fine I´ll stay, now please just let go?"

"aah, alright, sorry."

" No don´t worry, just.. let´s go in to the house." said Heechul as the lump in his throat, his anger and his resolve melted away when Kyuhyun asked him so earnestly to stay.

"Alright!" Kyuhyun gave him one last squeeze and then grabbed his hand and proceeded to pull him towards the front of the house. As they approached it Heechul slipped his hand out of Kyuhyun´s grasp.

When Kyuhyun looked back questioningly, Heechul half-jokingly said "I´m not a five year old who still needs his hands held. I won´t get lost," as he slipped his hands into his jacket pockets.

Kyuhyun smiled wryly, "of course not, but you might decide to leave," and then as if to cover his disappointment he added "especially when you see what a mess the house is right now."

He turned around and reached for the key in his back pocket meanwhile giving Heechul an eyeful of a beautifully rounded-- you´re not going to think about that Kim Heechul, he´s family... well, not technically... noooo not going there today.

Next thing Heechul knew, Kyuhyun was talking to him, "eh? what did you say?"

"Hyung you weren´t listening to me were you?"

" I have a lot on my mind Kyuhyun-ah", like your ass...noooo I told you don´t go there! "Just repeat what you said and I´ll listen to you this time."

"I just asked you to wait right here while I turn on the lights... things are out of place and you might hurt yourself." and he hurried off only to crash into a table himself. "Damn it" and picked himself up and limped to the light switch, Heechul couldn´t help but snort in laughter at his fail.

Really but the kid was too cute, he tried to be cool even while knowing that he was extremely accident prone . When Kyuhyun had managed to turn on all the various lights he came back to help carry in the food and the groceries only to find that Heechul was still grinning wildly.

"What? Is my pain your pleasure or something, hyung?"

Heechul handed him the food, said "of course" and pinched his cheeks HARD partially as a punishment for his well..cheek, and partially because it was an excuse to touch him, not that Heechul would willingly admit that.

"aaah, aah! hyung! my cheeks are killing me...let go... ah, ow! what was that for?"

Heechul smiled, "I can forgive you now." and turned around to take in the state of the house. to say it was messy would be an understatement, and Heechul´s eyebrow began to twitch.

"What is this? Have you even done any cleaning, unpacking or simple airing out? Even the furniture is still covered!"

"I just got here early morning today Hyung, I´ve only unpacked some of my things in my room. Actually why don´t we eat there? It´s actually pretty clean, I´ve completely cleaned it and even put new covers on the bed." 

When they got to the room, Heechul started laughing as soon as he realied Kyuhyun´s unpacking style. "of course you would!" Set up quite neatly were Kyuhyun´s game consoles (Wii, XBox 360, Playstation 3) and on his desk his computer was already connected and set up, In his little bedside drawers his laptop was sitting proudly with the portable playstation on top. In the book shelves his game cd´s and dvd´s were already set up.  "I bet you even have the internet already set up."

Kyuhyun smiled, "of course, I scheduled it a week ago for today."

Heechul went over to the drawers to check if his suspicions were correct, unfortunately they were, " You haven´t unpacked any of your clothing?  Were you planning on reusing your clothes?"

" Why not, the clothes can last me a week." 

A horrified look took posession of Heechul´s face "No! You wouldn´t!  Where are the boxes with your clothes? You need to unpack them right now, so I can see it!"

"It´s a joke! Hyung, I´m kidding! Calm down, I´ll see about my clothes after we eat. I´m really hungry!" 

When he mentioned being hungry Heechul´s face softened, "Alright where are your plates?"

" they´re in that box.. no.. not that one, the other one... the one on your left, yes that one."

"We´re eating in paper plates?! What kind of life is this?!"

"Hyung food tastes the same if we eat iat in paper plates or the best porcelain, and personally right now I don´t want to wash plates, so let´s just eat in these..´k?

Heechul shook his head, "I´ll have mom lend you Hae Rim so that she can help you keep this place in order and I´ll ask her to find you a cook ASAP."

Despite his complaints about the usage of paper plates Heechul enjoyed his meal. Especially as he could steal glances at Kyuhyun while he was eating, though they did often meet each other´s eyes across from each other and he was forced to try to control his blushes.

After a particularly awkward eye meeting where Kyuhyun seemed to be trying to read his mind Heechul got up and went to the boxes looking for the ones labeled as clothes. And after a little complaining Kyuhyun joined him and did as he was told in unpacking a box of clothes.

After one box, Kyuhyun wanted to quit, Heechul was fussing at him for not folding his clothes right and creasing them more than necessary. "Hyung let´s leave the rest for tomorrow? ok? I´m tired."

Heechul refused his requests but after a particularly plaintive "hyuuung.." with sleeve pulling included Heechul capitulated. 

"But you´re going to go take a bath right now, here take your pajamas. "

"But I sleep in the nude."

Heechul had been about to take a sip of water from his cup and he half drowned to death in shock... "Wha..what are you talking about?"

Kyuhyun smiled at the rising blush in his hyung´s face.. hmm maybe that meant something... honestly he´d just said that to see what kind of reaction Heechul might have.

"I usually don´t put on pajamas, besides isn´t it hot today?"

" No you´re putting on your pajamas, it gets really chilly in the early morning and you´d catch your death if I let you do that."


"No buts, go on."

After Kyuhyun had safely made it to the bathroom and Heechul was alone in the room, he put his hands on his face... that boy was he trying to kill him... no there was no way that Heechul would have been able to keep his hands off of Kyuhyun if he´d stayed in the nude in the same room.  This is not good, he might run away from you if you did something like what you dream... maybe staying the night might not be such a good idea..

But as he waited for Kyuhyun to finish taking a bath he began to fall asleep, so he was only half aware when Kyuhyun laid him out comforably on the bed where he´d been sitting, and then laid down next to him. Heechul remembered that he still had somethings to say so he tried to fight off his drowsiness, "Kyuhyun..."
Kyuhyun was surprised that Heechul was still awake,  "yes?"
"Kyu, I´ve been thinking" and he drifted a little but then he continued as if he hadn´t stopped talking "I´ve been thinking of how you left me so abruptly today..."

"I´m sorry.." Kyuhyun was about to say more but he was interrupted by Heechul who apparently still hadn´t finished..

"I think I understand now... you were jealous, right?"

Silence.. Kyuhyun couldn´t breathe... had Heechul been able to sense it? what should he say, should he deny it? Would this end their friendship, their bond? He was sharply tempted to say no, absolutely  no, but he had been jealous and that was the truth.

Heechul opened his eyes a bit and turned around to look at him. "You were, weren´t you?"


a look of pain seemed to flicker past Heechul´s drowsy face, and then "You know, I´d hoped you weren´t"

Kyuhyun felt like he´d been hit, "why?"

"Because I don´t want to see you get heartbroken." with a sigh Heechul turned around again, as if he didn´t want to continue seeing Kyuhyun´s face.

"Because, Geng... Geng has his special someone already and..." the rest of what he was going to say died on his lips as he let sleep claim him, he wanted the day to finish fast.

At first Kyuhyun had stiffened, as he heard Heechul mention Hankyung, thinking that perhaps Heechul was going to say that they were both together, but then after a couple of minutes when he was finally able to process what he´d just been told, he realized that Heechul had actually thought that he was interested in Hankyung...

He wanted to wake the other up to clear up this misunderstanding, but when then he thought, perhaps it would be better to do this in the daylight when everything seemed more promising. So he settled for hugging Heechul from the back and kissed him secretly on the nape of his neck.

When Kyuhyun woke up he smelled eggs and bacon... he opened his eyes and Heechul was no longer next to him. He looked over at the table and saw a plate covered with tin foil, and with a note next to it. The note read Kyuhyun-ah, I have to leave, but I made you breakfast. It´s to cheer you up, I´m sorry that I told you that you have no chance with Geng. But you´re a really sweet guy... so maybe it could happen... Hwaiting!"

Kyuhyun crumpled the paper, " Hyung... I wasn´t jealous because of Hankyung, it was because of you!" Perhaps he should have said it last night after all, now he was going to have to go in search of Heechul to clear this up once and for all.

As he was cleaning up after eating the delicious breakfast that Heechul had made, he heard a knock on the side door. wondering who it could be knocking on that door he went to answer it.

He opened the door and he noticed that there was what seemed like a batallion of maids waiting for him to open the door. and they all came carrying a wide variety of implements, and behind them he noticed there were several gardeners and a few carpenters heading towards their respective work areas. 

As he stood there taking it all in, he noticed that the Kim´s chief housemaid Hae Rim had stepped up to him holding a small piece of paper and smiled, " We´ve come to help you today, young master asked us to make sure to leave everything as clean and as neat as possible for you, would you let us inside? "

Kyuhyun smiled, he´d always liked this lady, she was always considerate of him whenever he visited the Kim main household. "Sure, thanks. I´m sorry to have to trouble you about this."

She tutted and smiled again, "Don´t worry, there´s no need to thank us Master Kyuhyun, we´ll have this house in tiptop shape before you know it."  and then like a general in front of an army she began to give out orders. " I want you to divide into groups of five." and like a well-oiled machine they did that withing seconds. "Ok, now. Group One, you´ll take the east wing second floor. Group Two, takes the east wing first floor. Group Three...." Kyuhyun thanked her as she continued giving out orders and handed her his spare keys.

He went inside to go back to his room and chang into more presentable clothes than his pajamas, so that he could go in search of Heechul.

As he went outside he noticed that a car had been parked in front of his house and it had a huge ribbon on it. It was really a very awesome car, a silver Audi R8 Gt, something sporty and classy at the same time. He approached it and there under the windshield wiper was a card that had his name on it.

this is a gift from me... Please accept, or I shan´t forgive you!

From: Your uncle, not the brat... I mean your hyung!

Heechul´s father had always been so nice to him ever since the beginning. Kyuhyun had come to understand his reasoning for not keeping him with them, besides he got his own family who had taken care of him with a lot of love and patience. So Kyuhyun had never felt angry with his "uncle" and he appreciated how kindly he treated him since then as if to make up for that rejection.

If there was one thing that worried Kyuhyun about liking Heechul was that he didn´t know what his uncle would think if he found out that Kyuhyun liked his son... He might want to strangle him for betraying a confidence. His parent´s said that they´d support him, but he also didn´t want to start a fight between the only family members that still talked to them. Aaah, he didn´t know what to do but somethings just worked themselves out without needing to be worried to death.


After waking up Heechul had made breakfast for Kyuhyun and had arranged for workers to go fix the house from cleaning it to repairing anything that might later be a problem. And he had left hurriedly not really wanting to face Kyuhyun after the night before´s talk. He didn´t really want to hear from his lips again that he was interested in Geng. He didn´t technically admit to being interested he just said that he was jealous... but that was as good as admitting it, so just shut up mind, I don´t want to think about it anymore.

Somehow he had never thought that he would need to compete for Kyuhyun with his best friend, of course Geng wasn´t interested in Kyuhyun so that wasn´t really an issue, but still if Kyuhyun liked Geng´s type how could he compete? He wasn´t really fit, sure he was slim but that wasn´t the same as fit. Geng was a master in chinese martial arts and he was good at... imitating others... nope they were too different... As he sat in his office chair contemplating this with his feet up on the desk, he heard a noise outside...

He went to peak to see who was causing the disturbance... oh shit... it was a very disheveled,baggy eyed, angry Geng... maybe the call to the hag had worked a little too well and now Geng was here to beat him to a pulp for it.

Heechul looked around his office looking for a hiding spot, hoping that it wouldn´t really be needed because his secretary had managed to convince Geng that he wouldn´t come to the office to day, but just in case... No place to hide... except his desk, of course that would only work if he didn´t go around the desk but maybe it would be enough.

As Heechul hurriedly hid himself below the desk, Hankyung banged open the door.

"Heechul! I know you´re here. I saw your car, you think I didn´t? Come out, I promise this won´t be too painful."

If Heechul hadn´t had a little pride left he would have whimpered with those words as it was he bit his lips to keep it in. He heard steps approach the desk and go around, and stop. Heechul looked up and right into an angry face.

"You know, this is really comfortable, wow! I wonder why I never tried this before, care to join me under here Geng?"

"You know I wasn´t able to sleep because that Hag kept calling and knocking on my door? It didn´t stop there, she was waiting for me in my car this morning, I barely escaped her and I left her in my car, she´ll probably still be there when I go back. Why should I join you anywhere?" Hankyung whispered furiously at Heechul.

"Um.. wasn´t it interesting though? See you have that much appeal, that people go crazy for you."

"No , no you see, it wasn´t interesting, it was annoying as well as disturbing, and now I really want to hit you to make up for it."

"you´d ruin my beautiful face that you love so much just because of a little joke?"

"yes, because the only one that loves that face is you and right now I´m quite crazy from sleep deprivation." Hankyung squatted to be able to see Heechul face to face and grab his collar, still annoyed but his anger seeping away with the ridiculousness of the whole thing setting in.

At that moment the door opened and a voice called out, "Heechul-hyung, are you in?"

At hearing Kyuhyun´s voice Heechul involuntarily tried to stand up forgetting where he was and hit his head with a loud thump.

"Is that you, hyung?" Heechul hurriedly pushed Hankyung so that he could get out from under the desk, "...oh.. what are you doing.." Hankyung stood up at that moment and Kyuhyun took in their disheveled appearance and arrived at a conclusion that made his eyes start to tear, "oh... ooh,  I´m sorry I think I´ll leave you both alone, sorry if I interrupted anything."  and Kyuhyun turned to leave,

" Yah! it´s not what you think!" cried out Heechul and Kyuhyun slowly turned around, "no? then what is it?"
Heechul scowled, "I wouldn´t do this to you knowing how you´re interested in Geng and all. I´m not a thief."

Hankyung looked from one to the other and at the same time as Kyuhyun said, "You´re mistaken." Kyuhyun glared at Hankyung and Hankyung shrugged his shoulders sheepishly.

Heechul was taken aback, "but yesterday you said that..."

Kyuhyun , "Hyung I know what I said, but you took it the wrong way. Like I did just right now."

A light seemed to dawn on Heechul´s face, "So if you weren´t jealous of me because of Geng then you were jealous of Geng because of.."

"yeah, because of you"

Heechul felt his heart leap through his chest and he found himself striding to Kyuhyun, and grabbing a hold of his face and after letting his finger tip linger a millisecond over kyuhyun´s lips he pulled him in to meet in a soul searing completely honest kiss.

Kyuhyun´s heart leapt at Heechul´s sudden touch on his lips and it soared when both their lips met in this long dreamed of kiss.

Heechul still couldn´t believe that it was Kyuhyun he was kissing after just that morning resigning himself to losing him to Hankyung... he laughed inwardly... thankfully that had been a misunderstanding.

Hankyung just watched and remembered how it felt to kiss Siwon in a similar manner, suddenly feeling out of place he slipped away, he didn´t want to disturb them and they were bringing unnecessary memories to the surface.


Next chapter: After an Idyllic time with Heechulm, Real Life will soon set in and Kyuhyun will discover why his classmate had warned him against talking to him. I wanted to end this part with them finally getting together because of Heenim´s birthday :)
and then a Gift:

Tags: character: hankyung, character: heechul, character: kyuhyun, fanfic, pairing: heekyu
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